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Abrasive Cut-Off and Chop Wheels

Carbide / aluminium oxide self-sharpening cut-off wheels used to cut alloys, protruding bolts and rebars

Abrasive Cut Wheel 3 Diameter x 0.750 Inch T 1 Arbor Hole
Item: AB7ZCR
Model: SM600
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Reinforced Cut-off Wheels PK20
Item: AH9UPT
Model: 426B
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Electric engravers used for incising into metals, woods, plastics, leather and ceramics. Feature 5-position calibrated stroke adjustment dials to regulate the engraving depth and come with replaceable carbide / diamond tips

Carbide Point
Item: AB3MZZ
Model: 9924
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Diamond Point
Item: AB3NAA
Model: 9929
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Oscillating Tool Accessories

Includes flat saw, scraper, flushcut and grout blades and blade kits ideal for piercing through woods and metals, as well as for removing grout between tiles and adhesive from flooring

Wood/drywall Blade 3 Inch Width - Pack Of 2
Item: AC9LKN
Model: MM450
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Carbide Grout Blade 1/16 Inch T For 3drn2
Item: AC9LKQ
Model: MM501
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Flexible Scraper Blade 1-1/16 Inch Width
Item: AC9LKR
Model: MM610
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Wood Cutting Blade 3/4 Inch - Pack Of 3
Item: AE3NFV
Model: MM440B
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  • Sanding Paper
  • Sanding Paper
Item (2)
Wood Cutting Blade Set 3 Pc
Item: AE3NGA
Model: MM491
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Carbide Flush Cut Blade 1-1/4 Inch
Item: AF7PBW
Model: MM485
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Contour Sanding Accessory Rubber 15 Pcs.
Item: AG6CKB
Model: MM730
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Sanding Paper Diamond 3-1/2 In.
Item: AG6CKC
Model: MM910
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Power Miter Saw Accessories

Includes saw guides ideal for making miter, straight and bevel cuts in baseboard moldings, picture frames, windows and doors casings

Saw Guide 10 Inch Length 2 Inch Width 13 In.h
Item: AB7ZCT
Model: SM840
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Rotary Tool Accessories

Includes cutting, grinding, shaping, engraving and polishing accessory kits ideal for use with rotary tools. Available in different sizes and grit variants

Carving/engraving Kit Rotary Tool Piece 13
Item: AB2XKE
Model: 689-01
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Mandrel Kit 6 Pcs
Item: AB2XKF
Model: EZ406-02
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Ez Lock Mandrel Use With Ez Lock Acc
Item: AB2XKK
Model: EZ402
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Cotton Polishing Wheel 1 Inch Diameter
Item: AB2XKL
Model: 423E
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Ez Lock Abrasive Buffs 1 Inch D 7/64t - Pack Of 2
Item: AB2XKM
Model: 511E
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Ez Lock Abrasive Buffs 1 Inch D 7/64t - Pack Of 2
Item: AB2XKN
Model: 512E
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Mandrel Screw
Item: AB3MZB
Model: 401
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Drum Sander 1/2 In
Item: AB3MZC
Model: 407
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Sanding Band - Pack Of 6
Item: AB3MZD
Model: 408
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Felt Polishing Disc - Pack Of 6
Item: AB3MZE
Model: 414
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Wheel Cut Off - Pack Of 20
Item: AB3MZF
Model: 420
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Felt Polishing Tip
Item: AB3MZG
Model: 422
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Felt Polishing Wheel
Item: AB3MZH
Model: 429
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Sanding Band - Pack Of 6
Item: AB3MZJ
Model: 432
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Chuck Multipro
Item: AB3MZL
Model: 4486
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Wheel Flap 3/8 In
Item: AB3MZM
Model: 502
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Wheel Flap 3/16 In
Item: AB3MZN
Model: 504
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Cutting/shaping Wheel 1 1/4 Inch 1/8 Shaft
Item: AB3MZP
Model: 543
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Wheel Cutting
Item: AB3MZQ
Model: 545
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Cutting Kit

Cutting Kit

Item: AB3MZR
Model: 565
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Drive Right Angle
Item: AB3MZT
Model: 575
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Accessory Set
Item: AB3MZU
Model: 684
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Accessory Set
Item: AB3MZV
Model: 686
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About the Brand

Dremel, a wholly owned subsidiary of Robert Bosch Tool Corporation, offers high-quality rotary tools, saws, oscillating tools, combo kits, 3D printers, speciality tools and related accessories. Dremel Moto-Saw is a multi-functional saw that can work both as a scroll saw and a coping saw. It has an auto-tensioning feature, which automatically adjusts the blade, and an ergonomic handle to provide a comfortable grip so that the operator can easily slice through metals, woods and plastics. Dremel Multi-Max oscillating tool features a powerful 4-amp motor and a patented Quick Lock accessory change system for easy and fast switching between different Multi-Max accessories. The tool's Quick Boost technology ensures efficiency in processes by maintaining a constant speed during difficult precision cutting and rough cutting operations.
Shop from a wide range of Dremel tools such as engravers, abrasive cut-off and chop wheels, and drill bits on Raptor Supplies.