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HVAC and Refrigeration Filter

BlowersView all

  • Air Curtain Blowers

    Used in combination with air curtain cabinets to provide a wall of continuously flowing air that prevents the escape of hot or cold air and also reduces humidity. Available in motor speeds up to 3450 rpm

  • Air Curtain Cabinets

    Designed for use with open-refrigerated display cabinets to protect motor / blower assemblies. Come pre-wired with a molded cord / plug assembly for easy installation

  • Air Curtains

    Dayton air curtains are designed for creating a thermal barrier by projecting a high-flow air stream on doorways of hospitals, schools, post offices and retail stores and also for walk-in coolers & pass-through food service windows. These air curtains feature steel housing and totally enclosed motors for resistance against dust, airborne contaminants and harsh outside environment. These single phase motors offer air throw spanning up to 8 feet. Dayton air curtains have compact construction for easy mounting on places with tight tolerances. A broad range of these Dayton air curtains is available in 25 to 60 inch wide variants on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Dayton distributor.

  • Backward Incline Blowers

    Used in laboratory or restaurant exhaust systems as well as in industrial ventilation systems. Feature heavy-duty construction for enhanced service life. Integrated with non overloading, dynamically balanced wheels providing full Class 1 clockwise rotation. Available in 1 to 20 hp variants

  • Belt Drive Blower Accessories

    Include inlet / outlet guards and drain blower housing for replacing worn bearings and drive shafts. Zinc plated / polyester urethane / gray baked on polyester epoxy powder coated finish for tear & rust resistance. Offered in outside diameters ranging from 4 to 39 inches

  • Belt Drive Centrifugal In-Line Blowers

    Suitable for various indoor, clean air applications in industrial or commercial buildings having confined spaces. Feature collars for simplification of duct connections and provide speeds ranging from 384 to 1396 rpm. Available in single & three phase configurations

  • Belt Drive Double Inlet Forward Curve Blowers

    Designed for use in ventilation, exhausting, heating, cooling, drying and humidifying applications. Integrated with ball bearings for less motor friction and to resist lubricant leakage. Deliver speeds up to 860 rpm and are offered in 1 to 25 hp variants

  • Belt Drive Forward Curve Blower

    AMCA approved blowers ideal for air conditioning and heating systems requiring low to medium pressures. Feature housing made of galvanised steel to resist corrosion and are capable of withstanding ambient temperatures up to 104 degrees F. Available in 0.75 & 1 inch shaft diameters

  • Belt Drive Fwd Curve Blowers w/Drive Pkg

    Forward-curve, belt-drive blowers featuring dynamically balanced wheels and prelubricated sealed ball bearings with rubber isolators for durability and continuous use. Extensively used in air conditioning and fan coil units, evaporative condensers and cooling towers

  • Belt Drive Single Inlet Forward Curve Blowers

    Designed to deliver the greatest air volume in relation to the size and speed of the blower; widely used in high-flow industrial applications

  • Belt Drive Single Inlet Square Housing Blowers

    Integrated with ball bearings to handle commercial or industrial air moving applications. Deliver speeds ranging from 390 to 1450 rpm. Feature housing made of galvanised steel for resistance against corrosion and are available in 1 to 7.5 hp variants

  • Blower and Fan Accessories

    Include outlet guards, flexible air ducts, fan blade pitch gauges and hub puller fan & wheels. Feature cast iron / steel / thermal plastic / polished stamped aluminium construction for high compression strength and knock & scratch resistance. Offered in 6.5 and 8 inch widths

  • Blower Supports

    Used in new & replacement installations for air conditioning, heating and ventilation systems for stabilising HVAC blowers. Compatible with forward-curved, direct-drive and double-inlet blowers

  • Direct Drive Blower Wheels

    Ideal for applications including air conditioning, heating, ventilation and dehumidification in commercial and industrial applications. Feature steel construction with corrosive resistant finish for longer life and deliver high air volume with reduced vibrations for various air-moving applications

  • Direct Drive Double Inlet Forward Curve Blowers

    Feature galvanised steel housing to withstand ambient temperatures up to 104 degrees F and are reinforced to provide trouble-free service and optimal performance. Integrated with resilient pads for minimising vibrations while running, offered in 15.25 & 17.5 inch housing heights

  • Direct Drive Double Inlet Fwd Curve Blowers w/Dr Pkg

    Unassembled blowers designed for heating, air conditioning and ventilating applications. Feature sleeve bearings for excellent shock resistance and are integrated with resilient pads for vibration damping. Provide full load current ratings between 4 and 12.3A

  • Direct Drive Single Inlet Forward Curve Blowers

    Feature welded steel construction for structural rigidity and to resist oxidation on exposed surfaces. Grey epoxy coated housing for resistance from acids and harmful chemicals. Capable of withstanding ambient temperatures up to 104 degrees F

  • Heat Slingers

    Used in conjunction with heat shields between motors and housing to help blowers to handle air inlet temperatures up to 500 degrees F. Feature aluminium construction for easy transportation and allow rotation of housing up to 8 discharge positions in every cycle

