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Power Tools




Lighting Filter

Emergency Lighting Batteries

Dual-Lite-approved Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd) batteries, made with the highest-quality components. Provide an emergency backup capacity of 4.8 V and 600 mAh

Emergency Lighting Fixtures

Corrosion-resistant, rugged metal units featuring fully adjustable lighting heads. Are easy to install and have an additional battery capacity for powering remote fixtures or extended runtimes

Emergency Light 40w 11-1/2 Inch H 13-1/2 Inch Width
Item: AD2VND
Model: LM40-12V-A31
€628.50 /unit
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Halogen Lamps and Bulbs

2-pin (GU5.3) and screw terminal bulbs to provide light by passing an electric current through a filament wire encased in a quartz envelope with halogen gas. Feature reflector housing to maximize light output

LED Floodlights

Excellent for signs, fa+/-ades, landscape accents and medium area illumination. Feature tempered and acrylic glass lens for higher strength and durability

Led Flood Light 170w Nema 5 x 5 16107l
Item: AB6HWY
Model: AL-D72NB1705K5X5UNVSF3MT
€3,535.50 /unit
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About Hubbell

Since 1888, Hubbell Incorporated has been manufacturing high quality products to serve the ever-growing demand of the manufacturing and assembling industries. The Hubbell catalogue includes enclosures, lighting fixtures, marine products, wallplates, cable glands and fittings. Hubbell LED floodlights are energy efficient lighting fixtures which emit a broad beam of light. These floodlights feature die-cast aluminum housing with tempered glass lens to protect the LEDs & allow easy cleaning and a heavy duty steel yoke for added durability & improved performance. The vented housing design isolates the LED module from the driver for enhanced service life. Choose from a wide range of these LED floodlights, along with Hubbell tool balancers , tool retractors, halogen lamps and single pole devices, on Raptor Supplies.