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HVAC and Refrigeration Filter

HVAC ControlsView all

  • Boiler Controls

    Cold-rolled steel pressure controls suitable for use with steam, water, air or non-combustible gases. Feature a self-opening / -closing mechanism with the slightest change in pressure. Available in 1/4-inch FNPT and MNPT connection variants

  • Building Automation Control Accessories

    Includes temperature sensors and relative humidity (RH) sensors, for use in both indoor and outdoor environments. Offered in flush, wall and strap mounting options

  • Building Automation Controls

    Includes installation accessories, like battery packs, humidity sensors and transmitters, line-voltage thermostats, antennas and zone controllers, for applications in building automation systems

  • Damper and Valve Replacement Motors

    Direct-mount actuators used to detect ON/OFF, proportional and floating input signals in semiconductor fabrications or machine tooling jobs. Available in 0.04 - 24.6 VA power ratings

  • Dual Pressure Controls

    Used to protect refrigeration and air-conditioning systems from both high and low pressures, and also provide single-device control of the compressor. Available in SPST, DPST and SPDT switch types

  • Duct Pressure Switches

    Differential pressure switches used to sense the airflow in ducts. Can also be used in combination with electric strip heaters to open the circuit or de-energise the heaters when airflow stops

  • Fan Coil Thermostats

    Heating / cooling fan coil thermostats featuring SPDT snap-acting contacts to reduce false signalling in transition positions. Provide a temperature control range of 40 - 90 degrees F

  • Globe Valves Less Actuator

    Two- and three-way globe valves designed to regulate the flow of hot or cold water in small HVAC terminal units, like fans or reheat coils. Offered in NO and NC configurations

  • Head Pressure Controls

    Includes condenser fan speed controls, pressure transducers and software suitable for use with condenser fans to configure fan speeds and head pressures

  • Humidity Controls

    Humidistats and humidity stage modules designed to reduce the excessive relative humidity in fruit storage rooms, curing rooms and electrically-heated spaces

  • HVAC Control Ball Valves

    FNPT, flanged, press-fit and sweat valves capable of automatically adjusting hot or chilled water according to signals received from the controller. Feature an inbuilt flow distribution disc that delivers flow coefficients up to 211

  • Line Voltage Thermostats

    Widely used with electric space heaters, like direct-wired electric furnaces or baseboard heaters. Regulate the temperature of the upper levels of your building with an attic fan thermostat. Offer quick and easy installation and require a 120V - 240V power supply

  • Low Voltage Thermostats

    Designed for controlling multi-stage heating and cooling equipment, such as rooftop or self-contained units equipped with a humidifier and / or dehumidifier. Powered by a transformer which decreases the incoming line voltage from 120 V down to a level ranging between 12 and 24 V

  • Oil Protection Controls

    Provides dependable protection to pressure-lubricated refrigeration compressors against major breakdowns caused by low lubrication oil pressure. Features a built-in time delay switch with a universal mounting bracket

  • Pneumatic Control Accessories

    Includes actuator mounting kits, adapters, adapter plates, adapter bonnets, air caps, air cocks, air filter assemblies, air lines, anvil springs, aspirator wallbox kits, ball knobs, blocks, blower relief valves, bulb elements, butts and bypass valves

  • Pneumatic Controllers

    Designed to measure the temperature and pressure, as well as transmit a corrective air signal to the final control element. Operate using a coordination of thermal or pressure sensing system and an air signal relay system

  • Pneumatic Controls

    Manage the flow in HVAC systems by using air as a control medium to stop or change the flow direction. Dependable pneumatic damper actuators provide proportional control of the dampers in independent or sequence configuration. Essentially require no maintenance except for inspection and adjustment

  • Pneumatic Damper Actuators
  • Pneumatic Relays

    Precision relay devices designed to operate pneumatic valve actuators in applications requiring a stable, accurate control. Compensate for flow surges in the piping system and hold the valve at the position dictated by the controller. Allow easy valve sequencing from a single control signal

  • Thermostat Accessories

    Includes humidity sensors, modular electronic sequencers, Proportional Plus integral temperature stage modules, surface-mount duct humidity temperature sensors, surface mounting clips, temperature sensors, temperature sensor wells, mounting kits, temperature stage modules and transmitters

  • Thermostat Guards

    Used to protect thermostats and humidistats from damage, vandalism, tampering and unauthorized adjustment. 304 stainless-steel thermostat guards offer longevity and durability, even in humid or corrosive environments. Also, available in plastic, cast aluminum and wire construction variants

  • VAV Controls

    Heating, ventilating and / or air-conditioning (HVAC) systems featuring a built-in actuator to maintain the zone temperature by operating the terminal fan and regulating the flow of conditioned air into the space. Eliminate the additional need of an inline filter and prevent sensor contamination

  • Zone Valve Accessories

    Control the flow of saturated steam, hot water and chilled water through coils and heat exchangers. Feature a 1-piece body design and permit pressure ratings up to 300 psig. No special linkage kit or commissioning required

  • Zone Valve Actuators

    Forged-brass actuators equipped with a chrome-plated brass stem to control a 2-port valve on a heating system. Offer two-way spring-closed (normally closed) or on / off control mechanism for handling both hot and chilled water. Provide easy removal and assembly during installation

  • Zone Valves

    Used to control the flow of water or steam in a hydronic heating or cooling system. Typically divided into zones to help increase the system efficiency. Suited for applications where a higher close-off is required. Available in 1, 2, 2.5, 3.5, 4, 5, 7.5, and 8 coefficient of volume options

Electric Process Heaters and AccessoriesView all

  • Immersion Wells

    Used in conjunction with remote-bulb temperature controls to sense temperatures up to 250 degrees F. Offered in brass and copper tubes

About the Brand

Johnson Controls, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of automotive parts as well as electronic and HVAC equipment. Its product range includes motors, actuators, valves, building automation controls, switches, transformers, relays and pressure / vacuum transducers. Johnson Controls also offers a complete range of HVAC control products, including ball valves, thermostats, actuators and refrigeration controls, used to regulate indoor and vehicular ventilation. To regulate the flow of hot or chilled water and low-pressure steam in HVAC systems, the brand's ball valves feature a 200 psi close-off pressure rating that provides a tight valve shut-off. Raptor Supplies offers a variety of high-quality and cost-efficient Johnson Controls parts, such as knobs, sensors, diaphragms and wiring harnesses.

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