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HVAC and Refrigeration


Safety Filter

Antistatic Gloves

REACH-compliant antistatic gloves made with conductive X-Static yarn with a static-dissipative coating for protection from electrostatic discharge. Feature a nitrile foam coated palm to keep surfaces clean and oil-free for a firm grip, and ergonomic lining to reduce hand fatigue


Blue coloured bib aprons designed to resist dry particulates; ideal for applications in maintenance, construction and manufacturing operations. Feature high-quality 14-ounce pre-shrunk denim construction and a two-compartment bib pocket to store essential tools

Bib Apron Blue 36 Inch Length 28 Inch Width Denim
Item: AD2NKP
Model: 57-003
€27.75 /unit
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Bib Overalls

High Visibility Insulated Bib Overalls, Gore Membrane, Hi-Visibility Fluorescent Orange
Item: CH6KQK
Model: 66-682
€1,030.98 /unit

Canvas Chore and Jersey Gloves

Designed with nitrile-impregnated base material for high snag, puncture, abrasion and cut resistance. Feature a clute-cut design with no cuffs and a straight thumb. Available in S, M, L and XL sizes

Chemical Resistant and Disposable Aprons

Disposable, die-cut, coat, cleanroom and bib aprons designed to resist acids, alcohols, chemicals, grease, mild solvents, chemicals and oils. Available in nylon, PVC, vinyl, polyester, urethane, neoprene, polypropylene, Enduro 2000 or Hycar material options

  • Bib Apron
  • Bib Apron
  • Bib Apron
  • Bib Apron+24

Bib Apron

Item (27)
Coat Apron

Coat Apron

Item (4)
  • Die Cut Apron
  • Die Cut Apron
Item (3)

Chemical Resistant and Disposable Clothing Accessories

Includes pressure test kits for checking the gastight integrity of Level A / Type 1 chemical protective suits. Separate visor light positioning systems, equipment suit bags and rip-off / ATEX lenses also available

Visor Light For Use with 119378
Item: AH3GQP
Model: 66-700
€638.99 /unit
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Visor Light Positioning System
Item: AH3GQR
Model: 66-700
€171.00 /unit
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Equipment Suit Bag Black
Item: AH7QTM
Model: 66-700
€198.46 /unit
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Pressure Test Kit TE
Item: AH7QTN
Model: 66-700
€1,035.76 /unit
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Rip-Off/APEX Lenses Sz VP1 PK10
Item: AH7QTP
Model: 66-700
€325.12 /unit
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Chemical Resistant and Disposable Coveralls

Includes AlphaTec coveralls that offer protection against hazardous dry particulates and non-hazardous liquid or chemical splashes. Feature a breathable fabric for comfort & reusability. Offer Level B protection & adhere to NFPA 1992 certifications

Chemical Resistant Bib Overalls Red S
Item: AG9ETV
Model: 66-662
€747.98 /unit
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Chemical Resistant and Disposable Sleeves

Includes neoprene / vinyl chemical-resistant sleeves to protect your arms from chemical spills and splashes. Contain elastic at both ends to provide a secure fit and are available in different thicknesses and colour options

Chemical Resistant Gloves

Offer protection against a wide range of acids, bases and solvents and are ideal for general cleaning, oil and petrol refining, and food processing applications. Available in different finish options and sizes

Chemical Resistant Glove, 2Xl Size, Pvc Glove Material
Item: CH6HKZ
Model: 074-12
€78.78 /unit
Chemical Resistant Glove, L Size, Pvc Glove Material
Item: CH6HKY
Model: 074-10
€78.78 /unit
Chemical Resistant Gloves, 8 Size, Pvc
Item: CH6HJZ
Model: 04-002
€16.16 /unit
Chemical Resistant Gloves, Size 10, 14 Inch L, Black
Item: CD2FAC
Model: 38-514
€119.00 /unit
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Chemical Resistant Glove Pva 14 L Pr
Item: AF4BRW
Model: 15-554
€86.02 /unit
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Chemical Resistant Gloves PVC Size 8 PR
Item: AG3NAF
Model: 04-644
€24.76 /unit
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Inner Barrier Glove w/Ring Sz 11
Item: AG6PDV
Model: 66-700
€90.01 /unit
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Clean Room and Lab Gloves

Includes polyisoprene / nitrile / neoprene cleanroom gloves designed to avoid product contamination in laboratories and kitchens. Provide effective resistance from abrasions, chemicals and punctures, and have textured fingers for a firm and secure grip

About Ansell

Ansell manufactures protective medical and industrial gloves, sleeves, coveralls and aprons for applications in pharmaceutical, automotive, chemical, construction and metal fabrication industries. The Ansell Gloves catalogue comprises cut-resistant, chemical-resistant, surgical, laboratory, medical exam, antistatic and general disposable gloves. These high-quality Ansell gloves are ideal for repair and maintenance operations, sample collection, picking and fastening components, and administering drugs. You can choose from a wide range of these gloves and other Ansell products such as cutting boards and mats, and disposable hoods on Raptor Supplies.