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Generator Accessories

Includes 240 V EcoGen conversion kits comprising a breaker, additional power wires & instruction manuals; alarm panels; base plug kits; tank risers; and auxiliary transfer switch contacts ideal for use with Generac generators

240v Conversion Kit For Use With 5818
Item: AA4ZHX
Model: 6016
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Fascia Base Wrap Kit Use With 5518 5883-85
Item: AA4ZHY
Model: 5839
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Auxiliary Transfer Switch Contact
Item: AC4GCB
Model: 5621
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Base Plug Kit Use With 5518 5883-87
Item: AC4GCJ
Model: 5651
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Fascia Base Wrap Kit
Item: AC4GCV
Model: 5666
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Alarm Panel Black
Item: AF7GDK
Model: 6504
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Tank Risers Gray
Item: AF7GDL
Model: 6505
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Tank Risers Gray
Item: AF7GDM
Model: 6506
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Stainless Steel Fuel Lines Silver
Item: AF7GDN
Model: 6513
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Stainless Steel Fuel Lines Silver
Item: AF7GDP
Model: 6517
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Stainless Steel Fuel Lines Silver
Item: AF7GDQ
Model: 6516
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Emergency Stop Kit Red
Item: AF7GDR
Model: 6510
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Spill Box Drain Back Kit Gold/black
Item: AF7GDT
Model: 6511
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Lockable Fuel Cap Silver
Item: AF7GDU
Model: 6512
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Mobil Link Harness
Item: AG9PCM
Model: 6478
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Generator Cold Weather Kits

Ideal for maintaining the key generator components, including air & oil filters, spark plugs, oil funnels and chamois in good working condition, at reduced temperatures (generally below 32 deg F)

Cold Weather Kit For 5837
Item: AA4PML
Model: 5865
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Generator Cold Weather Kit
Item: AF7GDY
Model: 6560
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Generator Cold Weather Kit
Item: AF7GDZ
Model: 6559
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Generator Cold Weather Kit
Item: AF7GEA
Model: 6558
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Generator Maintenance Kits

Includes repair & maintenance kits comprising air, fuel & oil filter; funnel; and chamois ideal for keeping the generators in optimum working condition. Generator touch up paints also available  

Generator Maintenance Kit
Item: AF7GDV
Model: 6572
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Generator Maintenance Kit
Item: AF7GDW
Model: 6571
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Generator Maintenance Kit
Item: AF7GDX
Model: 6570
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Generator Transfer Switches- Automatic

Automatic transfer switches featuring NEMA 1 / 3R rated rugged enclosure and power and current ratings up to 60000 W and 800 A, respectively. Ideal for switching the power supply from primary to the backup mode in case of a power outage. Available in pre-installed and manual installation variants

Generator Transfer Switches- Manual

Upgradable manual transfer switches featuring a OneTouch start button for quick switching to a backup power source. Compatible for use with generators starting at 5 kW with a 30 / 50 A receptacle

Upgradable Manual Transfer Switch, Gray
Item: CD2KUR
Model: 6854
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UpgradableManual TransferSwitch, 120/240V
Item: CD2NGD
Model: 9854
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Portable Generator Power Cords

Manual power cords used for connecting a portable generator to the switch / transfer panel / power inlet box to keep power flowing to the circuits or equipment in case of an outage. Offered in cord lengths up to 50 ft

Portable Generator Power Inlet Boxes

Mounted outside the building, with the generator, to prevent the ingress of carbon monoxide into the premises. Come equipped with a spring-loaded flip lid & raintight aluminium box. Current rating: 30 / 50 A

Power Inlet Box 30 Amp Ac
Item: AC2XHC
Model: 6343
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Portable Generators

Diesel- / gasoline-powered XC, GP, XD & iQ2000 Series portable generators used for supplying continuous-duty power to lights, refrigerators, sump pumps, heaters & window air conditioners during power cuts

Standby Generators Liquid-Cooled

Automatic standby generators, with power ratings up to 150 kW designed to avoid disruption of power supplies in case of an electric outage. Feature a liquid-cooled mechanism to dissipate the heat generated and keep the components in optimum working condition. Offered in single- & three-phase connection types


About the Brand

Generac Power Systems designs and manufactures innovative power backup products. Its product catalogue incorporates liquid-cooled generators, transfer switches, portable generators and related accessories. Offered in 1- and 3-phase options, the liquid-cooled Generac generator can produce electric power of up to 150 KW, making it ideal for heavy industrial usage. The top Generac portable generator models are equipped with a 16-gal (approx. 60.6 L) fuel tank for uninterrupted power backup and a 992-cc engine to generate 17500 watts of electric power. Generac generators, such as automatic standby generators, are available in gasoline, diesel, propane and natural gas fuel variants for applications in residential and commercial sectors.