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McLeod tools ideal for clearing brushes and other surface debris, as well as constructing fire control lines on wildfires. Feature a formed & sharpened carbon-steel blade for digging or clawing soil and an enhanced ferrule joint for added strength

Mcleod Tool 6 Teeth 9 x 48 Inch Ash
Item: AA3YTP
Model: MT48 FSS
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About the Brand

Council Tool Company is a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty hand tools ideal for use in construction, railroad, mining and petrochemical industries. Its extensive range of tools includes axes, picks, hatchets, mauls, striking tools, forged bars and C-clamps. Council Tool Pulaski axes are designed in accordance with US Forest Service specifications (5100-355E), with the forged-steel head hydraulically seated on the handle and further secured with a serrated PVC wedge to improve the bite factor. These hand-sharpened axes feature dried (below 10 percent of moisture content) eye-sections with tapered interior details to reduce shrinkage or loosening, while also allowing a strong mechanical bond. They are available in double-bit American hickory and clad-style fibreglass handles, ideal for landscaping, digging or grubbing applications. The brand's engineer or blacksmith's hammers are ideal for striking spikes, cold chisels, rock-drills and hardened nails. These ASME-approved hammers are heat-treated to produce a fine-grain structure and an increased depth of hardness (Rockwell Rc 46-54) for safety and toughness. Choose from a wide range of these products and replacement parts, like handles, teeth and fire swatter flaps, on Raptor Supplies.