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Pneumatics Filter

Air Motor Accessories

Include flanged and foot-mounted brackets suitable for use with Gast 4AM-NRV-92,  4Z411 and 4Z412 air motors. Offered in cast-aluminium and cast-iron material options

Nema 56c Flange Mount
Item: AF2PWK
Model: AG983
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Foot Mount
Item: AF2PWL
Model: AG987
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Air Motors

Ideal for use with a wide variety of hand-held tools, such as sanders, drills, grinders and nut runners. Provide no-load speeds up to 3000 rpm. Available in shaft diameters ranging between 3/8 and 1 inch  

Air Motor 5 Hp, 2500 Rpm
Item: AH3RHC
Model: 8AM-NRV-32A
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Air Motor 4 Hp, 3000 Rpm
Item: AH3RHD
Model: 6AM-NRV-11A
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Air Motor 5 Hp, 2500 Rpm
Item: AH3RHE
Model: 6AM-FRV-5A
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Air Motor 1.7 Hp, 2500 Rpm
Item: AH3RHF
Model: 4AM-FRV-13C
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Diaphragm Compressor/Vacuum Pump

Ideal for applications requiring a continuous-duty performance and moderate pressure supply, such as filling gas cylinders and hydrogenation of edible oils. Feature reversible 1/8 and 1/4 inch inlet and outlet ports for easy installation. Available in 1/125, 1/50, 1/20, 1/8 & 1/3 hp variants  

Compressr/vacuum Pump 1/8 Hp 60 Hz 115v
Item: AC4DWA
Model: DOA-P707-AA
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Compressor/vacuum Pump 1/8 Hp 60 Hz 115v
Item: AE4GCC
Model: MAA-P251-MB
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Compressor Pump Diaph 1/125HP 3-2/67 Inch Length
Item: AH7NJX
Model: 10D1125-101-1052
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Compressor Pump Diaph 1/50 HP 4 Inch Length
Item: AH7NJY
Model: 15D1150-101-1014
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Compressor Pump Diaph 1/20 HP 6-1/3 Inch Length
Item: AH7NJZ
Model: 22D1180-201-1088
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Compressor Pump Diaph 1/8 HP 7-47/64 Inch Length
Item: AH7NKA
Model: 22D1180-202-1005
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Includes cooling fans, pressure switches and air motor repair kits ideal for use with Gast compressors and vacuum pumps

Rep Kit 8Am 8Va Rev/Nema Sp
Item: AH3RGP
Model: K282
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Repair Kit2Am Nema Flg New Sp
Item: AH3RGQ
Model: K203A
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Pressure Switch
Item: AH3RGR
Model: AF564C
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Item: AH3RGT
Model: AH195
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Repair Kit Sp
Item: AH3RGU
Model: K294J
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Vane for 0823 and 1023
Item: AH3RGV
Model: AK513
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Item: AH3RGW
Model: AH850A
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Item: AH3RGY
Model: AD691
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Cooling Fan
Item: AH3RHA
Model: AC326B
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Piston Air Compressor/Vacuum Pump

1/4 and 3/8 NPT air compressors / vacuum pumps suitable for use in natural gas pipelines. Feature a thermally protected shaded-pole motor for preventing accidents caused by overheating and aluminium cylinders & heads for quick heat transfer. Equipped with sandwich valves to restrict foreign particles from lodging on valve seats

Regenerative Blowers

1.5 hp blowers designed for circulating large volumes of air at low pressures; ideal for applications in sewage aeration, vacuum lifting, printing presses and pond aeration applications. Feature TEFC enclosure for preventing the ingress of dust or moisture and permanently sealed ball bearings for reducing the frictional losses

Stock 4/Skid Regenerative Blower
Item: AH3RHH
Model: R4P315A
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Rotary Vane Compressor/Vacuum Pump

1- / 3-phase compressors / vacuum pumps used for continuous-duty applications, like vacuum forming, circulation therapy and pond aeration. Feature self-lubricating and self-adjusting sealed bearings and vanes to ensure a pulse-free airflow. Offered in 1/4, 3/8 & 3/4 inch inlet size options  

Compressor/vacuum Pump 3/4 Hp 230/460 V
Item: AB9EFD
Model: 1023-251Q-G279
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Stationary Electric Air Compressors

Tank-mounted compressors used for powering inflation devices, spraying equipment and pneumatic tools. Feature an oil-less operation ensuring the discharged air to be free from contaminants and allow mounting in any plane. Capable of withstanding temperatures ranging between 32 & 104 deg F  

Vacuum Ejectors

Inline-box vacuum ejectors designed to suck the vapour or gas from pneumatic vessels and conveyor systems. Provide a low-maintenance and noiseless operation due to the absence of moving parts. Capable of delivering a maximum speed of 40 rpm  

Inline Box Vacuum Ejector Muffler 30 to 75psi
Item: AH7NKB
Model: VG-010-00-00
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About the Brand

Gast Manufacturing, Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of high-quality air-moving products. The brand's wide catalogue includes piston air compressors, rotary vane compressors / vacuum pumps, regenerative blowers, pressure and vacuum switches, gear motors and vacuum generators. Gast rotary vane vacuum pumps feature self-adjusting, self-lubricating vanes and sealed bearings which provide a smooth, pulse-free airflow. These single-phase units are integrated with a thermal overload protection facility further equipped with mufflers and filters (selected models) to help reduce the noise and vibration levels while removing debris and contaminants. Choose from a broad range of these vacuum pumps along with diaphragm compressors, cylindrical vibration isolators and vacuum ejectors available on Raptor Supplies.