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HVAC and Refrigeration




HVAC and Refrigeration Filter

A/C Refrigeration Accessories

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Attic Exhaust Ventilators

Ventilator Power Attic 115 V 1200 Cfm
Item: AD6WHA
Model: 355BR
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Bathroom Fans

Ceiling Exhaust Ventilators

Fan Losone 120 V
Item: AD9NCH
Model: L2000L
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Fan Bathroom 80 Cfm
Item: AE3MDB
Model: HD80L
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Diffuser Accessories

Duct Transition Round Galvanised Steel
Item: AD6WER
Model: 472
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Electric Ceiling Heaters

Radiant Ceiling Heater 120v 4266 Btuh
Item: AE3NJE
Model: 157
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Electric Wall Heater Accessories

Electric Wall Mount Heaters

Exterior Mount Exhaust Fans

Blower 600 Cfm
Item: AE2MNB
Model: 331H
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Blower 900 Cfm
Item: AE2MNC
Model: 332H
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Blower 1200 Cfm
Item: AE2MND
Model: 335
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Fan Control Switches

Switch Wall
Item: AB9DAY
Model: 66V
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60 Minute Wall Timer Ivory
Item: AE3BVU
Model: 59V
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15 Minute Wall Timer
Item: AE3BVV
Model: 61V
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Switch Time Delay
Item: AE3BVZ
Model: 64V
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Switch Wall 120 V
Item: AE3MDA
Model: 77DW
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Switch Three Function Rocker 120 V
Item: AE8MFR
Model: 66W
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Timer Wall 120/240 V
Item: AE8MFU
Model: 61W
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60 Minute Wall Timer White Spst
Item: AE8MFV
Model: 59W
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Timer Mechanical 120/240 V White
Item: AE8MFW
Model: 63W
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Switch, White, Rocker, 3-Function
Item: CE9FDA
Model: P3RW
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Switch, White, Rocker, 2-Function, 120
Item: CE9FDB
Model: P2RW
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Fan Speed Control

Adjustable Speed Control Unit Mount 120 V
Item: AC2DHR
Model: 80L
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Flexible Ducts

Roof Vent Kit Flexible Duct 8 Feet Length
Item: AD2YAG
Model: RVK1A
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Wall Vent Kit Flexible Duct 5 Feet Length
Item: AD2YAH
Model: WVK2A
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Line Voltage Thermostats

Line-voltage Wall Thermostat 120/240vac
Item: AE3NJH
Model: 86W
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Range Hood Accessories

Range Hood Filter Duct Free
Item: AC6MCT
Model: S99010317
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About the Brand

Broan is a leading manufacturer of ventilation products, home automation products and customised climate solutions. Its product line includes fans, range hoods, fresh air systems, attic ventilation solutions, heaters and related accessories. Most of the Broan products meet the requirements of Energy Star, LEED and NAHB. The Broan range hood is designed for application in kitchens for quick removal of smoke and odours and improved indoor air quality. The Broan bathroom fan helps in minimising humidity while it removes stale air and odours. The fan is available in different variants that come equipped with lights, heaters or motion sensors.