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Destaco, headquartered in Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA, is a Dover company offering a variety of high-performance automation and work holding solutions for more than 85 years. Its products are used to clamp, grip and transfer tools & workpieces in numerous woodworking and metalworking applications. Destaco Clamps catalogue includes manual toggle clamps like straight line clamps, pull-action latch clamps & plier clamps, pneumatic clamps, rotary actuators, cylinder mounts, position sensors and many more. Read More


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Clamp Accessories

Destaco clamp accessories include mounting bases, sensor mounts and miniature rail thruster slides that are ideal for improved handling, strokes & precision, as well as quick mounting of clamps.

Mounting Base, Imperial, Threaded Body, Steel Construction
Item: AG3QXX
Model: 604106
€22.65 /unit
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Proximity Sensor Mount Swivel, Silver Finish, Aluminium
Item: AG3QXY
Model: CPI-GPM-15-18
€439.91 /unit
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DLM Series Slide, 1 Inch Stroke, 15 lb Thrust Force
Item: AH2HCF
Model: DLM-07M-25-25-P
€594.39 /unit
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Horizontal Handle Toggle Clamps

Destaco offers horizontal handle toggle clamps in two variants - horizontal hold down and pull action latch clamps. Horizontal hold down clamps use a horizontal handle / lever to push down an attached spindle against the workpiece, whereas pull action latch clamps have a hook shaped clamping arm that latches onto workpieces and pulls them closer for secure clamping.

Pneumatic Hold Down Clamp, 750 lb Holding Capacity, Steel
Item: AJ8BAP
Model: 846
€834.08 /unit
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Cam Action Clamp, 5.26 Inch Clamping Arm, 1000 lb
Item: AJ8BJW
Model: 229
€153.84 /unit
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Hold Down Action Clamp, 4.88 Inch Clamp Arm, 1000 lb
Item: AJ8BJY
Model: 245-U
€96.55 /unit
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Plier Clamps

Also known as squeeze action clamps; lock automatically when closing and are used in quick and flexible clamping. Feature the Destaco trigger release mechanism for single-handed operations and available in carbon steel and forged alloy steel materials

Squeeze Action Plier Clamp, Neoprene Spindle, Steel
Item: AJ8BDL
Model: 431
€66.91 /unit
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Squeeze Action Plier Clamp, 500 lb Holding Capacity
Item: AJ8BLD
Model: 425
€94.64 /unit
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Squeeze Action Plier Clamp, 500 lb Holding Capacity
Item: AJ8BLE
Model: 435
€65.02 /unit
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Pneumatic Clamps

Destaco hold down, straight line and swing / pull action pneumatic clamps are ideal for quick clamping operations in repetitive production operations. These clamps have an air actuated cylinder for easy & quick clamping.

Pneumatic Power Clamp, Aluminium, Horizontal Clamping Arm
Item: AC8PHJ
Model: 81L20-10100
€906.36 /unit
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Pneumatic Swing / Toggle Clamp, 708 lb Holding Capacity
Item: AC8PHK
Model: 81L20-14100
€906.36 /unit
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Pneumatic Power Clamp, 885 lb Holding Capacity, Aluminium
Item: AC8PHL
Model: 81L25-10100
€913.31 /unit
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Pneumatic Power Clamp, Toggle Action Mechanism, 708 lb
Item: AC8PHM
Model: 81L25-14100
€906.36 /unit
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Pneumatic Power Clamp, Aluminium, 660 lb Holding Capacity
Item: AC8PHN
Model: 82L2G-2030000
€854.38 /unit
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Pneumatic Power Clamp with Sensor, 600 lb Holding Capacity
Item: AC8PHP
Model: 82L2G-203B800
€1,161.49 /unit
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About Destaco

Destaco offers a wide range of products like manual clamps, pneumatic clamps, clamp accessories and many more. The brand's straight line action clamps are designed to hold a workpiece by pushing it towards a surface. They can handle a wide range of loads for applications in fixturing, testing and plastic injection moulding operations. Destaco 603 Series straight line action clamps are ideal for use as both push & pull clamps as they can be locked in both extended and retracted positions. Destaco 604 Series straight line action clamps on the other hand, feature adaptable and compact design due to their threaded body that provide a through hole mounting.
The brand also manufactures pull action latch clamps featuring handles to place a clamping pull bar or hook around an opposing workpiece latch that is horizontally or vertically oriented to the clamp base. These clamps provide a powerful closing force and a thumb control lever for positive holding and convenient single handed operation. They are generally offered in fixed latch, U hook (horizontal and vertical) and J hook type designs. Destaco 323 Series pull action latch clamps are equipped with a horizontal U hook for pulling workpieces that are parallel to the clamp base.
Choose from a wide range of these high-quality clamping products, available in a variety of bar sizes, styles, clamping base, dimensions, materials and load holding capacities on Raptor Supplies, a trusted Destaco clamps distributor.