  • OEM Specialty Blowers

    Ideal for cooling greenhouses and ventilation of small buildings, electrical enclosures and wood & corn stoves. Feature sleeve / ball bearing motors integrated with cast-aluminium end shields for more heat dissipation. Can be mounted in any position and operate with minimal vibration or noise

  • Plenum Fans

    Well-suited for pressurised plenum and air handling applications. Feature steel / galvanised frame for structural rigidity while also resisting corrosion. Deliver a maximum speed of 3450 rpm and produce power up to 14.956 BHP. Integrated with ball bearings for less rotational friction

  • Plug Fans

    Used in furnaces, ovens, air curtains, wash systems and dust collectors for dry air circulation. Equipped with self-aligned ball bearings to prevent lubricant leakage and allow mounting in horizontal or vertical positions. Can be operated at a maximum temperature of 500 degrees F

  • Portable Blowers

    Heavy-duty Dayton blowers are designed to generate high-flow air stream for quickly drying wet carpets, hard surface floors, upholstery, walls & ceilings, ventilation of work areas, smoke evacuation, mould remediation, storm damage clean-up and cooling applications in commercial settlements. These blowers feature a compact design with lightweight housing for portability and rugged construction for durability. Dayton portable blowers come equipped with 3 fan speed settings (Low / Med / High) and 3 operating positions. 5UMP Series blowers feature collapsible handle & rear wheels for additional job-site transportability and built-in outlets for connecting multiple units. 20VD Series blowers feature stainless steel construction for resistance against abrasive materials and telescopic transport handle for convenience. Choose from a broad range of these portable blowers, available in polyethylene and rubber casters on Raptor Supplies, an authorised Dayton distributor.

  • Radial Blade Blower, Belt Drive

    Designed for chemical processing, drying or cooling applications and used in furnace blowers, gas boosters & exhausters and pneumatic conveyors. Feature a self-cleaning wheel, making the blower suitable for small exhaust systems having grit or dust in the air. Offered in 1 to 50 hp variants

  • Radial Blade Blower, Direct Drive

    Well-suited for blowing high volume & high pressure air in chemical, clothing, aviation and automotive industries. Integrated with flat blades arranged radially to deliver air efficiently and offer long service life. Offered in blower speeds ranging between 1725 and 3475 rpm

  • Spark Resistant Blowers

    AMCA air, UL/cUL 762 compliant steel Dayton blowers with a grey polyester urethane finish and a spark-resistant aluminium wheel. Suitable for dry cleaning plants, petroleum dispensing areas, coal preparation facilities and other potentially explosive environments

  • Square Centrifugal In-Line Blowers

    Designed to clean indoor air and extensively used in commercial / industrial complexes with limited space. Feature a re-greasable / sealed pillow block bearing supplied with a bearing cover for longevity

Exhaust FansView all

  • Agricultural Fans

    Exhaust fans and light-traps suitable for use in barns or poultry houses. Feature galvanised steel intake and discharge guards to help withstand humid and corrosive environments

  • Belt Drive Exhaust Fans w/Drive Package

    Equipped with galvanised steel blades for handling higher volumes of air at low static pressures. Deliver speeds ranging from 341 to 1352 rpm while producing powers up to 3.6 BHP. Feature TEAO / TEFC / TENV / ODP motor enclosures for cooling & protection of motor from dust or rain

  • Belt Driven Exhaust Fans

    Feature adjustable pulleys and variable pitches for ventilation in warehouses and factories. Equipped with sealed & regreasable, cast-pillow block bearings for minimising the friction and noise. Deliver flow rates ranging from 4105 to 69692 cfm and are offered in 5 & 6 blade options

  • Cabinet Exhaust and Supply Fans

    Well-suited for light to medium duty ventilation in warehouses, factories, foundries and laundries. Deliver a maximum speed of 877 rpm and can be mounted either in horizontal or vertical positions. Capable of withstanding ambient temperatures up to 104 degrees F

  • Ceiling Exhaust Ventilators

    Designed to keep bathrooms, offices, electrical cabinets, and server & storage rooms cool and well ventilated. Offer amperage ratings ranging from 0.34 to 10.5A. Feature galvanised steel frames for structural rigidity and provide maximum inlet temperature of 104 degrees F

  • Direct Drive Corrosion Resistant Shutter Mount Fans

    Vertical-mount exhaust fans feature fibreglass frames for durability and are ideal for use in corrosive environments. Integrated with sealed ball bearings for low rotational friction and to prevent lubricant leakage. Offered in permanent split capacitor and shaded pole motor variants

  • Direct Drive Exhaust Fans

    Used in refrigeration & mining ventilation applications for expelling stale air and pulling fresh & clean air. Deliver flow rates up to 12363 cfm and offer both horizontal and vertical wall mounting options. Equipped with totally enclosed and air over motors having class B insulation

