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HVAC and Refrigeration Filter

Air Cleaner Filters

MERV-rated replacement filters designed for use with Honeywell, Trion and Aprilaire air cleaners to eliminate bacteria, mold, pollen, fumes and dirt. Feature a high-capacity pleated design to provide a 50 percent increase in media square footage

Air Cleaner Filter

Air Cleaner Filter

Item (4)
Filter 11 Inch D 23 Inch H Pack Of 4
Item: AD7FAQ
Model: 4E435
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Air Filter Gasketing

50- and 75-ft long closed-cell gaskets suitable for use with air cleaners to prevent air leakage. Can withstand a maximum temperature of 220 degrees F

Air Filter Gasketing
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Carbon Filters

Panel air filters comprising activated charcoal to absorb unpleasant odours or fumes from air streams in commercial buildings, data centres or hospitals. Feature initial resistance ranging between 0.25 and 0.6 inch WC

Cube Filters

UL Class 900 listed filters designed to filter MERV 5-8 rated molds, spores, dust mites, cat & dog danders, pudding mixes and hair sprays. Feature a galvanised-steel frame and synthetic media capable of operating at up to 150 degrees F

Electrostatic Air Filters

Washable furnace filters capable of removing very fine particles (3 - 10 microns); feature an amalgamation of polyurethane, polypropylene and polyester mesh layers covered in aluminium grates to keep the structure rigid

Extended Surface Filters

Rigid / collapsible filters used to efficiently (max 0.95) remove MERV 8-14 rated Legionella, humidifier dust, auto-emission particulates and nebuliser droplets. Feature microfibre / synthetic media providing air flows up to 625 fpm and offered in sizes ranging from 13 to 105 sq. ft.

Fan Shroud Filters

Polyester fan-shroud filters ideal for use with 18 - 36 inch air circulators in environments with a maximum temperature of 180 degrees F. Come equipped with a hook and loop closure facility for easy installation

Filter Media Pads

Fibreglass / polyester filter pads capable of delivering air velocities up to 300 fpm with filtration efficiencies as high as 60 percent. Available in 10 - 48 inch width variants

Filter Media Rolls

MERV-rated filter rolls featuring a foam / polyester construction to eliminate fabric protectors, cement dust and dusting aids with a maximum initial resistance of 0.17 inch WC. Selected models come equipped with tackifier additives for finer filtration jobs.

Filter Media Roll 85 Feet Length x 10 Inch Width x 2 Inch Thickness
Item: AF9ZZV
Model: 30YJ57
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  • Filter Media Roll
  • Filter Media Roll
  • Filter Media Roll
  • Filter Media Roll+145

Filter Media Roll

Item (148)

Filter Pad Holding Frames

Filters Frames 24-5/8 x 3 inch
Item: AF6RZL
Model: 20HN74
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Filters Frames 27-5/16 inch Height 26 inch Width
Item: AF6RZN
Model: 20HN76
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HEPA Air Filters

Link Filters

Link Air Filter, 3-Ply
Item (179)
Link Filter, 3-Ply

Link Filter, 3-Ply

Item (4)
Link Air Filter 25 x 16 Inch 64 Inch Length
Item: AB9LUT
Model: 2DWX9
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Link Air Filter

Link Air Filter

Item (47)
Link Air Filter 25 x 18 Inch 126 Inch Length
Item: AB9LVW
Model: 2DXD6
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Link Air Filter 25 x 20 Inch 60 Inch Length
Item: AB9LWA
Model: 2DXE3
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Link Air Filter 25 x 20 Inch 160 Inch Length
Item: AB9LWG
Model: 2DXF4
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Link Air Filter 25 x 25 Inch 600 Inch Length
Item: AB9LWQ
Model: 2DXH6
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About the Brand

Air Handler, a Grainger brand, is a leading manufacturer of filters for HVAC devices used in healthcare, food processing and telecommunication industries. Its product catalogue includes pleated air filters, link filters, pocket air filters, extended surface filters, carbon filters, panel filters and air cleaners. The brand’s air cleaners are designed to keep the air healthy and odour-free and are capable of generating 2000 cfm airflow. These cleaners have a filter rating of 0.3 microns and a maximum filtration efficiency of 0.65. Fan shroud filters by Air Handler feature polyester construction and are designed to filter out dust mites, sanding dust, spray paint, textile fibres and carpet fibres. These come equipped with a hook-and-loop closure facility for easy installation and are ideal for use with 18 - 36 inch air circulators. Choose from a wide range of air filters, available in different dimensions, filter efficiencies (25% - 95%) and synthetic materials, on Raptor Supplies.