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Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance


Hand Tools




Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance Filter

12 Volt Accessories

Highly accurate circuit testers mainly designed to troubleshoot breaks in electrical connections. Feature a long insulated probe to reach tight spaces, a heavy-duty alligator clip for solid grounding, and a retractable cord for long circuit runs. Can be used with 6 - 24 volt circuits

Circuit Tester Low Voltage 6v And 12v
Item: AD2XBF
Model: 129D
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Circuit Tester 6 To 24 Volts
Item: AA3TCA
Model: 3984
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Automotive Specialized Tools

Feeler, spark plug, coin and wire gap gauges suitable for measuring small gaps between objects in automotive and mechanical maintenance & repair services. Can measure gaps ranging from 0.010 to 0.100 inches

Spark Plug Gap Gauge Wire
Item: AC4GFX
Model: 3293D
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Feeler Gauge 32 Blade 0.0015 To 0.035 In
Item: AC4GEP
Model: 161D
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Spark Plug Gap Gauge Set Wire
Item: AC4GET
Model: 166D
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Spark Plug Gap Gauge 12 Blade
Item: AC4GER
Model: 164
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Feeler Gauge 15 Blade
Item: AC4GEQ
Model: 162D
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Battery Accessories

Includes terminal spreader cleaning pliers and three-way battery tools designed for cleaning terminal clamps and spreading-battery cable connections. Come equipped with sharp teeth for effectively scraping rust or other contaminations

Three Way Battery Tool Automotive
Item: AD3FPH
Model: 2173DD
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Terminal Spreader Cleaning Pliers
Item: AD3FPF
Model: 204D
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Brake Tools

Carbon steel spindle nut sockets designed for use with 1/2-inch square drive tools to remove spindle nuts on 4-wheel vehicles. Feature uniquely designed lugs for maximum strength and are available in 4- and 6-lug variants. Brake pad separators and piston tools also available

Brake Pad Separator Length 4.5 In
Item: AC4GGF
Model: 3525D
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Spindle Nut Wrench 4 Lug
Item: AC4GFV
Model: 3246D
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Brake Spring Pliers 10 Length
Item: AH2BWR
Model: 298D
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Brake Piston Tool Length 2.5 In
Item: AC4GFT
Model: 3163D
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Rear Brake Calipher Kit
Item: AC2CBQ
Model: 41540
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Brake Service Kit

Brake Service Kit

Item: AC2CBP
Model: 41520
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Serpentine Belt Grabber Tool
Item: AA4KYW
Model: 3684D
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Universal Round Adapter 4-1/8in Diameter
Item: AA3TCD
Model: 3790D
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Brake Bleeder Tank 4 Gallon
Item: AA3TCC
Model: 3795D
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Brake Shoe Spring Tool Length 6 In
Item: AC4GFL
Model: 2774D
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Spindle Nut Wrench 6 Lug
Item: AC4GFK
Model: 2770D
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Spindle Nut Wrench 4 Lug L 2.5 In
Item: AC4GFJ
Model: 2467
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Drum Brake Adjusting Tool Length 7 In
Item: AC4GEU
Model: 287D
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Brass Air Brake Connectors and Accessories

Brake bleeder adapters featuring a male insert ideal for converting Gearwrench 2222 cylinder adapters to 3700 Series Master cylinder adapters

Brake Bleeder Adapter 100 series to 2101
Item: AA4KYU
Model: 37951
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Engine Specialty Tools

Includes fan clutch wrenches, ignition files, socket sets, spark plug kits and valve spring compressors for engine cylinder wall conditioning, oil draining, tubing service and valve maintenance operations

Fan Clutch Wrench Length 10 In
Item: AC4GGC
Model: 3473
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Magnetic Oil Drain Plug Socket Set
Item: AC2CCC
Model: 3870D
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Serpentine Belt Service Kit
Item: AC2CCB
Model: 3680D
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Stud Removal Kit

Stud Removal Kit

Item: AC2CBZ
Model: 41760D
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Magnetic Swivel Spark Plug Kit
Item: AC2CBY
Model: 41740D
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Master Sensor Socket Kit
Item: AC2CBX
Model: 41720
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Master Tubing Service Kit
Item: AC2CBR
Model: 41590D
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Engine Cylinder Hone For 2-7 Inch Diameter
Item: AC4GFM
Model: 2833D
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Oil Filter Wrenches

Oil Filter Cap Wrench Set 65 To 93mm
Item: AC4GGK
Model: 3865
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Oil Filter Strap Wrench Hd Up To 9 In
Item: AC4GGG
Model: 3529D
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Oil Filter Wrench Adjustable Pliers
Item: AC4GGD
Model: 3508D
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Oil Filter Wrench Fixed Range
Item: AC4GGA
Model: 3369
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Oil Filter Wrench Fixed Range L 16 In
Item: AC4GFZ
Model: 3368
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Oil Filter Wrench Swivel 2 1/2 To 3 In
Item: AC4GFY
Model: 3324D
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Oil Filter Wrench 3 Jaw
Item: AC4GFW
Model: 3288D
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Oil Filter Socket Set 6 Sockets
Item: AA3TCB
Model: 41890
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About the Brand

Gearwrench, an Apex Tool Group brand, is a leading manufacturer of hand tools for automotive technicians and mechanics. The extensive Gearwrench catalogue includes wrenches, brake & suspension tools, pry bars, pliers, fuel system tools, tester kits and splitters. Gearwrench oil filter wrenches are designed for removing most truck spin-on type oil filters and feature a wide band for better grip. These wrenches have a maximum length of 16 inches and are available in different materials, capacities and types. The company also offers an extensive line of ratcheting wrenches with more than 20 types of wrenches in 400 sizes, including combination wrenches, adjustable wrenches and pliers. A wide range of these high-quality Gearwrench hand tools and related products is available on Raptor Supplies.