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Parts Washer

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Soak Tank Solvent 25 Gallon Capacity 150 Lb
Item: AD8KTA
Model: 2R
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Parts Washer Aqueous 30 Gallon Cap 200 lb.
Item: AH8UCC
Model: PH922-A
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  • Washer-Soak Tank
  • Washer-Soak Tank

Washer-Soak Tank

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About the Brand

Graymills Corporation is a global manufacturer of parts washers and accessories, industrial pumps and inking systems for industrial and automotive maintenance applications. The Graymills Parts Washers catalogue includes different types of manual, ultrasonic and environment friendly parts washers that offer triple action filtration with a pre-filter, a stainless steel strainer and a polypropylene cartridge. Graymills parts washers are offered in .5 -150 gallon variants for different cleaning, surface preparation, bottle / container cleaning, descaling, degreasing and stripping applications. These washers also feature oil skimmers to continuously remove oil from the parts. The brand also offers door gaskets, fusible link kits, gloves, heaters, hose assembly, and motors and parts washer accessories, such as baskets.