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Machining Filter

Abrasive Blaster Accessories

Blast Hose 1/2 Inch Id x 8 Feet
Item: AA6YNX
Model: 41116
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Deadman Handle
Item: AA6YNW
Model: 40166
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Sealing Blocks
Item: AA6YNV
Model: 40164
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Replacement Hose
Item: AA6YNM
Model: 40320
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Tungsten Carbide Nozzle
Item: AA6YNL
Model: 40325
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Steel Hose Adapter
Item: AA6YPD
Model: 40192
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Ceramic Nozzle Kit
Item: AA6YPK
Model: 40059
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Carbide Nozzle 1/4 Inch
Item: AA6YPN
Model: 40062
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Siphon Gun Steel With 4 Nozzles
Item: AA6YPP
Model: 40153
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Siphon Hose 7 Feet
Item: AA6YPQ
Model: 40115
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Siphon Hose 10 Feet
Item: AA6YPR
Model: 40116
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Abrasive Blasters

Blast Cabinet Accessories

5 x 6 Inch Lens
Item: AA6YQP
Model: 40025
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3 x 5 Inch Screen
Item: AA6YQN
Model: 40029
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3 x In Lens
Item: AA6YQM
Model: 40028
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Deluxe Industrial Hood
Item: AA6YQL
Model: 40556
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Deluxe Hood
Item: AA6YQK
Model: 40339
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Blast Hood With Bump Cap
Item: AA6YQJ
Model: 40024
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Standard Blast Hood
Item: AA6YQH
Model: 40019
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Blasting Gloves
Item: AA6YQQ
Model: 40023
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Foot Pedal Kit
Item: AA6YQB
Model: 11666
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Rubber Blast Gloves Pr 1
Item: AA6YQA
Model: 11640
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Funnel Strainer Metal 8 Inch Diameter
Item: AA6YQU
Model: 41907
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Blasting Basket
Item: AA6YQV
Model: 41909
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Blasting Tray
Item: AA6YQW
Model: 41910
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Soda Blast Conversion Kit
Item: AA6YQX
Model: 40416
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Pneumatic Blast Cabinets

Polymer Floor Model Cabinet
Item: AA6YPV
Model: 40391
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Pneumatic Blasting Guns

Economy Siphon Gun With 1/4 Inch Nozzle
Item: AA6YPZ
Model: 11604
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