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Masonry Concrete and Tile ToolsView all

  • Concrete Edgers and Groovers

    Steel-made concrete sidewalk edgers to create smooth edges that resist chipping. Feature a wide ProForm or wooden handle for a firm and comfortable grip. Concrete groovers to provide clean and smooth joints on driveways and sidewalks also available

  • Concrete Floats

    Lightweight magnesium and steel bull floats designed to level and smoothen a large concrete area prior to finishing. Feature multiple ribs for additional strength, and rounded ends to prevent the float from digging. Channel floats, concrete hand floats and tapered hand darbies also available

  • Concrete Miscellaneous Tool Accessories

    Includes stainless-steel concrete slider knee boards designed for making bricklaying and tiling efficient and comfortable. Broom brackets, concrete mover handles, handle adapters and floor scraper blades also available

  • Concrete Miscellaneous Tools

    Heavy-duty floor scrapers deigned to remove excess material from concrete or wooden surfaces. Feature a stainless-steel flexible blade securely attached with 4 bolts and a 60-inch shovel-type wooden handle. Concrete finishing brooms, mixing buckets and barrels and asphalt pour pots also available

  • Concrete Rakes and Movers

    Steel / aluminium concrete spreaders and placers designed to spread concrete once it is poured. Come with / without hooks. Gauge rakes and concrete smoothers also available

  • Concrete Trowels

    Includes steel-made duck bill and fresno trowels designed for finishing curb and gutter faces, and large areas, respectively. Gauging trowels featuring square ends and a ProForm handle also available

  • Masonry Miscellaneous Tool Accessories
  • Masonry Miscellaneous Tools
  • Masonry Trowels and Tuck Pointers

    Includes brick, buttering, caulking, cement, concrete, pointing, pool and squeegee trowels; concrete hand floats; convex jointers; and flat stick jointers; ideal for cementing, layering, caulking and tuckpointing applications

  • Tile Floats
  • Tiling Miscellaneous Tool Accessories
  • Tiling Miscellaneous Tools

Drywall and Plastering ToolsView all

Measuring and Layout ToolsView all

Marking ToolsView all

  • Chalk Line Reels

    Includes heavy-duty chalk line boxes that can hold 1-1/2 lb of chalk. Feature a moisture-resistant, easy-refill lid and a stainless-steel handle

  • Industrial Markers

About Kraft Tool Co.

Kraft Tool Co. has been offering durable flooring, asphalt, bricklaying, concrete, drywall, plastering and EIFS tools, as well as tile cutters for professional cement finishers, brick masons, asphalt pavers, tile setters and plasterers. The Kraft Concrete Tools catalogue includes an extensive range of floats, edgers, groovers, trowels, brooms and spreaders. Use square- or round-end concrete floats for levelling ridges, filling voids and smoothing surfaces of concrete slabs. These quality hand floats come with a precisely positioned ProForm soft grip or wooden handle that limits hand fatigue. They are available in steel, laminated canvas-resin, magnesium, redwood or mahogany variants in different lengths and thicknesses. The company also offers steel made high-performance trowels suitable for smoothing or levelling cement, digging small holes and applying grouts into gaps. Choose from a wide range of these Kraft trowels and other products, such as convex jointers, box levels and squeegees, on Raptor Supplies.

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