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Feature a lip design for easy pouring of liquids and are used for stirring, mixing and heating liquids during various laboratory experiments. Available in berzelius, griffin and heavy-duty variants with or without handles

  • Glass Lab Mug
  • Glass Lab Mug

Glass Lab Mug

Item (2)
Beaker Starter Kit Glass Kimble
Item: AF4KWB
Model: 14080-01
€73.28 /unit
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  • Beaker
  • Beaker
  • Beaker
  • Beaker+40


Item (43)

Bottle Caps

Solid top polypropylene caps with internal molded seal rings and a 0.2 micron PTFE membrane, sealed in as a barrier, to facilitate pressure equilibrium during low-temperature autoclaving. Offer superior resistance against alcohols, ethers, hydrocarbons and dilute or strong acids

Phenolic Screw On Narrow-Mouth Phenolic Cap, Black, 144 Pk
Item: CD2KMK
Model: 75202G-58400
€156.50 /unit
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Bottles and Jars

Includes square bottles and leak-proof environmental sampling bottles that require less shelf space than round bottles and resist breakage for safe sampling, transport and storage, respectively. Available in a wide range of shapes and materials for use in specific laboratory applications

  • Glass Media Bottle
  • Glass Media Bottle

Glass Media Bottle

Item (5)
Hydrometer Jar 340ml 375 Mm H x 38 Mm Diameter
Item: AD2RWD
Model: 20058-38375
€80.39 /unit
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Boston Bottle 500mL Amber - PK12
Item: AD2WHP
Model: 5121628V-21
€103.40 /unit
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Storage/Media Bottle 500mL 176mm Height
Item: AE9AYQ
Model: 14399-500
€168.60 /unit
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Round Bottle 1000ml 206mm H 12 Pk
Item: AF3YTC
Model: 5113233B
€73.79 /unit
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Straight-sided Jar 1000ml 175mm H 12 Pk
Item: AF6CPY
Model: 5413289B
€93.76 /unit
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Round Serum Bottles

Round Serum Bottles

Item (2)

Carboys and Jerricans

FDA-compliant, translucent resin carboys designed to store larger volumes of liquids or solvents. Feature a tin-plated, threaded cap with rubber liner to help prevent leakage of toxic or corrosive chemicals and an autoclavable safety coating reduces the hazards of shattered glass

Centrifuge Tubes and Accessories

Used for containing liquids during centrifugation by separating the sample into its components and rapidly rotating it around a fixed axis. Have conical bottoms which help collect any solid or heavy parts of the sample being centrifuged

Tubes Culture Polypropylene 17mm x 100mm - PK1000
Item: AF3QGH
Model: 51017-200
€307.00 /unit
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Manufactured from borosilicate glass in compliance with ASTM Specification E438, Type I, Class A or B glass requirements. Can withstand centrifugation ratings up to 2980 RCF. Feature a plastic shrink wrapped in modular trays for cleanliness and safety

Microtube Polypropylene Natural 50 mL - PK25
Item: AE9AYR
Model: 749530-5000
€62.30 /unit
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Equipped with a specially formulated phenolic cap material and solid polyethylene liner; ideal for storing strong acid or base samples. Available in 11, 144 and 1000 piece sets

Cap Polyethylene Liner 33-400mm - PK144
Item: AF4FQZ
Model: 75202G-33400
€95.00 /unit
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Snap On Bottle Caps

Snap On Bottle Caps

Item (2)
Polypropylene Snap On Narrow-Mouth Cap, Clear, 50 Pk
Item: CE9RZL
Model: 15070L-99
€160.60 /unit
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Polypropylene Screw On Narrow-Mouth Cap, Red, 10 Pk
Item: CE9RZM
Model: 14395H-452
€306.60 /unit
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PBT Screw On Narrow-Mouth Cap, Blue
Item: CE9TUU
Model: 953930-0000
€550.60 /unit
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Dishes and Petri Dishes

Shallow glass dishes used for culturing bacteria and other general laboratory applications. Designed to meet Federal Specification NNN-D-1478. Available in standard and borossilicate glass material options

Petri Dish Glass 20mm H - Pack Of 24
Item: AF4FPU
Model: 23060-15020
€672.00 /unit
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Petri Culture Dish 10mm x 100mm Pk72
Item: AF4LQN
Model: 23060-10010
€862.50 /unit
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Crystallizing Dish 270mL PK18
Item: AH8KLY
Model: 23000-9050
€449.62 /unit
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Crystallizing Dish 1200mL PK8
Item: AH8KPP
Model: 23000-15075
€651.00 /unit
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Petri Dish, 15mL, Borosilicate Glass, 25 Pk
Item: CD3WMZ
Model: 23061-6015
€331.60 /unit
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Petri Dish, 15mL, Borosilicate Glass, 36 Pk
Item: CD3YQF
Model: 23061-10015
€468.00 /unit
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Borosilicate glass-made airless, distillation, erlenmeyer, filter, graduated, round bottom, schlenk and volumetric flasks; used for titration, preparing microbial cultures & heating applications. Feature white ceramic enamel markings and are available in different capacities, diameters & graduation markings

Filter Flask 125ml Clear
Item: AE8NFG
Model: 953760-0122
€157.20 /unit
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Filter Flask 2000ml Clear
Item: AE8NFJ
Model: 953760-2002
€341.26 /unit
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Filter Flask 4000ml Clear
Item: AE8NFK
Model: 953760-4002
€434.27 /unit
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Erlenmeyer Flask 6000ml
Item: AF3PJA
Model: 26500-6000
€239.62 /unit
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Erlenmeyer Flask Starter Pack - Pack Of 5
Item: AF3PNT
Model: 26520-1
€98.92 /unit
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Volumetric Flask Clear
Item (2)
Volumetric Flask 1000mL Clear PTFE
Item: AF4ETU
Model: 92812F-1000
€307.60 /unit
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Filtering Flask

Filtering Flask

Item (2)
Filtering Flask 4000ml
Item: AF4RBB
Model: 27070-4000
€276.00 /unit
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Volumetric Flask 500mL Clear - PK12
Item: AF4RRU
Model: KC28014-500
€2,864.00 /unit
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Erlenmeyer Flask 4000ml
Item: AF4YBB
Model: 26500-4000
€130.12 /unit
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Schlenk Flasks

Schlenk Flasks

Item (8)
Kjeldahl Flasks

Kjeldahl Flasks

Item (2)

About Kimble Chase

Kimble Chase, now DWK Life Sciences, is a leading provider of a wide variety of laboratory and scientific glassware for pharmaceutical, petrochemical, educational and life science applications. The Kimble Products catalogue includes lab adapters and joints, flasks, beakers, graduated cylinders, funnels, bottles and jars, test tubes and Petri dishes. Kimble Chase sample glass vials are manufactured from the highest quality materials and meet the ASTM-rated standards. They are offered with or without marking graduations with a choice of clear or amber borosilicate glass material. Choose from a wide range of these products available in different body materials and storage capacities on Raptor Supplies.