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  • Beakers

    High-quality graduated beakers and beaker sets for use in laboratories. Made of polypropylene and polymethylpentene, with capacities ranging from 10 ml to 5000 ml. Non-graduated beakers also available

  • Bottle Caps

    High-quality replacement bottle caps made of LDPE. Available in 18, 24 and 28 mm screw closure sizes

  • Bottles and Jars

    Graduated and non-graduated labware bottles and jars made of high-quality polymers; used for storing specimens, packaging chemicals and other corrosive liquids in chemical industries and laboratories

  • Burets

    Break-resistant 25 / 50 ml acrylic buretes with Class-B accuracy print for use in education and laboratories. Come with a technical data sheet and PMP / PP stockcocks

  • Carboys and Jerricans

    Heavy-duty, compact and lightweight containers made of HDPE and polypropylene; ideal for packaging, storing and transporting up to 50 litre (13.21 gallon) chemicals or other liquids

  • Graduated Cylinders

    Integrated with a squat design for increased stability during fluid volume measurements. Feature molded blue overprint graduations and an anti-suction base. Comparatively, narrower and taller than a beaker for improved accuracies

  • Lab Adapters and Joints

    Suitable for precise pouring of liquids from joint flasks and reactors. Can also be used for dry box and other remotely operated applications. Provide high resistance against chemical attacks and a wide operational temperature range

  • Laboratory Funnels
  • Laboratory Trays and Pans
  • Porcelain Labware

    Lab bowls used to measure or dispense precise amounts of liquid reagents. Feature polypropylene construction ensuring resistance against hazardous chemicals and can operate at an ambient temperature of 121 degrees C

  • Vials
  • Wash Bottles

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  • Pipette Accessories

    Disposal bins ideal for safely disposing pipettes while shielding against gamma / beta radiations in chemical processing facilities and research institutes. Hinged lid for ease-of-access and non-skid base for stability

  • Pipetters

    Designed for measuring / transferring small quantities of liquids for petrochemical, clinical research and testing applications. Selected models feature blow out mechanism for quick fluid disposal. Available in ABS & plastic variants

  • Pipettes

    Suitable for transferring small quantities of liquids in research & development, and chemical processing applications. Selected models feature lightweight, low density polyethylene construction for ease-of-disposal. Available in capacities ranging from 1 to 50 ml

Lab Fume Hoods and AccessoriesView all

  • Bench Protectors and Liners

    Chemical-resistant polyethylene bench protection pads designed to protect laboratory surfaces against chemicals and other hazardous spills. Available in lengths up to 50 metres

Lab EquipmentView all

  • Autoclaves

    ISO 11140-certified autoclave tapes that change colour after operating at 250 F for 20 minutes to indicate the autoclave temperature. Commonly used for sterilisation processes

About Dynalon

Dynalon is a leading manufacturer of plastic laboratory supplies, sampling apparatus and science equipment for industrial and laboratory applications. The Dynalon Labware products includes a broad range of standard and custom plastic spill trays, wash bottles, autoclaves, spray bottles and trigger sprays, beakers and dippers. The brand's ISO 11140-certified autoclave tapes are designed to be used during sterilisation. After operating at 249 F for 20 minutes, the colour of the stripes changes, indicating that an autoclave temperature has been attained. The brand also produces waste disposal containers that are used for the disposal of non-sharp biomedical and laboratory waste which requires special heat treatment. These containers feature waterproof construction, a space-efficient and lightweight fold-flat design, and built-in lid and handles. Raptor Supplies offers a broad range of these Dynalon products, in addition to bottles, jars, bars, funnels, pipettes, burettes, bottle caps and mop buckets.

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