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With its headquarters in Franklin Park, Illinois, USA, Eklind Tool Company has been manufacturing a wide range of high-quality hand tools since 1923. The brand's product range includes screwdrivers, hex / Torx keys and hex key stands. Read More


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Hex and Torx Key Sets

Includes 22-piece ball-end / combination hex and Torx key sets designed for loosening or tightening hard-to-move screws. Feature an ergonomic L- / T-shaped handle for comfortable grip and increased turning power

  • Hex Key Set
  • Hex Key Set
  • Hex Key Set
  • Hex Key Set+51

Hex Key Set

Item (54)
  • Torx Key Set
  • Torx Key Set
  • Torx Key Set
  • Torx Key Set+8

Torx Key Set

Item (11)
  • Ball End Hex Key Set
  • Ball End Hex Key Set
  • Ball End Hex Key Set
  • Ball End Hex Key Set+21
Item (24)
Ball End Hex Key 6.20 Inch L-shaped
Item: AB8VWT
Model: 19716
€23.41 /unit
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Ball End Torx Key Set T10 - T40 L-shaped
Item: AC9QKR
Model: 10007
€44.48 /unit
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Ball End Hex Key Set 0.050-3/8 Inch L-shaped
Item: AE2LPL
Model: 13313
€44.48 /unit
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Tamper Resistant Hex Key Set 3/32-3/8 In
Item: AE4LUQ
Model: 90100
€83.10 /unit
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Hex Key Stands

ANSI B18.3-certified alloy steel universal hex key stands with 22 slots to store inch, metric and Torx hex keys of up to 3/8 inch diameter

Universal Hex Key Stand Steel 22 Slots
Item: AC9QKQ
Model: 11111
€25.84 /unit
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Hex/Torx Keys

ANSI- / ASME-certified hex / Torx keys made from heat-treated, quenched and tempered alloy steel. Feature an ergonomic L- / T-shaped handle for increased turning power and comfort. Ideal for working in confined spaces

Hex Key

Hex Key

Item (120)
  • Torx Key
  • Torx Key

Torx Key

Item (35)
  • Ball End Hex Key
  • Ball End Hex Key
  • Ball End Hex Key
  • Ball End Hex Key+70
Item (73)
Hex Key T 3mm 9 Inch Length
Item: AD6ZFH
Model: 54930
€20.18 /unit
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Hex Key T 4mm 9 Inch Length
Item: AD6ZFJ
Model: 54940
€22.56 /unit
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Hex Key T 5mm 9 Inch Length
Item: AD6ZFK
Model: 54950
€23.02 /unit
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Hex Key T 6mm 9 Inch Length
Item: AD6ZFL
Model: 54960
€23.55 /unit
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Hex Key T 8mm 9 Inch Length
Item: AD6ZFM
Model: 54980
€32.02 /unit
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Hex Key T 10mm 9 Inch Length
Item: AD6ZFN
Model: 54990
€34.40 /unit
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Hex Key L 5/8
Item (2)
Hex Key L 3/4
Item (2)
Hex Key L 7/8 Inch 8-1/4 Inch Length
Item: AD9ETZ
Model: 15156
€30.25 /unit
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Hex Key L 1 Inch 9-1/4 Inch Length
Item: AD9EUA
Model: 15164
€45.37 /unit
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Hex Key L 7/8 Inch 12-3/4 Inch Length
Item: AD9EVP
Model: 15256
€43.67 /unit
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Hex Key L 1 Inch 14-1/4 Inch Length
Item: AD9EVQ
Model: 15264
€61.66 /unit
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Ball End Hex Key Tip Size 5/16 Inch
Item: AH2LNY
Model: 19320
€22.84 /unit
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ANSI- / ASME-certified, industrial-grade screwdrivers made from durable alloy steel.  Can work at up to 30-degree angle to reach tight spots and ideal for use with internal hexagon socket fasteners

About Eklind

Eklind Tool products feaure alloy steel construction for structural strength to resist bending / breaking under heavy loads. Eklind T-handle hex keys feature T shaped construction with a comfortable grip handle on one size to remove screw / bolts easily using hands. These T-handle hex keys are supplied either with a stand or pouch and come in both inch and Metric sizes. Eklind ball end hex key has a ball profile on the arm that provides a 360-degree rotation with a stainless-steel or alloy steel blade.

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Eklind Tool MPNs (manufacturer's part numbers) generally cross individual reference to the equivalent Beta Tools, Bondhus model numbers. So, if you're looking for hex / Torx keys or screwdrivers that are either out of stock or uncommon size, chances are Raptor Supplies has the alternate product available.

Why Us?

Raptor Supplies, a trusted Eklind Tool distributor, offers its complete range of products, such as hex / Torx keys, hex key stands & screwdrivers. We can also recommend suitable hex / Torx key sets to handle diverse application requirements.


These Eklind Tool products are generally small in size and require compact packaging. They are suitable for courier shipment and not air freight.

Major Trade Names

Ergo-Fold Key Sets

These fold-up sets include a variety of popular sizes of keys, Torx keys & screwdrivers with one convenient handle for preventing loosing of individual keys. They have a hard plastic shell with an erg...Read more 

Power-T Keys

These Power-T handle keys feature a solid steel core for superior strength to resist bending / breaking under harsh usage. They are also heat treated & undergo finish / coating for maximum strength & ...Read more 

PSD Professional Precision Screwdrivers

These screwdrivers have heat-treated alloy steel construction with precision machined tips for structural strength & durability. They have large ergonomic handles with a soft over-mould for comfort an...Read more 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the colour significance of Eklind tools?

Eklind tools are colour coded for better identification. Inch sized keys are coloured red, Metric sized keys are coloured blue, whereas the Torx keys are green colour coded.

What standards do Eklind products abide by?

Eklind products meet or exceed applicable ASME and ANSI standards for superior quality.

What are universal hex-key stands?

Universal hex-key stands can accommodate various pieces of an inch, Metric or Torx hex key for safe storage. These stands can be mounted to a wall / bench or attached to each other.