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  • Bolt On Miniature Circuit Breakers

    1-, 2- and 3- pole bolt-on miniature circuit breakers used to control voltage levels and prevent overload conditions in electrical systems

  • Circuit Breaker Accessories

    Includes auxiliary contacts, lugs, rating plugs and shunt trips used to secure circuits, prevent shutdowns and install new circuit breakers

  • Circuit Breaker Enclosures

    NEMA 3R rated steel circuit breaker enclosures used to protect circuit breakers from dust and corrosion. Ideal for hazardous environments and available in different frame sizes and current ratings

  • IEC Miniature Circuit Breakers

    Designed for switching electrical equipment & circuits ON/OFF and protecting against short circuits & current overloads in power distribution applications. Finger-proof design for preventing accidental shocks & current leaks. Available in single & double pole variants

  • IEC Supplementary Protectors

    Suitable for protecting electrical circuits against current overloads in manufacturing plants & production facilities. Selected models have a thermal magnetic trip mechanism for providing both long-time & instantaneous trip functions

  • Load Center and Panelboard Accessories

    Handle ties, mounting plates, neutral lug kits, breaker din rail adapters & breaker finger protection attachments suitable for use with supplementary protectors in power distribution & electrical maintenance applications

  • Molded Case Circuit Breakers

    Ideal for protecting connected machinery & circuits against current overload occurrences. Selected models have a patented contact design for delivering high-speed blow-open action. Available in double & triple pole variants

  • Panel Mount Circuit Breakers

    Designed for detecting automatic tripping / opening of contacts in electrical power distribution systems. Selected models have line & load side lug terminals for spark-proof connections and preventing wire loosening. Available in 225 to 800A options

  • Plug In Miniature Circuit Breakers

    Suitable for protecting connected circuits & equipment against current overloads & short-circuits. Selected models have plug-on mounting for easy installation. Available in single, double & triple pole options

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  • Electrical Control Pilot Lights

    Red, yellow and green 120 VAC / DC PresTest light units featuring NEMA 3 enclosures and Fresnel lenses suitable for indicating when machine processes have started or ended

  • Non-Illuminated Push Buttons with Contact Blocks

    Ideal for switching electrical equipment & industrial machinery ON/OFF for automation, production, manufacturing and automotive applications. Large, non-illuminated mushroom head for ease-of-operation

About Eaton

Eaton Corporation offers energy-efficient and sustainable solutions for managing electrical, hydraulic and mechanical powers in aerospace, oil & gas, healthcare, telecom and mining industries and in data centres. The Eaton catalogue comprises backup power solutions, power management solutions, power distribution solutions, racks and enclosures, airflow management products, surge protection products, DC power solutions and related services (including integration and UPS services). Eaton circuit breakers are designed to protect electrical circuits against any damage done by excess current from overloads and short-circuits. These can be used with panelboards, control panels, motor control centres, switchboards and combination starters. Shop from a wide range of circuit breakers and other Eaton products, such as hydraulic hose fittings, IEC supplementary protectors, EZ-clips and swivel joints, on Raptor Supplies.

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