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72 HB/40-40 KAx3 Silver72 HB/40-40 KAx6 Silver72 /40 KAx3 Silver72 /40 KAx6 Silver72/40 KAx12 Red72/40 KAx12 Blue72/40 KAx12 Green72/40 KAx12 Orange72/40 KAx12 Yellow72/40 KAx12 Black72/40 KAx12 Brown72/40 KAx12 Purple


83IC/4583IC/5083CSIC/5583WP-IC/5383WP-IC/6355/40 KA158 KC KEY ONLY83/55 RK KD-10083/55 RK KA-10083/55 RK KD-20083/55 RK KA-20083/55 RK KD-300



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About the Brand

ABUS designs and manufactures mechanical and electronic security solutions for commercial, residential and industrial applications. The ABUS catalog comprises combination, disc, lockout, W- / U-shaped and keyed alike / different padlocks, cable locks, control keys and hasps made of high-quality brass, aluminium, cast iron or hardened steel. ABUS padlocks are designed for use with chains and hasps to secure lockers, cabins, warehouses, and transport and storage containers. To secure two-wheelers in parking lots or garages, a variety of flexible and durable coiled / non-coiled ABUS bike locks are also available. Choose from a wide range of these ABUS locks on Raptor Supplies.