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Greenlee, a part of Emerson Electric, has been a leading manufacturer of hand tools and power tools for the electrical and woodworking industry since 1862. The brand's extensive catalogue includes benders, cable pullers, fish tapes, wire cable carts, tool storage boxes, knockouts, stud punches & bushings and cable cutters / crimpers / strippers. Read More


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Electrical ToolsView all

  • Cable Pullers

    Manual and electric one-speed or two-speed cable pullers offering a maximum pulling force of 9986 lb to pull cables through walls, floors, ductwork or conduits. Ideal for use with double-braided polyester composite ropes. Equipped with wheels for smoother operation

  • Cable Pulling Accessories

    Heavy-duty cable puller sheaves featuring steel frame and aluminium-alloy rollers with self-lubricating bearings. Can handle a maximum load of 4000 lb and are available in different diameters. Cable pulling ropes, conduit measuring tapes and fish stick bullet / hook / wisk nose tips also available

  • Cable Pulling Grip Kits

    Feature extra-long, flexible steel shafts to reach behind the wall with maximum precision and ease during the instalment of small wire systems (computer, security, phone etc). Equipped with holes on both ends for pulling the wire through after drilling

  • Fishing Tapes Sticks

    Includes fish sticks, fish tapes and glow rods widely used by electricians to route new wiring arrangements through walls and electrical conduits. For use in areas, otherwise, difficult to access with a standard fish tape, such as ceilings and underneath carpeting

  • Knockout Hole Punches

    Includes a wide range of Greenlee Tools knockout punches and speed punches used to make holes in steel, aluminium, fibreglass and plastic. Available in different hole sizes and types

  • Punch Driver Sets

    Designed for punching round holes in stainless steel, brass, copper, aluminium, fibreglass and plastic surfaces; ideal for use with electrical pipes or conduits. Feature a knurled edge for a better grip and alignment markings for improved accuracy

  • Vacuum Blower Fishing System Accessories

    Wide range of conduit pistons, fish lines, poly lines and poly lines with dispensers to help fish electrical wires and cables through attics, walls, ceilings and floors

  • Vacuum Blower Fishing Systems

    Used to blow fish lines, poly lines or measuring tapes through conduits and protect exposed wires and cables in walls and crawlspaces. Feature polyethylene construction for resistance against corrosion, chemicals and impact loads. Available in 5 and 12 gallon tank options

Cutting ToolsView all

  • Cable and Wire Cutters

    Includes lightweight and compact manual / hydraulic cable cutters featuring robust design with impact-resistant and curbed / surface-grinded blades for fatigue resistance while allowing a precise centre, anvil or shear cuts

  • Diagonal Cutters

    Used to smoothly cut hardened wires, ACSRs, bolts, screws and nails. Feature offset dual-cutting edges for optimum cutting performance

  • Hole Deburring Tools

    Integrated with hardened tool steel cutting blades to remove burrs from the front, back, or both sides of the drilled holes in seconds. Run tool in clockwise direction to deburr and counterclockwise to clear the chips. Can handle material thicknesses up to 10 gauges

  • Snips Shears And Scissors

    Designed for use with termination and testing kits, as well as on wires, cables and cordages including electrical communication wires. The upper blade featuring two notches strip insulations of thicknesses ranging from 24 to 19 AWG

  • Wire Strippers and Cable Slitters

    Manual and automatic wire strippers, cable strippers and stripping bushings that are used to slit and strip wires and cables made of rubber, PVC and nylon

BendersView all

  • Electric Conduit Benders

    Used in conjunction with a very long lever to bend angles in conduits that electric wires are placed into. Facilitate easy and comfortable switching between vertical and horizontal bending configurations via a digital pendant that sets angle and monitors the process

  • Hand Conduit Benders and Handles

    Hand conduit benders used by electricians to perform occasional bends, such as back-to-back, offset & three-point saddle bends and 90 degree stub ups. Handles used with hand conduit bender heads to facilitate easy bending. Available in 38 and 44 inch handle lengths

  • Hydraulic Pipe Bender

    Used for creating bends of up to 120 degrees in round and square tubings of gates, fences, roll cages, frames, chassis and architectural designs. Come with an easy-to-use ram travel scale and bending charts

  • Mechanical Conduit Benders

    Heavy-duty welded benders integrated with a ratchet mechanism to easily bend 1/2, 3/4 and 1 inch IMC and rigid conduits. Come with a built-in bending degree indicator and bending charts to offer accurate & consistent bends

