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CAM Handles

Handles / knobs / handwheels designed for fastening, clamping and manual shaft rotation

Hand Knobs and Wheels

RoHS compliant cam levers and handles Ideal for tooling, workholding and on-product adjustments

  • K0270 Clamping Lever
  • K0270 Clamping Lever
  • K0270 Clamping Lever
  • K0270 Clamping Lever+162
Item (165)
Star Knob M8 Internal 0.98 1.57 Steel Collar
Item: AC8THC
Model: K0153.208
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Star Knob M8 Internal 1.26 1.99 Steel Collar
Item: AC8THD
Model: K0153.2081
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Star Knob 1/4-20 Internal 0.98 Steel Collar
Item: AC8THJ
Model: K0153.2A21
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About the Brand

KIPP is an ISO 9001:2015 certified manufacturer of quality clamping tools, standard components and operating parts used in packaging, healthcare, marine, automotive, transportation, chemical and food processing industries. The company's extensive product catalogue includes a wide range of RoHS compliant knobs, grips, cam lever handles, hinges, tube connectors and more. The KIPP adjustable handle range includes classic ball and modern design styles with cam levers for a fatigue less operation. The tension levers are mainly designed to function with handles in operations where close clearances restrict the rotation of the handle. These levers have a steel or plastic constructed handle having black oxide finish for corrosion resistance and additional strength. They are available in different inch sizes with handles rotating from 0 degrees to 5 degrees. You can choose from a wide range of these adjustable levers and other KIPP products, such as hand wheels on Raptor Supplies.