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ForkLift And Attachment Accessories

Includes fork extension pins made of high-quality steel for use with Genie 33366-SGT Single Fork Extension

Fork Extension Pin Steel 1/2 Inch Diameter
Item: AH8KKM
Model: 80679GT
€25.82 /unit
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Invertible Fork Manual Material Lifts

Designed to keep overhead mounted objects and walls steady for installation using reliable hold-down mechanism. Have a maximum load-lifting capacity of 500 lb and available in different lifting height and size variants

Jib Crane Components

Steel-made cradle attachments with a 16-inch-long and 2-inch-wide platform having a max load capacity of 300 lb (136 kg); ideal for various material lifting applications

Cradle Attachment Accessory
Item: AD2LKW
Model: 20200
€691.88 /unit
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Manual Material Lift Accessories

Includes fork extensions, ladders, lift booms, load platforms, wheels and other material lift accessories to increase the versatility and efficiency of manual or counter-weight forklifts or stackers 

Four Point Caster Set 5 Inch H Pack Of 4
Item: AA8HHQ
Model: 37242-S
€753.00 /unit
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Load Lifter Pneumatic Tire
Item: AA8HHT
Model: 35909
€73.88 /unit
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Adjustable Tubular Forks 27-1/2 Inch Length
Item: AE2QNG
Model: 32564-S
€868.50 /unit
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Flat Pallet Fork 30 Inch Length Aluminium
Item: AE2QNH
Model: 32566-S
€3,021.00 /unit
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Lift Boom Steel
Item: AE2QNJ
Model: 32567-S
€801.77 /unit
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Load Platform Steel
Item: AE2QNK
Model: 32937
€733.50 /unit
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Rear Transport Wheel Assembly
Item: AE2QNL
Model: 35848-S
€733.50 /unit
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Load Platform Steel
Item: AE2QNM
Model: 37148
€672.76 /unit
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Lift Boom 20 Inch Length Steel
Item: AE2QNN
Model: 37086
€696.37 /unit
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Ladder Aluminium
Item: AE2QNP
Model: 37249-S
€765.76 /unit
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Platform Lift and Stacker Accessories

Includes 20-lb CO2 tanks made of high-grade aluminium; designed for use with Genie equipment lifts (models 18F655 and 18F656)

C02 Tank For AA8HHW AA8HHX
Item: AA8HHY
Model: 2373-S
€1,353.76 /unit
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Platform Lifts

Standard platform lifts with a maximum load-lifting capacity of 300 lb; designed for use in garages, warehouses and loading docks. Have a rugged aluminium frame and are available in manual and battery-operated variants

Portable Material Lifts

Designed for lifting heavy loads (up to 1000 lb) in material handling industries. Feature a bevelled platform with front-swivel and non-marking casters for easy loading and unloading. Selected models come with field-installable foot brakes for additional security.

Scissor Lift Tables

Electric Scissor Lift, 800 Lbs. Load Capacity, 26 Ft. Max. Work Height
Item: CH6PMF
Model: GS-2032
€55,101.94 /unit
Electric Scissor Lift
Item: CH6PMG
Model: GS-2646 E-DRIVE
€65,342.78 /unit

About Genie

Genie Industries has been providing highly reliable material handling solutions for use in assembly lines, warehouses, construction sites and docks, since 1966. Its product line incorporates platform lifts, laboratory mixers, personnel lifts, aerial work platforms, telehandlers and light towers. Genie portable material lifts are designed for lifting and moving electronic appliances weighing up to 1000 lb, as well as to function as a work table. These manually operated lifts feature a beveled platform with front-swivel, non-marking casters for easy loading in pick-up trucks and field-installable foot brakes (on selected models) for additional security. Genie SLA-10 Series Superlift Advantage lifts further come equipped with a fully adjustable straddle base ideal for handling both wide loads and narrow doorways. Raptor Supplies offers a wide range of these Genie lifting equipment, along with replacement parts,such as tubular / pallet forks, wheel assemblies, ladders and fork extension pins.