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Calibration Solutions

Chlorine Referance Standard Kit 12Mnths Glass
Item: AH2BCQ
Model: 275660
€146.56 /unit
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Includes tester kits for measuring light wavelength absorbance, conductivity, ORP, pH, salt-content and TDS levels in water. Available in +/-20 mv, +/-3%, +/-0.05 pH and 2% accuracy variants

Ph Tester

Ph Tester

Item: AC8BAZ
Model: 194800
€271.49 /unit
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Orp Tester

Orp Tester

Item: AC8BBA
Model: 194801
€345.39 /unit
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Conductivity Tester
Item: AC8BBB
Model: 194802
€275.26 /unit
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Tds Tester

Tds Tester

Item: AC8BBC
Model: 194803
€259.12 /unit
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Salt Water Tester
Item: AC8BBD
Model: 194804
€241.11 /unit
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Colorimeter Multiparameter
Item: AD3FET
Model: 214020
€2,038.50 /unit
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Electrodes and Probes

Multi-Parameter Meters

Bod Meter Battery Powered
Item: AD2YBU
Model: 2444406
€5,445.01 /unit
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Orbeco-hellige Cod Reactor
Item: AF3ZJR
Model: 2418940
€2,017.50 /unit
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Colorimeter Total Hardness
Item: AF7LJA
Model: 276190
€769.50 /unit
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Reagents and Refills

Ideal for use with water testing instruments to measure total & free chlorine, water hardness, potassium-iodide and iron levels. Available in tablets, and buffer & suspension solutions

Free Chlorine Reagent Set Cl17 Analyzer
Item: AA6ZJP
Model: 530210
€103.50 /unit
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  • Total Chlorine
  • Total Chlorine

Total Chlorine

Item (3)
Dpd Indicator Powder
Item: AA6ZJR
Model: 530200
€54.90 /unit
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Free Chlorine Indicator Solution 473 Ml
Item: AA6ZJT
Model: 530222
€54.90 /unit
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Free Chlorine Buffer Solution 473 Ml
Item: AA6ZJU
Model: 530223
€43.90 /unit
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Copper Reagent Polypropylene 10 Ml 1000 Pack
Item: AA6ZKL
Model: 530303
€721.50 /unit
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Persulfate Reagent Polypropylene 100 Pack
Item: AA6ZKM
Model: 530370
€41.89 /unit
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Iron Tptz Reagent Polypropylene 10 Ml 100 Ct
Item: AA6ZKN
Model: 530550
€78.60 /unit
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Iron Ferro Reagent Polypropylene 10 Ml 1000 Ct
Item: AA6ZKP
Model: 530563
€388.12 /unit
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Nitra x Reagent B Polypropylene - Pack Of 50
Item: AA6ZKQ
Model: 530590
€68.86 /unit
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Manganese Citrate Buffer Polypropylene 10 Ml
Item: AA6ZKR
Model: 530650
€89.19 /unit
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Sodium Periodate Polypropylene 10 Ml 100 Ct
Item: AA6ZKT
Model: 530660
€63.38 /unit
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Molybdenum 1 Lr Reagent 20 Ml 100 Ct
Item: AA6ZLA
Model: 530810
€74.02 /unit
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Ascorbic Acid Polypropylene 100 Ct
Item: AA6ZLE
Model: 541100
€56.78 /unit
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Oxyscav 1 Pp

Oxyscav 1 Pp

Item: AA6ZLK
Model: 531400
€96.98 /unit
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Phosphate 3 Polypropylene 10 Ml - Pack Of 50
Item: AA6ZLL
Model: 531551
€47.26 /unit
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Potassium Persulfate Polypropylene 100 Ct
Item: AA6ZLM
Model: 531560
€48.40 /unit
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About Lovibond

Lovibond is a DIN ISO certified supplier of water testing and colour management equipment. Its product catalogue includes various products under the colorimeter, spectrophotometer, replacement sensor, multiparameter meter and testing kit product categories. The Lovibond water testing equipment, such as floc testers and chlorine high range test kits, is used for pool, environmental and industrial water inspections. The colour management instruments and scales by Lovibond are used for analysing liquids and solids in food and beverage, biofuel, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.