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Destaco clamps cross-reference with Bessey & Grainger clamps. Some of the Destaco clamp accessories / tools also cross-reference with Miller Fluid Power, Speedaire, Vestil, Honeywell, Johnson Controls & Siemens clamp accessories. So, if you're looking for a competitor clamp, tool or accessories that are either out of stock or obsolete, chances are Raptor Supplies has the equivalent Destaco clamp available.

Why Us?

Raptor Supplies, a trusted distributor of Destaco clamps, offers its complete range of products, such as hold down toggle clamps, pull action latch clamps and straight line action clamps. We can recommend suitable Destaco pneumatic rotary actuators, position sensors, grippers and SpiderGrip tool base mounts, for your diverse clamping needs.


These Destaco clamps, accessories & tools are small in size. They may require careful compact packaging. Hence, these Destaco clamping products are delivered by courier shipment and not by air freight.

Major Trade Names

Destaco Toggle Lock Plus

Destaco Toggle Lock Plus mechanism is a secondary locking mechanism used in manual toggle clamps to prevent accidental or unintentional opening. It uses a locking release lever to ensure the over-cent...Read more 

Destaco Trigger Release Mechanism

Destaco trigger release mechanism is ideal for use in squeeze action plier clamps for easier opening of the clamp. This mechanism uses a two way trigger release lever that allows the user to quickly c...Read more 

SpiderGrip End Effectors

Destaco's SpiderGrip end effectors provide a modular and non-adjustable solution to the high-precision, heavy-duty geometry setting of end effectors in robotic and automation applications. This techno...Read more 

Destaco Competitive Advantages

Clamps with spring hold open device & a pre loaded nut

Destaco 670 Series straight-line action clamps are equipped with precision clamping handles for high production & efficiency for clamping diverse sized workpieces. They feature a spring hold-open device that prevents the clamp from accidentally closing. These clamps come with a pre-loaded nut to restrict the clamp opening by locking it against itself when not under pressure & mounted vertically. These clamps also have an adjustable collet type bushing to eliminate plunger end movement due to repeated usage.

Clamps with diverse mounting & actuating options

Destaco FO, FL, G Series variable stroke straight-line action clamps are ideal for applications where workpiece thicknesses and tolerances vary. They have 3 types of mounting bases: foot base (FO Series), flange mount (FL Series) & through-hole mount (G Series). These clamps can be actuated using two hands or one hand. The two hand-operated clamps use a hand lever with a separated plunger, whereas the single hand-operated clamps use a hand lever or hand wheel with a linked plunger that is retained inside the clamp. Their compact design and diverse types of operation allow for application in fixtures for mass production and single-part production.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which company owns Destaco?

Dover Corporation (a world leader in engineered products, pumps & process solutions and refrigeration & food equipment) owns Destaco, which is a leading manufacturer of clamping, gripping, linear / rotary transferring and robotic tools. Destaco was founded in 1915 as Detroit Stamping Company. Destaco designed & manufactured its first manual toggle clamp in 1936.

Where is Destaco located?

Destaco is headquartered at Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States of America. Their manufacturing facilities and offices are located across the globe in 12 locations in North America, Asia and Europe.

Which lubricant is recommended for use with Destaco clamps for their maintenance?

A coupling grease like Mobil XTC should be used when dealing with Destaco mechanical clamps, while the Magnalube G grease is great for use with pneumatic cylinder seals.

Are Destaco clamps rust resistant?

Yes, Destaco carbon steel clamps are zinc plated to withstand & minimise wear & tear due to harsh industrial environments. Destaco also supplies stainless steel clamps for applications requiring clamping in outdoor conditions.

What is the difference between a vertical & horizontal toggle clamp?

The difference between a vertical & horizontal toggle clamp lies in the locking position of the clamp handle. A vertical clamp handle is oriented vertically or perpendicular to the base when in the locked position, whereas a horizontal toggle clamp is positioned horizontally or parallel to the base.

How do latch clamps work?

Destaco pull action latch clamps depend on a handle for operating the tool, a clamping arm for contact point between the work item & clamp and a base for attaching the clamp to the surface. Once the simple linkage system of the clamp is put in the over-centre position, the handle is pulled horizontally for creating force parallel to the base and squeeze-holding the work items.

What is the difference between flat tip bonded spindles and swivel foot spindles?

Destaco flat tip bonded spindles reduce marking on fragile or polished surfaces while swivel foot spindles are used where a large area needs to be clamped.

What does holding capacity mean in terms of clamps?

The term "holding force or capacity" indicates the ideal strength of the clamp for holding down the equipment, workpieces or sheet metal on the assembly line or during other industrial applications.

Does Destaco deliver customised or special versions of their clamps according to customer requirements / applications?

Destaco can supply customised versions of their clamps upon request. The customisations can range from different colours of handles to the removal of the Destaco logo from the clamps.