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  • Free Running Helical Inserts

    Used to make threads or repair worn threads inside tapped hole; suitable for providing reliable threading in composites, wood & metals. Feature 304 stainless steel / nitronic 60 construction for low temperature impact and excellent high temperature oxidation resistance

  • Locking Helical Inserts

    Installed into printing presses, gear housing & exhaust systems to create an internal screw thread for installing fasteners in automotive manufacturing & maintenance applications. Feature a screw locking design to prevent screw loosening upon installation. Available in UNC, UNF & metric coarse types

  • Thread Inserts

    Ideal for repairing damaged internal threads or creating new threads in a tapped hole, in cast iron, carbon, aluminium, magnesium, stainless steel and plastic workpieces. Feature a flexible design for balanced distribution of static & dynamic loads throughout the length of the thread

  • Helical Thread Repair Kits

    Ideal for repairing tapped holes in metal, damaged or stripped due to over-torque, wear & corrosion. Equipped with a hand drill & installation tool for quick maintenance. Protective carry case for safe storage & easy portability. Available in UNC, UNF, MC and MF thread types

  • Helical Thread Insert Tools

    Includes a variety of Helicoil insert tools, such as mandrels, working gauges, pre-winders and tool drivers, used for installing threaded inserts in drilled holes

  • Helical Thread Insert Tools
  • Thread Insert Tool Accessories

About the Brand

Heli-Coil is a leading manufacturer of high-quality inserts and installation tools that are widely used in exhaust systems, hammer drills, gear housing, printing presses and various automotive applications. Heli-Coil inserts are used to create internal screw threads that can accommodate standard sized fasteners. The Heli-Coil product catalogue comprises screw thread inserts (both standard and screw-locking design), working gages, cordless insert installation kits, hand & pipe taps, thread repair kits (standard and master), complete gages and mandrel tools. Heli-Coil thread repair kits contain 4 to 36 tools that are made from durable 304 stainless steel and include UNF, MC, MF & UNC type thread inserts along with a hand drill & an installation tool. Heli-Coil screw-locking inserts feature resilient locking mechanism that securely grips the bolt and prevent its loosening due to vibrations or heavy impacts. These inserts complies with NASM8846, MA1565, NASM21209 and MA3331 standards. The brand's inch inserts are dyed red for quick identification and ease of operation. Choose from a wide range of Heli-Coil products, including inserts, power tool adapters, power supplies, tool drivers and more on Raptor Supplies.

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