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Material Handling

EZ-SLPBX-25M906AGRLX-100WFLOOR TTL5K-ABSL5K-4872L5K-3256L3K5K-FCL3K-TTL3K-3648L3K-2848

Material Handling Filter

Lift Table Accessories

Includes a wide range of portable carts, ramp lifts, accordion bellows and foot controls to increase and extend the usability of scissor lift tables

Scissor Lift Semi-live Portability
Item: AD6FAU
Model: EZ-SLP
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Ramp Lift Table

Ramp Lift Table

Item: AE2YRQ
Model: M906AGR
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Scissor Lift Table Cart Portability
Item: AD6FAV
Model: EZ-CART
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Pallet Positioners and Level Loaders

Pneumatic / hydraulic pallet positioners and level loaders to lower and raise loads, making the pallet loading and unloading easier, safer and faster. Made from high-quality steel and have a maximum lifting capacity of 4500 lb

Scissor Lift Tables

Used for lifting large or heavy equipment to convenient working heights to reduce injuries and to increase productivity. Available in 1 and 1/2 hp variants with a maximum load-holding capacity of 5000 lb

Mobile Scissors Lift Table Manual
Item: AF4RXP
Model: BX-25
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  • Scissor Lift Table
  • Scissor Lift Table
  • Scissor Lift Table
  • Scissor Lift Table+10
Item (13)


Ideal for displays, paint spraying, as well as assembly and inspection operations. Have a maximum lifting capacity of 4500 lb and feature a rubber layer on top to minimise the chances of moving or slipping of workpiece while rotating

Rotating Platform Load Capacity 4500 Lbs
Item: AD7CBP
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About the Brand

Bishamon Industries is a leading manufacturer of high-quality material handling and safety products ideal for both industrial and commercial applications. The company's catalogue includes scissor lift tables, turntables, hydraulic pallet positioners and pneumatic pallets. Bishamon scissor lift tables are used to lift large or heavy equipment with a mximum load rating of 5000 lb. These tables feature an electric full-perimeter toeguard, around the platform, for optimum operator safety and heavy-duty construction with captured scissor rollers for maximum stability. Choose from a wide range of these tables along with other brand products, like foot controls, ramp lift tables and accordion bellows on Raptor Supplies.