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Adhesives Sealants and Tape




Adhesives Sealants and Tape Filter

Anti-Slip Tapes

Anti-slip treads and tapes in premeasured strip and continuous roll types designed to provide traction on stairs and slippery surfaces while walking, and to prevent slips and falls. Tapes with printed warnings also available

Anti-Slip Tape, 3 x 60 Feet, 60 Grit, Aluminum Oxide, Striped Black/Yellow
Item: CD3UZN
Model: GRAN13817
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Anti-Slip Tread, 6 x 2.0 Feet, 60 Grit, Acrylic Adhesive, 24 Pk
Item: CD3LWE
Model: GRAN13808
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Anti-Slip Tape, 4 x 60.0 Feet, 80 Grit Silicon Carbide, Rubber Adhesive
Item: CD2WXK
Model: GRAN13810
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Solid Black Anti-Slip Tape, 2.0 ft. x 60.0 ft., Rubber Adhesive
Item: CD2NHY
Model: GRAN13671
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Solid Black Anti-Slip Tape, 8 x 60.0 ft., Rubber Adhesive
Item: CD2NHX
Model: GRAN13824
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Striped Black/Yellow Anti-Slip Tread, 6 x 2.0 ft., Acrylic Adhesive, 10 Pk
Item: CD2NHW
Model: GRAN12748
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  • Antislip Tape, Continuous Roll
  • Antislip Tape, Continuous Roll
  • Antislip Tape, Continuous Roll
  • Antislip Tape, Continuous Roll+6

Antislip Tape, Continuous Roll

Item (9)
Conformable Antislip Tape Black - Pack Of 10
Item: AC8ZAE
Model: 3700-6x24-10
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  • Aluminum Oxide Antislip Tread, Strip
  • Aluminum Oxide Antislip Tread, Strip
  • Aluminum Oxide Antislip Tread, Strip
  • Aluminum Oxide Antislip Tread, Strip+2
Item (5)

About the Brand

Jessup Manufacturing is an ISO 9001:2015-certified brand known for its anti-slip safety products, egress markings and photoluminescent exit signs. The company's line of products includes anti-slip tapes and treads, floor and door marking tapes, stair nosings and stair tread covers. These UL-listed products are ideal for applications in manufacturing, transportation, construction and architectural industries. Jessup conformable anti-slip tapes are designed for use with irregular surfaces like radius corners, bends and ladder rungs in schools, warehouses and industrial facilities to help add traction, and avoid slips and falls. These Jessup tapes feature pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive and aluminium oxide grits, and are available in a length of 60 ft. They are also available in the form of continuous rolls so that you can cut pieces of desired length. Choose stair tread covers from Jessup Mfg to fit over worn-out wooden, metallic or concrete steps to provide a non-slippery surface and prevent injuries. These tread covers are offered in round or square edges and a perforated tread pattern.
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