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Power Saws and AccessoriesView all

  • Abrasive Cut-Off and Chop Wheels

    METALMAX diamond-grit wheels deliver more than 1000 cuts at a maximum cutting speed of 13200 rpm without changing the wheel, while still maintaining a high cutting rate. Ideal for cutting steel, sheet metal, stainless steel, rebar, cast-iron, aluminium and other non-ferrous metals

  • Band Saw Accessories

    Blade tensin meters designed to allow operators to measure the band tension of blades & ensure safe operation. Easy-to-use design; durable & lightweight cast aluminium construction

  • Band Saw Blades

    Bimetal / carbide / steel bandsaw blades featuring a reinforced tooth design to allow cutting through metals (ranging from low-carbon steels to high-strength alloys) with minimised noises and vibrations. Available in a maximum thickness of 0.05 inches for smooth and precise cutting

  • Power Hacksaws
  • Reciprocating Saw Blades

    Bi-metal / steel / D6A steel / chrome alloy steel saw blades featuring a reinforced tooth design ideal for heavy-metal cutting, extra-robust demolition and emergency extrication

Drilling AccessoriesView all

  • Step Drill Bit Sets

    Three- / four-piece compact kits comprising different Vari-bit variants, such as VB1, VB2 and VB3. Bits have a patented two-flute design for fast cutting and penetration

  • Step Drill Bits

    High-speed steel drill bits featuring a split-point design for faster penetration and quick removal of chips

About the Brand

Lenox is a leading manufacturer of high-quality cutting tools, hand tools and welding tools. The Lenox Tools catalogue includes hand saws, pipe and tubing cutters, utility knives, step drill bits, gas welding products, band saw blades, hacksaw blades, torches and torch kits. These tools have a durable construction and are ideal for heavy-metal cutting, robust demolition and emergency extrication. Lenox bandsaw blades feature a reinforced tooth design and can cut through a variety of metals, ranging from low-carbon steels to high-strength alloys. The company's bi-metal constructed hacksaw blades bend easily without breaking and can cut through strong elements like black pipes, threaded rods, rebars, hardened steel and copper pipes. Lenox hand tools such as hand saws & blades, snips and tubing cutters have precision-formed, bi-material blades ideal for precision-cutting applications and over-molded handles for comfortable grip. Choose from a wide range of Lenox cutting tools and hand tools on Raptor Supplies.

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