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Motors Filter

Blower/Motor Controllers

115 / 230 VAC replacement control modules commonly used to replace Evergreen controls. Widely used in residential or light commercial HVAC systems

Control Module 115/230vac Use With AE7FYG
Item: AF2ABB
Model: RPSXL111P0134
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Control Module 115/230vac Use With AE7FYF
Item: AF2ABA
Model: RPHXL110P0133
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Brushless ECM Motors

Includes a wide range of Genteq ECM motors, popularly referred to as variable speed motors, featuring CW and CW / CCW shaft rotation. Available in steel and aluminium frame variants

Direct Drive Blower Motor, 1 HP, 1050 RPM, 120/240 V
Item: CF2JXT
Model: 6510V
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ECM Direct Drive Blower Motor, 3/4 HP, 1050 RPM, 120/240 V
Item: CF2JHC
Model: 6507V
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Includes a wide range of single- and dual-run Genteq capacitors in 370 V and 440 V options. The dual run capacitor combines two capacitors in one and is ideal for supporting two motors.

Condenser Fan Motors

Genteq condenser fan motors used in HVAC systems; come with sleeve / ball bearings and a 1/2-inch (1.3 cm) diameter shaft

Direct Drive Blower Motors

Includes a wide range of single-phase Genteq motors, available in 48 / 48YZ frame size, with a maximum rotational speed of 1100 rpm

Motor Accessories

Includes ECM motor diagnostic tools to identify a motor control or wiring failure, and split ring adapter sets used for enlarging 2 1/4-inch resilient mounting rings to 2 1/2-inch rings

ECM Motor Diagnostic Tool
Item: AJ2JPP
Model: GA447
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PWM Control

PWM Control

Item: CE9RHQ
Model: 88020ECM
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PWM Control

PWM Control

Item: CE9RHP
Model: CTL764
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User Interface
Item: CE9CRY
Model: 5K010
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Wiring Harness
Item: CE9BPK
Model: 5K008
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Wiring Harness Kit
Item: CE9BPJ
Model: 5K007
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Adapter Split Ring - Pack Of 4
Item: AA8TVQ
Model: A459
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Motor Mounting Bases

Used for mounting shaded-pole and PSC motors in direct drive heating and air conditioning uses. Supplied with mounting latches

Motor Mounting Base
Item: AJ2HDG
Model: A474
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Motor Mounting Brackets

Motor Mounting Bracket, Steel
Item: CE9VMD
Model: 5K002
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OEM Replacement Motors

Includes Genteq condenser fan motors and blower motors in 42 / 48 frame size. Feature a totally enclosed / open air-over enclosure and a sleeve / ball bearing

About the Brand

Genteq, a Regal-Beloit brand, is a leading manufacturer of electric motors and capacitors. Its extensive catalogue includes capacitors, blowers / motor controllers and condenser fan & OEM replacement motors. Genteq capacitors are designed to continuously adjust phase shifts or current to the motor's windings for delivering a high motor torque output. These units feature an aluminum casing and steel covers to withstand temperatures ranging from -40 to 70 degrees C and are offered in oval and round shapes. Choose from a wide range of these products along with motor mounting bases and motor accessories on Raptor Supplies.