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Lab Supplies




Machining Filter

Coolant Mixers

Used to mix coolant concentrate with water at the desired level and dispense it directly to machine tool coolant sumps. Unit self-adjusts for coolant level fluctuation, 20 gal capacity with leak-proof fittings reduces downtime & cartridge never needs changing

Coolescer 1 Gpm Removes Oils
Item: AB2JXR
Model: CLR-A
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Chiperator 40 Gpm Drum Mounting
Item: AB2JXY
Model: CHIP
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Economixer 200 With Ratio 15 To1 To 45 To 1
Item: AC8WTP
Model: EMIX200
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Milling and Drilling Accessories

Air chillers to remove the need for coolant misting in sawing, cutting and machining; cold-air machining improves tool life and avoids heat-related part growth. Magnetic base adjusts on 3 axes while adjustable nozzle precisely directs cold air. Operate at 80 to 100 psi

Chillybitsjr(tm) Air Colder Than 32 F
Item: AB2JXV
Model: CB3
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Chillybits(tm) Air Colder Than 32 F
Item: AB2JXW
Model: CB1
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Oil Skimmer Accessories

Includes skimmer belts & tubes, mighty mini skimmer wiper blades, disk skimmer wipers, springs, small & large oxygenators, drive fingers & oil concentrators

Ceramic Wiper Skimmer AE9NJU
Item: AE9NKB
Model: PTUBE6-09B
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Tube, Skimmr

Tube, Skimmr

Item (5)
Ceramic Drive Fingers 12 Piece For AE9NJU
Item: AE9NKA
Model: PTUBE6-07B
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Decanter Oil Skimmer
Item: AF2UZE
Model: ODM100
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Skimmr Tube

Skimmr Tube

Item (5)
Disk Skimmer Wiper Blades 12 Inch - Pack Of 6
Item: AA3GMV
Model: PMD-09A
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Spring For Mini Wiper Blade - Pack Of 30
Item: AA3GMW
Model: PMM-51
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Small Oxygenator Aerator Use With Sump Pump
Item: AB2JXT
Model: AA1200
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Large Oxygenator Aerator Use With Sump Pumps
Item: AB2JXU
Model: AA5000
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Mighty Mini Skimmer Wiper Blades - Pack Of 30
Item: AA3GMU
Model: PMM-09A
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Oil Skimmers

Improves coolant life and reduces smells from coolant sumps by removing floating surface oils. Tube oil skimmers mount to the side of the sump or cutout to help remove tramp oils from the coolant in machining centres with little or no top access

  • Oil Skimmer
  • Oil Skimmer
  • Oil Skimmer

Oil Skimmer

Item (7)
Tube Oil Skimmer Tube Tastic(tm)
Item: AB2JXZ
Model: STUBE1
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Skimmer Disc 12 In
Item: AC8JQN
Model: SCD12
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Item (3)
Skimmer Disc 12 Inch 7 Rpm 110vac
Item: AC8WTN
Model: SMD12
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About the Brand

Since 1949, Abanaki has been offering high-end oil skimming solutions for applications in sumps, food processors, metal mills and HVAC systems. The brand's product catalogue includes oil skimmers, coolant mixers, refractometers, pH meters and pneumatic vacuum cleaners. Abanaki oil skimmers are designed to recover used oil from wastewater or coolants and can be used as pre-treatment units before liquid filtration or in conjunction with a coalescing system. These oil skimmers come equipped with a totally enclosed fan-cooled 60 hertz motor that delivers a maximum speed of 57 rpm, making them suitable for both light- and medium-duty skimming operations. To reduce spillage, the brand also manufactures coalescers that do not require any additional oil collection container and cover a wider collection area as compared to oil skimmers. Choose from a wide range of these Abanaki skimmers and replacement parts, like oxygenators, oil concentrators, skimmer belts and wiper blades, on Raptor Supplies.