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Plumbing Filter

Bathroom Sinks

Oval and rectangular, wall-mounted stainless-steel sinks with a push-button or manual faucet. Available in different bowl depths and sizes

Drinking Fountain Parts

Includes low-lead, micro-carbon-constructed replacement water filters used with water coolers and drinking fountains  

Water Filter 13-1/4 Inch H 050 Gpm
Item: AB7WPR
Model: 7012-313-000
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Free Standing Shower Stalls and Doors

ADA-compliant corner, rectangular and square shower bases with a centre drain and slip-resistant surface. Made of precast terrazzo with marble chips in Portland cement and are available in different sizes and depths

Shower Base Corner Marble Chips
Item: AG9EGB
Model: SBC-36-2F
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Shower Base Rectangular Marble Chips
Item: AG9EGD
Model: SBR6036-3F
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Shower Base Square Marble Chips
Item: AG9EGE
Model: SBS-36-3F
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Mixing Valves

ASSE-certified, lead-free thermostatic lavatory tempering valves that protect against burns from hot water and deliver water at optimal temperature. Have brass construction and can be used with any type of faucet

Tempering Valve 1/2 Inch Npt Brass 125 Psi
Item: AF9YMU
Model: ST70-12
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Mop Sinks

Terrazzo drop front mop sinks featuring a centre drain with a removable stainless-steel strainer, and double fixture design for easy installation. Have precast terrazzo construction composed of marble chips cast in Portland cement and are available in different bowl sizes and depths

Showerheads and Tub Faucets

Wall mounted showerhead and shower nozzle assemblies used as replacements for old and worn-out parts. Have brass construction with chrome-plated finish

Shower Nozzle Assembly Wall Mount
Item: AB9RCA
Model: 1241-001-001
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Showerhead Assembly Wall Mount
Item: AB9RCB
Model: 1244-002-001
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Wash Fountain Parts

Includes air control push button assemblies, spray nozzles, screws, nuts, valve assemblies, backup rings and washers; used in maintenance and repair of wash fountains  

Flat Head Screw #10-32 x 3/4 Inch Stainless Steel - Pack Of 10
Item: AA8MFR
Model: 0152-006-001
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Tinnerman Nut #10-32 Unf Stainless Steel Wash Fountain
Item: AA8MFT
Model: 0316-018-000
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Countersunk Washer #10 18-8 Stainless Steel - Pack Of 10
Item: AA8MFU
Model: 0336-004-001
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Soap Dispenser Assembly Wash Fountains
Item: AA8MFV
Model: 1451-010-001
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Electronic Eye Sensor 24v Wash Fountains
Item: AA8MFX
Model: 2562-335-000
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Eye Sensor Assembly 9 Volt Wash Fountains
Item: AA8MFY
Model: 2562-373-001
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Solenoid 9 Volt Latching Wash Fountains
Item: AA8MFZ
Model: 2563-326-001
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Foot Button Assembly Plumbing Wash Fountains
Item: AA8MGA
Model: 2566-010-001
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Washfount Wrench Foot Button 1/4-turn
Item: AA8MGB
Model: 2566-101-199
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Drain Nut Black Plastic Wash Fountains
Item: AA8MGE
Model: 4921-002-000
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Back-up Ring 5/16 Id x 7/16 Inch Outer Diameter - Pack Of 10
Item: AA8MGJ
Model: 0409-011-001
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Shut Off Washer Plumbing Wash Fountains
Item: AA8MGK
Model: 0439-002-000
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Lockshield Cartridge Chrome Plated Brass
Item: AA8MGM
Model: 0525-000-002
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Stop Assembly Chrome Plated Wash Fountains
Item: AA8MGN
Model: 0528-000-002
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Time-trol Controller Standard Wash Fountains
Item: AA8MGP
Model: 0710-000-001
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Time-trol Lockout Time Box Flush Valve
Item: AA8MGQ
Model: 0710-002-001
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Controller Plumbing Wash Fountains
Item: AA8MGR
Model: 0715-003-001
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Stem Spring Deck Mounted Soap Disposable - Pack Of 10
Item: AA8MGT
Model: 1380-004-001
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Quick-cloz Sleeve Plumbing Wash Fountains
Item: AA8MGU
Model: 2305-014-000
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Rocker Fulcrum Sub-assembly Wash Fountain
Item: AA8MGV
Model: 2314-000-002
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Safti-trol Plug Button With Hole
Item: AA8MGW
Model: 2418-001-199
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Orifice Plate Spring Wash Fountains - Pack Of 10
Item: AA8MGX
Model: 2563-008-001
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Actuator Spring Wash Fountains - Pack Of 10
Item: AA8MGY
Model: 2563-003-001
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Air Control Push Button Wash Fountains
Item: AA8MGZ
Model: 2566-022-000
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Air Control Push Button Assembly Single-temp
Item: AA8MHA
Model: 2566-025-001
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Tube Riser Elbow Assembly 1/4 Inch Od
Item: AA8MHB
Model: 2570-051-001
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Air Control Retro-fit Adapter Wash Fountain
Item: AA8MHC
Model: 2579-100-000
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About the Brand

Acorn Engineering Company, a brand of Morris Group International, manufactures hand washing products & plumbing fixtures. Acorn bathroom sinks are available in oval and rectangle shapes with a push-button or manual faucet. These sinks feature an air-controlled, pneumatically operated push button valve using atmospheric air. They have stainless steel construction and an ergonomic spout handle to give the user the maximum control of the water flow. Choose from a wide range of bathroom sinks, mop sinks, wash fountains, free standing shower stalls and showerhead & tub faucets on Raptor Supplies.