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Cable Pullers

Heavy-duty cable pullers featuring a 1.7 / 1.5 hp motor capable of pulling exposed or concealed conduits and cables up to 10000 lb. Come equipped with swivelling casters and flat-free wheels for easy movement on dirt and gravel

Cable Puller 8000 Lbs 1-1/2 Hp 15-30amps
Item: AA7EEC
Model: CP8000
€19,099.50 /unit
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Cable Puller 10000 Lbs 1.7 Hp 14a 115v
Item: AA7EED
Model: CP10K
€24,878.99 /unit
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Cable Pulling Accessories

1.5 hp power head assemblies designed for use with Gast 15V963 and 15V964 cable pullers. Feature a pulling speed of 10 feet per minute and a load capacity of 8000 lb

Power Head Assembly For AA7EEC
Item: AA7EEE
Model: CP800
€8,763.01 /unit
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Conduit Wire Cable Racks/Stands/Carts

Wire handling equipment, such as dispensers, spool carts and caddies, capable of carrying loads up to 700 lb. Come equipped with semi-pneumatic steel wheels for portability

Wire Dispenser 10 Spindles With 4 Casters
Item: AA7EDM
Model: WCM-10
€3,983.99 /unit
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Wire Spool Hand Caddy 4 Spindles Steel
Item: AA7EDN
Model: WSP-100E
€60.52 /unit
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Portable Wire Caddy 20.5 x 26 x 16 6 Spindle
Item: AA7EDP
Model: WSP-115
€300.01 /unit
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  • Wire Spool Cart Spindles
  • Wire Spool Cart Spindles
  • Wire Spool Cart Spindles

Wire Spool Cart Spindles

Item (3)

Electric Conduit Benders

Designed to bend 0.5 to 2-inch aluminium, IMC, EMT and PVC coated rigid conduits up to 180 degrees. Feature a detachable handle that pivots out of the way for offset bending

Electrical Conduit Bender 1/2 To 2 15a
Item: AA7EAZ
Model: B2000
€19,023.00 /unit
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Conduit Bender, 1/2 Inch To 1 Inch Emt Rigid Conduit, 120VAC, 11A
Item: CH6NKQ
Model: B1000
€3,517.64 /unit

Fishing Tapes Sticks

Includes conduit measuring tapes, fish sticks, fish tapes and glow rods made from fibreglass / carbon-steel / standard steel to withstand tensile loads up to 500 lb. Offered in lengths ranging from 4 - 2750 feet and are ideal for installing wires through walls or above ceilings

  • Fish Tape
  • Fish Tape
  • Fish Tape

Fish Tape

Item (4)
Fish Stick (3) 4 Feet Fiberglass
Item: AA7EDJ
Model: FTX-12L
€72.90 /unit
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Fish Stick (3) 5 Feet Luminescent
Item: AA7EDK
Model: FTX-15GL
€96.76 /unit
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Conduit Measuring Tape 1/4 Inch x 2750 Feet
Item: AA7EDL
Model: ST40
€192.08 /unit
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Hand Conduit Benders and Handles

Replacement accessories, such as handles and heads, suitable for use with Gardner Bender hand-operated conduit benders. Available in heat-treated aluminium and steel materials

Conduit Bender 3/4 Inch Emt 1/2 Rigid/imc
Item: AA7EAM
Model: 961N
€64.88 /unit
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Conduit Bender 1 Inch Emt 3/4 Inch Rigid/imc
Item: AA7EAN
Model: 962
€99.22 /unit
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Conduit Bender Handle 1-1/4 Diameter x 54 Inch Length
Item: AA7EAY
Model: BH-125
€119.62 /unit
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Hydraulic Pipe Bender

Use electric or air-activated pumps to create smooth and wrinkle-free bends up to 21 inches on round and square pipes, tubing and conduits

  • Hydraulic Pipe Bender
  • Hydraulic Pipe Bender
  • Hydraulic Pipe Bender
  • Hydraulic Pipe Bender+8

Hydraulic Pipe Bender

Item (11)
Hydraulic Pipebender 1-1/4 To 4 With Pe-22j
Item: AA7EBE
Model: B306SPE22J
€16,737.00 /unit
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Mechanical Conduit Benders

Steel and aluminium hand-crank conduit benders ideal for installing electrical conduits and constructing gates or fences. Feature a shoe-lock design that automatically slips into position and can be removed for faster change-outs

Pipe Bender 1.5 Steel/imc/pvc 2 Emt/aluminium
Item: AA7EAX
Model: BW30
€9,361.51 /unit
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Punch Driver Sets

Spanner Wrenches

Locknut Wrench Length 5-3/4 Inch
Item: AH8YNE
Model: LNW-750
€31.14 /unit
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Staplers and Tackers

Cable Staple Gun 120v And Low Volt Cable
Item: AE9RVR
Model: MSG-501
€104.47 /unit
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Staples and Brad Nails

Staples Light Duty White PK25
Item: AH6VMR
Model: PSW-1600T
€18.64 /unit
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Stud and Keyway Punches

Stud Punch 1-11/32 Inch With Spring Release
Item: AA7EEB
Model: SP-7
€597.76 /unit
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Vacuum Blower Fishing System Accessories

Fishing Line Nylon 90 Lb 2200 Feet - Pack Of 6
Item: AA7ECK
Model: LP1722
€410.26 /unit
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Fishing Line Polypropylene 210 Lb 6500 Feet Blu Bkt
Item: AA7ECL
Model: PL232B
€90.22 /unit
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Reel Roller 33.5 x 26.5 x 4.5 2000 Lb Red
Item: AA7ECM
Model: WRR-300
€1,122.00 /unit
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Telescoping Reel Jack 24 x 16 x 22-54 In
Item: AA7ECN
Model: TRJ-96
€912.76 /unit
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Foam Conduit Piston 1/2 Inch Grey - Pack Of 10
Item: AA7ECP
Model: FC1
€104.26 /unit
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Foam Conduit Piston 3/4 Inch Grey - Pack Of 10
Item: AA7ECQ
Model: FC2
€118.59 /unit
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Foam Conduit Piston 1 Inch Grey - Pack Of 10
Item: AA7ECR
Model: FC3
€150.76 /unit
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Foam Conduit Piston 1-1/4 Inch Grey - Pack Of 10
Item: AA7ECT
Model: FC4
€153.82 /unit
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Foam Conduit Piston 1-1/2 Inch Grey - Pack Of 5
Item: AA7ECU
Model: FC5
€102.68 /unit
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Foam Conduit Piston 2-1/2 Inch Grey - Pack Of 5
Item: AA7ECV
Model: FC7
€162.08 /unit
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Foam Conduit Piston 3 Inch Grey - Pack Of 5
Item: AA7ECW
Model: FC8
€190.72 /unit
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Foam Conduit Piston 3-1/2 Inch Grey - Pack Of 2
Item: AA7ECX
Model: FC9
€80.92 /unit
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Foam Conduit Piston 4 Inch Grey - Pack Of 2
Item: AA7ECY
Model: FC10
€113.78 /unit
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About Gardner Bender

Gardner Bender is a leading manufacturer of electrical tools, voltage testers, wire management products and other professional equipment. With an array of safety features, including a 360-degree bright red light and an audible beeping to show the presence of voltage, the non-contact Gardner Bender voltage tester has become a product of choice among electrical contractors and other professionals. The Gardner Bender cable puller is another mainstay at electrical worksites as it is designed for heavy-duty application and can be easily set up by one person. A wide range of these products, as well as Gardner Bender cable staples, hydraulic pipe benders, punch driver sets and conduit benders, is available on Raptor Supplies.