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Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance




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Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance Filter

Automotive Camera Systems

High-resolution reverse camera systems having a wide field-of-view to back-up or manoeuvre vehicle in difficult environments. Feature infrared LED for night vision and integrated microphone

Back-up Camera Systems 5.6 Inch
Item: AA4PVR
Model: CAMSET56-NTSC-2
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Automotive Lamps and Bulbs

12 Volt, 55 Watt miniature halogen bulbs used as replacements for broken vehicle lamps

Replacement Halogen Bulb 55w
Item: AD2WVE
Model: 439238-95
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Battery Accessories

12 V fuse-protected controllers used to operate 2- / 4- / 6- / 8-lamp directional lights. Feature reliable surface-mount circuitry, seven installer-selectable warning patterns and a tactile membrane switch panel

Lightbar Controller

Lightbar Controller

Item: AA4QHF
Model: 330104-SB
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Electronic Siren System Accessories

Low-frequency intersection-clearing systems (sirens) designed for emergency vehicles to use in heavy vehicle-and-pedestrian-traffic environments. Feature 8-second automatic shut-off and interact with most 100- / 200-watt siren amplifiers

Rumbler Intersection Clearing System
Item: AA4QHC
Model: RUMBLER-3
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Electronic Siren Systems

Includes microphone-controlled sirens and mini-sirens with an operating voltage range of 11 to 16 VDC. Designed for emergency vehicles for use in heavy-traffic environments for pedestrian and operator safety

Electronic Siren 11 To 15 Vdc 100w
Item: AA4QGZ
Model: 690000
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Microphone Controlled Siren 11 To 15 Vdc
Item: AA4QHA
Model: 650001
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Mini Siren 11-16 Vdc 100w
Item: AA4QHB
Model: MS4000
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Flashers Turn Signal Switches

4- / 6-switch heavy-duty flashers and turn signal switches to replace or repair damaged emergency flashers and blinkers. Available in 10 - 30 VDC voltage range

Switch Box, 12V, 6 Terminals, Lamp Cap. 20A
Item: CD2MPH
Model: SW300-B
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Switch Box, 12V, 4 Terminals, Lamp Cap. 20A
Item: CD2WUA
Model: SW200-B
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  • Headlight Flasher
  • Headlight Flasher

Headlight Flasher

Item (2)
Branch Guard For Use With Led Beacons
Item: AA4PVQ
Model: 448330
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Taillight Flasher Universal
Item: AA4QHM
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Alternating Lightbar Flasher 20 Amp
Item: AD2WVF
Model: FA3-SC
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Horn Accessories

Vehicle Speaker 100W Black
Item: AH6HNW
Model: ES100C
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100 W speakers for use on police cars, fire trucks, ambulances and other emergency vehicles. Feature field-replaceable neodymium drivers for increased performance and made from lightweight, high-strength PET for chemical resistance 

Siren Speaker 100 W 5 7/10 Inch Height
Item: AA4QGY
Model: 750501
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About the Brand

Federal Signal Corporation manufactures innovative signalling, communication and security systems. The company's product line includes light bars, beacons, back-up alarms, sirens, camera systems, warning lights, intercoms, audio routers, amplifiers, indoor warning devices and voice guns. Federal Signal headlight flashers are designed for police vehicles. These plug-in-play flashers can be easily installed into the vehicle, without interrupting the vehicle's electrical system. A wide range of headlight flashers and replacement domes is available on Raptor Supplies.