  • Direct Drive Exhaust Fans with Intake Guards

    Provide noiseless ventilation in offices, schools, storage facilities and light manufacturing assembly areas. Integrated with ball / sleeve bearings for low rotational friction and to prevent lubricant leakage. Provide motor speeds up to 1750 rpm and are offered in 1/30 to 3/4 hp variants

  • Exhaust and Supply Fan Accessories

    Include heavy duty wall collars, intake guards, wall housing and weatherhood. Feature 16 / 18 / 20 gauge galvanised steel construction for durability & corrosion resistance. Wall collars designed for use with exhausts & supply propeller fans and feature internal flanges for mounting shutters

  • Fan Frames

    Designed for use with exhaust fans and feature steel frames with galvanised finish to reduce oxidation on exposed surfaces. Equipped with mounting bolts and a slotted motor base for accommodating 48 or 56 frame motors. Frames comprise deep venturi and 1 inch wide flanges

  • Fan Guards

    Protect equipment & employees working near belt-drive propellers and direct-drive fans. Feature an OSHA-compliant screen enclosing the motor drive side of fans completely. Constructed with galvanised steel for corrosion resistance and are offered in 16, 18 & 20 gauges

  • Fume and Smoke Exhausters

    Used to remove smoke, fumes and heat from industries. Feature totally enclosed fan-cooled motor with steel frames to keep the motor windings clean, dry & cool. Deliver a maximum speed of 3450 rpm and include 90 degrees sheet metal exhaust elbows & 8 feet power cords

  • Guard Mounted Exhaust Fans

    Equipped with ball / sleeve bearings to prevent lubricant leakage and provide smooth rotation with minimum friction. Feature stamped aluminium blades for corrosion resistance and are integrated with TEAO motors for cooling of windings. Can withstand ambient temperatures up to 104 degrees F

  • Hazardous Location Exhaust Fans

    Ideal for ventilation of spaces having flammable or explosive dust, vapours and gases. Feature spark-resistant aluminium propellers and galvanised frames for protection against corrosion. Allow mounting in both vertical and horizontal directions and are offered in 1/6, 1/4, 1/3, 3/4 & 1/2 hp variants

  • Reversible Exhaust and Supply Fans

    Engineered for window or wall installations and are ideal for single room ventilation applications. Feature TEFC / TENV / TEAO / ODP motor enclosures for cooling & protection of motor from rain or dust. Offer both horizontal and vertical mounting options and are available in 1 & 3 phases

  • Ring Exhaust Fans

    Ideal for low-pressure cooling and exhausting applications. Feature galvanised frames to withstand ambient temperatures up to 104 degrees F while also resisting corrosion. Operate on 60 Hz frequency and are integrated with ball bearings for low rotational friction. Available in 3 & 5 blade variants

  • Shutter Mounted Exhaust Fans

    Used in offices, factories, stores, shops, greenhouses and farm buildings for stale air removal. Feature stamped aluminium blades for low rotational inertia and feature satin chrome finish for increased hardness & corrosion resistance. Provide battery life up to 60000 cycles

  • Supply and Intake Fans
  • Whole House Fans

Roof VentilatorsView all

  • Attic Exhaust Ventilators
  • Axial Upblast Exhaust Ventilators

    Dayton upblast ventilators are designed to provide a stable stream of clean air for reduction in overall air conditioner strain, cooling attics, laboratories, preventing moisture & heat build-up and for exhaust ventilation from foundries, warehouses and manufacturing facilities. These exhaust vents feature heavy-gauge galvanised steel housing for resistance against harsh weather & industrial environment and come equipped with reinforced edges & bolted seams for additional strength. Dayton upblast ventilators feature die-formed galvanised steel drive frames that offer a rigid platform for drives, motors, bearings and shafts. The fabricated steel propellers of these vents have steeply pitched blades to ensure minimum noise levels, integral butterfly dampers prevent unwanted backdrafts and magnetic latches minimise damper flutter when these ventilators are not in use. Built-in lifting lugs and removable windbands allow easy installation and inspection, respectively.

  • Belt Drive Axial Downblast Exhaust Ventilators
  • Belt Drive Hooded Axial Downblast Exhaust Ventilators

    Supplied with galvanised steel downblast exhaust fans that can also become supply fans. Suitable for providing steady exhaust of air under low / moderate static pressure environments

  • Bird Screens

About the Brand

Dayton, a Grainger brand, is a leading manufacturer of motors, pumps and HVAC products. The company's product line includes heavy-duty v-belts, gearbelts, farm duty motors, washdown motors, AC / DC gearmotors, speed reducers and gear drives, transformers, ventilators, steel cables, web slings, shaft collars, relays, air circulars, shutters, blowers and drum pumps. Dayton gearmotors are widely used to adjust the torque and speed to any desirable figure and are ideal for use in peristaltic pumps, CNC machines and a variety of automotive applications. Dayton v-belt, one of the company's best-selling products, conforms to the Rubber Manufacturers' Association (RMA) standards and is extensively used as a transmission belt. Choose from a wide range of Dayton gearmotors, v-belts, speed reducers and gear drives on Raptor Supplies.

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