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  • Electrical Box Cover Accessories
  • Electrical Box Covers

    UL-listed and CSA-certified box covers for 50 ampere twist-lock single receptacles. Made from galvanised steel and designed to operate at temperatures ranging from -40 to 75 degrees Celsius

  • Electrical Safety Boxes

    CSA-certified electrical safety boxes used to protect electrical wiring from damage in indoor installations. Made from high-quality steel and feature a rectangular flush mount box with 4 gangs

  • Floor Box Cover Accessories

    Metallic and polycarbonate floor box covers used to protect in-floor electric systems from damage and to provide protection against electric shocks

  • Floor Box Covers

    Used to protect in-floor outlet boxes from damages and prevent accidental contact with live circuits. Can be installed over the outlet box to guard the receptacles from foot traffic, dirt and debris

  • Floor Boxes

    Enable electrical access anywhere in the building, and not just on the walls and ceilings. Feature corrosion-resistant construction with levelling feet ideal and oversized threaded conduit access holes for on-grade and low-voltage applications, respectively

  • Weatherproof Box Cover Accessories
  • Weatherproof Box Covers

    Designed to prevent the infiltration of accumulated water or rain into sockets. Ideal for use with FS or FD weatherproof boxes, single 50A straight-blade receptacles and 50A Twist-Lock receptacles. Feature a self-closing lid and thermoplastic construction

  • Weatherproof Boxes

About the Brand

Hubbell Wiring Device-Kellems, a division of Hubbell Inc, provides an extensive line of electrical and electronic equipment for the construction, medical, manufacturing and electrical industries. Its extensive catalogue comprises floor boxes, switches, connectors, plugs, receptacles and electrical wall plates. Hubbell electric extension cords are designed for temporarily providing power to electrical devices, such as power tools, patio heaters and outdoor lighting operations. These extensions feature a metal outlet box for withstanding industrial abuse and a flexible electrical cable with a power rating of 125 kW. For outdoor lighting installations, Hubbell electric connectors are best suited for interfacing electrical tools and devices with a power source. These connectors feature liquid-repellent construction for preventing short-circuits and offered in PVC and thermoplastic elastomer materials. Choose from a wide range of these products along with other brand products, such as cable protectors, support grips and cord adapters on Raptor Supplies.

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