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Plumbing Filter

Drinking Fountain Parts

Includes bottle filler component kits, diaphragm repair kits, regulator kits, cartridge holders, bottle filling stations, and other parts and accessories for different types of drinking fountains and water coolers

Filter Cartridge Water Cooler 1.5 Gpm
Item: AA3RXB
Model: 51300C
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Bubbler Replacement Kit 1/4 Inch 1-5/8 D x 3 Inch Length
Item: AA7FMF
Model: 97446C
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Hardware/waterway Comp Kit Bottle Filler
Item: AA7FMJ
Model: 98549C
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Gasket Kit Rubber
Item: AA7FMK
Model: 98677C
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Regulator Kit Bottle Filler 3/8 Inch 1.0 Gpm
Item: AA7FML
Model: 98678C
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Evaporator Kit 6-1/4 D x 7 Inch Length
Item: AA7FMM
Model: 98724C
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Pushbar Activations Water Cooler 10 Inch Length
Item: AA7FMR
Model: 98734C
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Fan Motor Assembly 3-1/2 x 4 Inch Length
Item: AA7FMW
Model: 98775C
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Mounting Hardware Kit Water Cooler Comp
Item: AA7FMX
Model: 98777C
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Cartridge Housing
Item: AB4CQM
Model: 92450c
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Replacement Filter Cartridge For AE2MTA
Item: AC3XRV
Model: 51299C
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Cold Control Thermostat
Item: AC3XRW
Model: 31513C
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Item: AC3XRX
Model: 55996C
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Bubbler Lock Nut
Item: AC3XRY
Model: 70012C
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Regulator Assembly Outside Diameter 1.062 Inch
Item: AC8XJL
Model: 60290C
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Cartridge Filter
Item: AE2MTA
Model: EWF172
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Front Dispenser Panel Length 16 3/4 In
Item: AE7BPD
Model: 26590C
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Compressor Overload And Relay 115v
Item: AE7BPE
Model: 31039C
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Electric Eye Sensor 115v
Item: AE7BPF
Model: 31384C
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Cold Control 2 1/2 In
Item: AE7BPG
Model: 35882C
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Push Button Sleeve 1 1/8-24 Brass
Item: AE7BPH
Model: 45663C
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Bubbler Assembly 3/8 In-18
Item: AE7BPJ
Model: 45703C
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Polytubing Length 72 Inch 1/4 In
Item: AE7BPM
Model: 56092C
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  • Upper Shroud
  • Upper Shroud
Item (2)
Diaphragm Repair Kit
Item: AE7BPQ
Model: 600805051550
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Right Hand Cold Water Supply Assembly
Item: AE7BPT
Model: 601480051550
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Regulator Valve Right Hand 3 3/4
Item: AE7BPU
Model: 602622951550
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Tee Fitting Quick Connect 1/4 In
Item: AE7BPV
Model: 70682C
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Union Fitting Quick Connect 1/4 In
Item: AE7BPW
Model: 70683C
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Stem Elbow Quick Connect 3/8
Item: AE7BPX
Model: 70818C
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Superseal Fitting 3/8 In
Item: AE7BPY
Model: 70823C
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About the Brand

Elkay is a global leader in the designing and manufacturing of kitchen products for residential, commercial and industrial applications. The company offers a complete line of sinks, drinking fountains, water coolers / chillers and related accessories. For varied applications in high-salinity environments, the brand offers corrosion-resistant sinks in stainless-steel drop-in and scullery variants. These Elkay sinks are available in different flow rates, bowl sizes and depths. Elkay drinking fountains and water coolers, with flexi-guard safety bubbler, are offered in a variety of styles and finishes, including different ADA-compliant and vandal-resistant models for indoor and outdoor applications. Choose from a wide range of these high-quality products on Raptor Supplies.