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Chart Recorder Pens

Red chart recorder pens used with circular chart recorders to record temperature, humidity and pressure measurements on round paper charts over a specified period of time

Replacement Pen Kit, 3 Red 3 Blue
Item: AA8XQX
Model: P246
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Chart Recorder Pens Red, Pk 6
Item: AB2GKP
Model: P222
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Circular Chart Recorders

Temperature, pressure and humidity chart recorders featuring bi-metal or replaceable sensors. Come in free-standing and wall-mounted variants

Circular Charts

Paper circular charts used with circular chart recorders to record temperature, humidity and pressure. Available in different diameters and recording times and supplied in a pack of 60

Nonelectrical Properties Data Loggers

Used to monitor temperature, humidity and pressure continuously; feature an audio / visual alarm, digital display, replaceable sensor and flash memory for report analysis

Recorder Datalogger Accessories

Includes AC adapters, card reader kits, extension cables, fire hydrant adapters, fitting accessories, temperature probes and cables used with various data recording equipment to download data to the computer

Probe Dust Filter
Item: AA8XQY
Model: A867
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Temperature Probe Piercing
Item: AB2YDG
Model: D605
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Cable Extension, 100 Feet
Item: AC9RJB
Model: A202
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Cable Extension, 10 Feet
Item: AC9RJK
Model: D617
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Snubber/filter Kit
Item: AC9XEV
Model: R022
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Flash Memory Card
Item: AD8MZW
Model: A210
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Kit Card Reader
Item: AD8MZX
Model: A220
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Adapter 120 Vac/12Vdc
Item: AD8MZY
Model: R157
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Software Data Logging
Item: AD9LXA
Model: A015
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Pressure Kit

Pressure Kit

Item: AE7DRW
Model: A791
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Steam Pressure Pigtail
Item: AE7DRX
Model: A792
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Fire Hydrant Adapter
Item: AE7DRY
Model: A793
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Ac Adapter Kit Use With Recorder
Item: AF4RND
Model: R065
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Software Datalogging
Item: AJ2HDE
Model: A016
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Strip Chart Temperature Recorders

Disposable strip chart temperature recorders featuring a spiral wound bi-metal sensor; can measure temperatures ranging from -20 to 100 degrees F and -30 to 37.5 degrees C

Temperature Recorder
Item: AC9RJJ
Model: D302
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About the Brand

Since 1923, Dickson has been manufacturing data recording instruments for the electronics and manufacturing industries. The Dickson Company catalogue includes charts, pens, chart loggers, chart recorders, indicators, replaceable sensors and calibration equipment. Dickson chart recorders can record an electrical or mechanical input and feature a compact design for easy portability. They have an accuracy of +/-2 degrees F and come with an AA battery for constant power supply. A huge range of chart recorder, circular charts, temperature chart recorders and strip chart temperature recorders is available on Raptor Supplies.