  • PVC Heater/Benders

    Heat PVC sheets or stocks until pliable for further allowing the user to form bends in the piping. Feature heavy-duty, insulated metal walls and cover with a reflective interior to ensure efficient, even heating

Screwdrivers and NutdriversView all

  • Nut Driver Sets

    Ergonomically designed for added user comfort and greater torque; ideal for tightening nuts and bolts. Feature shanks made of steel / alloy steel for structural rigidity and corrosion resistance. Offered in non-magnetic and magnetic variants

  • Nut Drivers

    Suitable for tightening mechanical fasteners requiring much lesser torque than a wrench or ratchet. Feature steel / 50 BV30 steel blades for excellent screw fit and integrated with cushion grip / rubber moulded handles for added comfort and impact resistance. Offered in 7.25 & 10.25 inch lengths

  • Screwdriver Sets

    Equipped with hand-operated tools for installation and removal of screws with slotted heads. Have heavy-duty construction for enhanced service life and precision-machined tips ensuring accurate fastener contact. Feature chrome-plated finish for excellent rust resistance

  • Screwdrivers

    Includes insulated and screw holding screwdrivers in Phillips, slotted, cabinet and square recess tip styles and in different tip sizes and lengths

Punches Chisels and Hand DrillsView all

  • Punch and Chisel Sets
  • Scratch Awls

    Ideal for scribing lines on metallic or wooden surfaces & workpieces for cutting, machining and woodworking applications. Feature heavy duty construction with a steel end cap for longer life and have high-grade, chrome plated finish for rust resistance

  • Stud and Keyway Punches

    Used to punch holes in sheet metal & studs for fabrication, machining and production line applications. Provide elimination of hand saws and files while making keyways for push button switches. Come integrated with aluminium alloy / steel handles for better operator leverage

WrenchesView all

  • Hex and Torx Key Sets

    Designed to drive screws and bolts with a hexagonal socket. Feature ergonomic moulded grips for added comfort and maximum torque. Ball ends to accommodate up to 30 degree misalignments. Equipped with square-cut ends for high torque applications and are heat-treated for additional strength

  • Hex/Torx Keys

    Ideal for tightening & loosening screw or bolt heads and for rotating six-point, star-shaped indentations in bolts & screws. Feature ball ends capable of accomodating misalignments up to 30 degrees. Available in arm lengths of 3.375, 4.187, 4.375, 4.75 and 5 inches

Hand Tool KitsView all

  • General Hand Tool Kits

    Used by mechanics, electricians, telecom or electronics technicians, carpenters and data communication installers for taking precise measurements, cutting metals and installing or repairing instruments. Include screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers, fish tapes and wire strippers

  • Insulated Tool Sets

    Provide dual layer insulation for added safety and protection from electric shocks, arc flash, electrocution and arc blasts. Designed to meet & exceed IEC and ASTM standards and are rated for 1000VAC, individually tested to 10000VAC

Crimping ToolsView all

  • Cable and Wire Crimping Tools

    Includes small and easy to handle dieless crimpers, insulated crimpers and hydraulic crimping tools with a full cycle mechanism which releases only after full crimp cycle is completed. Available in cushion grip / vinyl / steel / moulded / dipped / fibreglass handles for maximum comfort & less effort

  • Crimping Tool Dies

    Interchangeable / U-style crimping tool dies for use with 22 - 10 AWG aluminium or copper wires

Tool Storage and Transfer TanksView all

  • Jobsite Boxes

    Keep work supplies and jobsite tools safe and secure. Feature steel construction for structural rigidity and padlock hasp locking to keep the equipment inoperative while repairs or adjustments are being carried out. Come with swivel and rigid casters for smooth mobility

  • Tool Pouches

    Used by carpenters, steelworkers, electricians, plumbers and construction workers for storing and transporting tools while keeping them easily accessible and organised. Made of cordura / top-grain leather for excellent stain resistance and to withstand heavy use. Available with up to 20 pockets

PliersView all

  • Linesman Pliers

    Meet and exceed IEC 60900 and ASTM F1505 standards for insulated tools to cut hardened wire, ACSR, bolts, screws and nails. Feature carbon-steel alloy construction for exceptional strength and an ergonomically shaped handle to reduce the manual strain

