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HVAC and Refrigeration


HVAC and Refrigeration Filter

Downblast Centrifugal Roof Ventilators

Designed for commercial ventilation applications with fans mounted at the building exterior. Feature a dynamically & statically balanced, motorised impeller for vibration free & noiseless performance. Come integrated with a thermal overload protection mechanism with automatic reset facility

Dryer Booster Fans

Duct booster fans equipped with a 5 ft cord and pressure-sensing switch for boosting air on demand. Feature galvanised metal housing for crack resistance & longer service life. Allow mounting at all angles at any point along the 4 inch duct work

Duct Fan Accessories

Includes ceiling / exhaust / supply designer grilles, in-line backdraft & manual dampers, and vent light combinations. Feature galvanised steel / metal / plastic / wire coil / polypropylene construction for high flexural strength, low friction and resistance against moisture & chemicals

Exhaust/supply Designer Grille White
Item: AE3BZM
Model: CG4
€25.20 /unit
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Exhaust Designer Grille 4 Inch Diameter
Item: AF2URH
Model: DG4
€26.40 /unit
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Ceiling Grille 4 Inch Diameter White
Item: AA7FGZ
Model: PBV4
€90.00 /unit
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Exhaust Grille Metal White 4 Inch Diameter
Item: AA7FHY
Model: MGE 4
€30.00 /unit
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Exterior Mount Exhaust Fans

Suitable for remotely located exhausts in kitchens, utility rooms & bathrooms. Can be attached to the gable end of a roof or sidewall for keeping noise away from the working / living area. Equipped with removable housing for immediate access to the wiring connections and motor

Fan Wall 4 Inch 1/20 Hp
Item: AE7ZEF
Model: RVF4XL
€366.00 /unit
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Fan Wall 6 Inch 1/15 Hp
Item: AE7ZEG
Model: RVF6XL
€474.00 /unit
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Fan Speed Control

Ideal for efficient control of attic, ceiling, kitchen or bathroom fans. Compatible with standard, double and single gang electrical boxes. Selected models integrated with a high speed override button, enabling the fan to run for 20 minutes at full speed

Fan Speed Control With Timer 120 Volt
Item: AB9YQP
Model: VT 20M
€56.40 /unit
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Speed Control 115v 5 Amp
Item: AA7FJN
Model: WC 15
€40.80 /unit
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Speed Control 115v 15 Amp
Item: AA7FJR
Model: KBWC-115K
€179.86 /unit
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Humidity Controls

Offer a user-set dew point control for ventilation, humidification and dehumidification equipment. Provide relative humidity range from 20% to 80%. Feature wall mounting for easy installation and come with white powder-coated finish to reduce oxidation reactions on exposed surfaces

Dehumidistat 120v 7.5 Amps
Item: AA7FJU
Model: FH 20
€55.20 /unit
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Inline Duct Fans

Used to maximise airflow to a room that remains too warm in summer or too cold in winter. Feature leak-free housing, ease of control and economical use of energy. Deliver speeds ranging from 1550 to 3250 rpm. Offered in current ratings between 0.18 & 12.4A

Jobsite and Restoration Dehumidifiers

cCSAus compliant restoration dehumidifiers engineered for flooded areas for water damage restoration and jobsite humidity control. Feature a digital hour meter to record time even when the unit is OFF. Offer low temperature operation (down to 40 degrees F)

Restoration Dehumidifier 250pt 115V 60Hz
Item: AC2TKF
Model: EPD250CR
€3,166.51 /unit
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Square Centrifugal In-Line Blowers

Inline Duct Blower 120v 5223 Cfm
Item: AA7FEX
Model: FSD 22
€3,474.00 /unit
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Vent Caps

Designed for ventilation of inside air and preventing the build-up of germs, bacteria & dust. Feature aluminium / plastic construction for durability and moisture resistance. Selected models have a bug screen to prevent insects or debris from blocking the flow of fresh air

Soffit Vent Plastic 4 In
Item: AA7FLG
Model: UEV 4
€25.20 /unit
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Louvered Shutter 6 Inch Duct
Item: AA7FLJ
Model: HS 6W
€36.00 /unit
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About Fantech

Fantech, a Systemair company, is a leading manufacturer of fans and air ventilation products for applications in residential houses, commercial offices, car parkings, warehouses and indoor swimming pools. The Fantech catalogue comprises inline centrifugal fans, dryer exhaust fans, radon mitigation fans, heat and energy recovery ventilators, centrifugal blowers and HEPA filtration units. The brand's inline centrifugal fans are cULus-listed and ideal for use in HVAC air ducts to circulate large volumes of clean air at low-medium pressures. Fantech inline fans feature an built-in thermal overload protection unit with an automatic reset option and a leak-free thermoplastic / galvanised steel / steel housing. Designed to exhaust air in range hoods, bathrooms, garages, spas and mechanical rooms, Fantech wall-mount exhaust fans are capable of generating up to 1220 cfm airflow and come equipped with a removable sheet-metal housing for allowing immediate access to the motor and wiring connections. Choose from a wide range of these fans and related accessories, like balancing dampers, vent adapters and thermostats, on Raptor Supplies.