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8290B0058290B010WT8551A001MMS120/60 110/50DAEF8314G30124/DCDDHT8353G041V120/60 110/50DA8320G18424/DCDDEF8320G20024/DCDD8316G064120/60 110/50DA8320G001120/60 110/50DA8320G136120/60 110/50DA8320G194120/60 110/50DA8320G132120/60 110/50DA



Plumbing Filter

Air Oil and Water Solenoid Valves

Feature a normally closed valve configuration, suitable for use with air, inert gases and potable water. Designed for controlling backflow conditions, mixing or distributing process liquids, or acting as shut-off & release valves in chemical transfer and storage applications

Solenoid Valve 2/2 1 Inch Nc 120/110v Aluminium
Item: AB7ZPV
Model: HT8353G041V120/60 110/50DA
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  • Brass Solenoid Valve
  • Brass Solenoid Valve
  • Brass Solenoid Valve
  • Brass Solenoid Valve+195
Item (198)
Solenoid Valve 3/2 1/4 Inch Nc 125v Brass
Item: AB7ZQQ
Model: EFHC8321G001125/DCDD
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  • Single Solenoid Valve
  • Single Solenoid Valve
  • Single Solenoid Valve
  • Single Solenoid Valve+14
Item (17)
Dual Solenoid Valve 4/2 1/4 Inch 120/110v
Item: AB7ZRE
Model: 8342G020
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Dual Solenoid Valve 4/2 1/4 Inch 120/110v
Item: AB7ZRY
Model: EF8342G020120/60DA
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Solenoid Valve 3/2 3/8 Inch NO 120/110V
Item: AH9UVC
Model: 8316G016
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Solenoid Valve 3/2 1/8 Inch NO 120/110V
Item: AH9UVH
Model: 8320G136MS
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Solenoid Valve 3/2 1/4 Inch 120/110V Brass
Item: AH9UWD
Model: EF8320G174MS
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Angle Body Piston Valves

Equipped with a cold-rolled stainless-steel shaft, spring-loaded stem seal and heat-resistant fluoroelastomer shaft wiper. Used in conjunction with a 120V, 60 Hz solenoid valve to handle water, light slurries and steam

Cable Controlled Gas Shut-Off Valves

Integrated with a stainless-steel core and a spring for controlling commercial and institutional cooking equipment. Automatically shut off all the sources of fuel or heat to gas pilots. When closed, can only be reopened manually

Cryogenic Solenoid Valves

Engineered to handle cryogenic fluids, including liquid nitrogen, argon and oxygen. Feature a normally closed configuration that opens when energised and vice-versa. Can be installed in facilities dealing with frozen food and cranial / genetic preservation services

Fuel Oil and Gas Solenoid Valves

Used to control the combustion system pilot and main line fuel shutoff systems. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor installations. Feature an explosion-proof design to prevent hazards caused by ignitable gases or combustible dust

Pilot Solenoid Valves

Servo-assisted solenoids designed to employ the differential pressure of the medium over the valve ports to open and close the assemblies. Feature internal NPT connections (on selected models) to facilitate in-line piping

Plastic Solenoid Valves

Used for releasing, distributing and mixing fluids in water saving taps and irrigation services. Controlled by electric current flowing through the solenoid coil which actuates a plunger. Feature a heavy-duty thermoplastic body with no wetted metal parts

Solenoid Valve 3/2 1/4 Inch 120/110v
Item: AG6QMH
Model: 8360G071
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Solenoid Valve Coils

Convert electrical energy into linear motion; consist of a copper wire (or aluminium) wound around a hollow form (bobbin). Can withstand temperatures up to 180 deg F. Available in tape-wrapped and encapsulated (or molded) coil variants

  • Solenoid Valve Coil
  • Solenoid Valve Coil
  • Solenoid Valve Coil
  • Solenoid Valve Coil+22
Item (25)

Steam and Hot Water Solenoid Valves

  • Steam Solenoid Valve
  • Steam Solenoid Valve
  • Steam Solenoid Valve
  • Steam Solenoid Valve+7
Item (10)
Slow Close HW Solenoid 1 inch NC Brass
Item: AE4MKR
Model: 8221G007HW
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About the Brand

ASCO, with its Red Hat power management technology, is a leading manufacturer of solenoid valves designed to control the critical flow of air, gas, water, oil and steam. Red Hat valves allow both AC and DC voltages, which equips them for better power consumption and improved performance. The ASCO Solenoid Valve catalogue comprises different types of air-oil and water, fuel-oil and gas, cryogenic and steam and hot water solenoid valves. ASCO's three-way solenoid valves have three pipe connections, which makes it easier to start and stop the flow. A wide range of these solenoid valves, available in various pipe sizes, can be ordered on Raptor Supplies.