  • Long Nose and Needle Nose Pliers

    Recommended for holding & attaching wires, gripping small objects, bending loops and reaching confined spaces in metalworking and automotive servicing applications. Feature high leverage design, providing greater gripping & cutting power and double layer insulation for impact & flame resistance

Hand Saws and SawhorsesView all

  • Hand Saws

    Designed for cutting metallic and wooden workpieces for machining, woodworking, fabrication and plumbing applications. Feature hardened steel blades with clog-free teeth for smooth cutting. Integrated with an ergonomic handle to provide non-slip grip, thereby ensuring user safety

Plumbing ToolsView all

  • Pipe and Tubing Cutters

    Integrated with rotating cutting blades or wheels for cutting metal & plastic tubes into multiple parts of desired lengths. Feature steel / heat treated steel blades for hardness and long cutting life. Capable of cutting PVC up to 2 inches and are available in lengths of 8 & 18 inches

Measuring and Layout ToolsView all

  • Box I-Beam and Torpedo Levels

    Professional-grade aluminium torpedo levels with bending offset aid designed for pipe and conduit work. Feature V-Groove on the bottom for mounting on curved surfaces and three rare earth magnets for superior holding capability. Offsets and calculations permanently laser-engraved onto level

Conduit Wire and Pipe StorageView all

  • Conduit Wire Cable Racks/Stands/Carts

    Steel-made ratcheting reel stands designed for handling wire spools. Have a maximum capacity of 3750 lb and require two stands and a spindle for a complete setup. Rigid and swivel casters, conduit and pipe storage racks, and wire cart expander kits also available

About Greenlee

Greenlee's wide catalogue includes anchor setting tools, clamp meters, box I-beam & torpedo levels, cable & wire crimping tools, cable & wire cutters, drill bit & tap sets and cordless drills. Greenlee magnetic levels feature large, easy to read vials like plumb vials, inclined vials & level vials and a compact, torpedo design with a V-groove for professional-grade levelling on pipes or conduits. They are also equipped with three / four rare earth magnets for superior holding strength and hands-free use when mounted on metal surfaces. They have aluminium alloy & anodised construction for ,making them lightweight, water-resistance & durable.
Greenlee drill / tap kits are power tool sets containing drill bits and optional nut driver & driver bits for drilling, tapping and countersinking holes. They are available in both SAE and metric sizes. Choose from a wide range of Greenlee products like electric conduit benders, digital multimeters, gas lamp testers and diagonal cutters on Raptor Supplies.

Things To Consider

Cross-Reference Alternatives

Greenlee tool's MPNs (manufacturer's part numbers) generally cross individual reference to the equivalent Gardner Bender, MetalPro, Southwire Company and Jonard model numbers. So, if you're looking for cable pullers, benders or other equipment that are either out of stock or obsolete, Raptor Supplies may have the alternate product available.

Why Us?

Raptor Supplies, a trusted Greenlee distributor, offers its complete range of Greenlee tools, such as electrical power testing tools, pumps, hydraulic tools, cutting tools, benders & more. We can also recommend suitable accessories like anchor setting tools, ropes, knockout bushings, drilling accessories & more to handle diverse application requirements.


These Greenlee tools & equipment generally range from small to large sizes. Selected products come as sets or assortments containing several pieces. They are suitable for both courier shipment and air freight for minimum downtime.

Major Trade Names

Greenlee Competitive Advantages

Greenlee PowerSense Technology

PowerSense technology by Greenlee is used in the patented trigger of battery-powered wire / cable crimping tools for holding & adjusting cable material according to ideal positioning before crimping. It also provides faster crimping than ratcheting style crimpers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Greenlee tools made?

Greenlee has multiple manufacturing facilities, including Genoa, Illinois and Louisville, Kentucky, USA.

What are the major types of fish tapes?

Fish tapes can be made of steel, stainless steel or fibreglass material. Stainless steel provides rust resistance, whereas fibreglass offers non-conductive & lightweight properties. Fish tapes can also be divided based on their handle availability or mounting / holding requirements. Selected models of fish tapes do not require mounting or holding by the users as they can be simply operated by placing them on the ground.

What are the uses of a Greenlee knockout hole punch tool?

A knockout, chassis or panel punch tool is used to punch diverse sized holes through chassis or panels made of sheet metal or other materials for channelling cables or wires. An ideal knockout punch kit contains punches, dies, draw studs and manual / hydraulic / battery-powered driver.

Brand Exclusive Products