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Material Handling




Hand Tools

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Material Handling Filter

Ball and Dome Swage Fittings

Sleeve and Thimble Kits

Swaging Machines

Portable Swaging Machine 1/16-3/16 In
Item: AA4KHN
Model: M1
€7,929.00 /unit
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Portable Swaging Machine Kit 1/16-3/16
Item: AA6AQA
Model: M1-K
€19,830.01 /unit
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Bench Mounted Swaging Machine 1/16-3/8
Item: AA6AQB
Model: M2
€12,270.01 /unit
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Bench Mounted Swaging Machine Kit
Item: AA6ARC
Model: M2-K
€40,719.00 /unit
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Powered Swaging Machine Kit 1/16-3/8
Item: AA6ARD
Model: M2-PK
€50,938.50 /unit
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Wire Rope Swage Clevis Fittings

  • Fork End
  • Fork End

Fork End

Item (19)

Wire Rope Swage Eye Fittings

Wire Rope Swage Stud Fittings

About Loos

Loos & Company has been manufacturing a complete line of wires and cables for more than 60 years. The Loos & Co catalogue includes steel cables, sleeve and thimble kits, fittings, swaging tools and wire rope swage fittings. These products are widely used in aircraft flight controls, fitness equipment, rigging and elevators. The Loos & Co swaging tool is made of heat-treated steel and comes in different types and handle lengths.