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Finishing ToolsView all

  • Angle Grinders

    Heavy-duty angle grinder kits designed to quickly remove fillet welds in tough-to-reach spots. Feature no load rpm ratings ranging from 1350 to 3750, a barrel grip handle and a spindle brake. Come with fleece discs, a profiling stone and an anti-vibration handle

  • Belt/Disc Sanders

    High-performance belt grinders powered by a three-phrase motor ideal for grinding, finishing, polishing, contouring and deburring workpieces made up of metals, plastics, resins, composites or woods. Feature a patented belt tensioning system and a detachable swarf collector

  • Electric Polishers And Buffers

    Used with waxes and cleaning compounds to clean vehicles, precision instruments, metals and medical equipment. Suitable for grinding, satin finishing and mirror-finish polishing; have no-load speed ranging from 2700 to 7000 rpm

  • Electric Sanders

    Heavy-duty random orbital sanders suitable for finishing cabinets, performing auto body jobs, eliminating swirl marks, and smoothing bumps and ridges. Come with a durable metal gear head, sanding sheets with hook-and-loop fastening, and carbon brushes with self-cut-off function

  • Oscillating Tool Accessories

    Includes circular saw, glass hook, scraper and SuperCut Precision E-cut blades for making precise cuts in woods, plastics and plasterboards. Cleaning blocks,sanding pads and sandpapers also available

  • Sander Accessories
  • Sander Grinder Accessories
  • Sander Polisher Accessories

Power Saws and AccessoriesView all

  • Chop Saws and Cut-Off Machines

    Heavy-duty slugger metal cutting saws designed to provide fast and accurate cuts in mild and thin metals such as aluminium and stainless-steel. Feature a low-speed, high-torque motor; cast-aluminium base; stainless-steel construction and a quick-release table / base clamp

  • Circular Saw Blades

    Used to cut through mild steel and stainless steel with high speed and precision. Feature carbide tips that are sharper and longer than traditional blade tips, and a maximum rpm rating of 1300

  • Power Hacksaw Accessories
  • Power Hacksaw Blades
  • Power Hacksaws

Drilling AccessoriesView all

  • Drill Accessories

    Includes high-precision sealed ball angle heads designed for use with drill adapters. A wide range of depth stops for 1/2- and 5/16-inch tappers also available

  • Magnetic Drill Press Arbors and Adaptors

    Includes metal cutter sets ideal for creating holes in up to 3/4-inch thick materials. Made of high-speed steel and use spring-loaded pilot pins to centre the cutter and eject the slug. Arbor assemblies and pilot pins also available

Power DrillsView all

  • Electric Drills

    Four-speed rotary drills with reversible rotation featuring high drilling / tapping capacity, a metal gear head, an MT 3 holder and no-load speed of 170 / 250 / 450 / 700 rpm

  • Magnetic Drill Presses

    Ideal for drilling holes in steel, stainless-steel and hard metals. Powered by a 1-1/4 hp motor and have a no-load rpm rating of 680

Power ShearsView all

  • Electric Shear Accessories

    Includes nibbler punches, nibbler dies and shear blades used for customising electric shears and nibblers

  • Electric Shears

    Heavy-duty sheet metal shears that can cut up to 14-gauge stainless-steel. Feature a patented swarf suppressor, two-fold reversing blade and high-performance motor

About Fein

Fein has been manufacturing a variety of reliable power tools for over 150 years. They offer various drilling, grinding, cutting, fastening, surface processing tools and abrasives for metal, interior and automotive work. Fein tools offers a variety of drills such as cordless drills, power drills, magnetic base drills and tappers in different sizes, dimensions and RPMs. These lightweight tools are easy to operate and have a robust design with an ergonomic handle. Fein power tools' product line includes various cutting tools such as power hacksaws, circular saw blades, flush cut saws, chop saws and cut-off machines and air hacksaws. Fein cutting tools are available in different cutting capacities with various handle options. The Company also manufactures a complete line of surface processing and abrasive products such as sanding belts, polishing belts, sandpaper sheets, sanders, electric polishers and unmounted flap wheels.

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