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Jobsite Boxes

Heavy-duty boxes with Watchman IV locking system for secure storage of tools & equipment. Feature durable gas struts with recessed pivoting handles for smooth opening / closing of panels

  • Jobsite Chest
  • Jobsite Chest
  • Jobsite Chest
  • Jobsite Chest+10
Item (13)
Jobsite Field Office 60w x 44d x 82-1/2h Tan
Item: AA6TKZ
Model: 119-01
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Jobsite Wall Cabinet 32 Inw x 16 Ind x 36inh Tan
Item: AA6TLB
Model: 33
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  • Jobsite Piano Box
  • Jobsite Piano Box
  • Jobsite Piano Box
  • Jobsite Piano Box+5
Item (8)
Jobsite Rolling Clam Shell Cabinet Tan
Item: AA6BXA
Model: 100
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Jobsite Bin Cabinet 72inw x 24ind x 51inh Tan
Item: AA6BXD
Model: 129
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Jobsite Slope Lid Box 60w x 30d x 37h Tan
Item: AA6BXQ
Model: 3068
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Portable Tool Boxes and Chests

Portable boxes with piano hinges and zinc-plated latch and handle hardware; designed for carrying tools. Feature rubber feet to prevent scratching and sliding, and a hemmed edge on the front lip of the box opening and recessed channels on the end panels for added strength

Truck Box and Jobsite Box Accessories

Includes tool trays, bench drawers, gas springs, door shelves, caster sets and other accessories for use with Knaack truck and jobsite boxes; made of rubber, steel or solid polypropylene 

Work Bench Drawer 22 x 16 x 1 Inch White
Item: AA6TLD
Model: 471-3
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Replacement Gas Spring 17 x 1/2 Inch Black - Pack Of 2
Item: AA6BYH
Model: 977-2PK
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Tool Tray 27-5/8 X8 X4 Inch Steel For AA6BXU
Item: AA6BYJ
Model: 31
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Tool Tray -5/8 x 8 x 4 Inch Steel Tan
Item: AA6BYK
Model: 21
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Tool Tray 16-5/8 x 8 x 4 Inch Steel Tan
Item: AA6BYL
Model: 41
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Work Bench Drawer 22 X16 X2-1/2 Inch White
Item: AA6TLE
Model: 472-3
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Work Bench Drawer 22 X16 X4-1/2 Inch White
Item: AA6TLF
Model: 474-3
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Work Bench Drawer 22 x 16 x 6 Inch White
Item: AA6TLG
Model: 476-3
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Work Bench Shelf 21-3/4x17-1/2 X1 Inch White
Item: AA6TLH
Model: 477-3
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Tool Tray 27-5/8x11 X3 Inch Tan For AA6BYD
Item: AA6TLL
Model: 51
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Grommet 8 x 4 x 5/16 Inch Rubber Black
Item: AA6TLN
Model: 70030-1PK
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About the Brand

Knaack is the leading manufacturer of jobsite storage solutions used to store expensive tools and hardware safely. The Knaack catalogue includes jobsite boxes, mobile workbenches, portable tool boxes and chests. The company’s jobsite boxes feature heavy-duty gas struts for smooth opening / closing, along with recessed pivoting handles for easy transportation. They have Watchman IV locking system that utilizes a single padlock to control 3 lid securing pins, useful in preventing expensive tools from being stolen. The brand also offers portable tool boxes with piano hinges that distribute weight evenly and reduce stress on tool box, enabling it to withstand wear and tear. The tool boxes have rubber feet on corners to prevent the boxes from scratching and sliding. Raptor Supplies is an authorised Knaack distributor offering a wide range of these products, along with their accessories such as tool trays, grommets and cabinet door shelves.