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Fleet and Vehicle Maintenance




Lighting Filter

CFL Ballasts

Electronic / magnetic ballasts designed to control the current flowing from power supplies to lights. Feature 1 / 2 / 3 lamps with power ratings ranging from 10 to 104 W and can start at temperatures as low as -4 degrees F

  • CFL Ballast
  • CFL Ballast
  • CFL Ballast
  • CFL Ballast+10

CFL Ballast

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Channel Strip Fluorescent Fixtures

UL-listed fixtures comprising 1 / 2 fluorescent lamps with a maximum power consumption of 59 W. Available in general purpose, narrow, side-mount and low-profile fixture variants

Circular Fluorescent Lamps

Cool / warm / daylight lamps (max 2950 lumens) capable of providing an average life of 12000 hours and a maximum colour rendering index of 82

Circular Fluorescent Lamp T9 6500k 8 In
Item: AA4WNR
Model: 13G578
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Compact Fluorescent Lamps (CFL)

Includes plug-in and screw-in CFLs and LED lamps featuring mercury vapour construction to enable less energy consumption (7 - 42 W). Available in 2- and 4-pin base configurations

Plug-In CFL, T5
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Decorative Fixtures

Architectural fluorescent fixtures, bath bars and low-profile fixtures delivering flicker-free operation without interfering with other electronic devices. Available in surface, flush, wall (down- & up-light) & suspended mounting options

Dock Lights

Incandescent / LED / quartz halogen lamps (max 500 W) used to light up truck trailers during loading / unloading operations. Come equipped with swivelling arms up to 60 inches long and ON / OFF switches or a push button. Replacement heads also available

Dock Light, LED, 38 Watts, 120 Voltage
Item: CD3RMU
Model: 52YK85
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Dock Light Led 16w 120v
Item: AB7XJT
Model: 24K343
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Electronic Ballasts

NEMA-rated ballasts suitable for use with lamps not requiring frequent switching. Provide precision-control flicker-free operation with power factors greater than 0.95

Electronic Ballast T12ho Lamps 120v
Item: AD8HDK
Model: 4KGH5
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Emergency Lighting Batteries

Replacement sealed-lead acid / nickel-cadmium batteries featuring AMP / male-Faston terminal connectors for use with Lumapro emergency lights. Available in 300, 650, 4500 & 12000 mAh capacity ratings

Emergency Lighting Fixtures

Wall- / ceiling-mounted emergency lights comprising 2 adjustable incandescent lamps (5.4 W) that operate on lead-calcium batteries

  • Emergency Light
  • Emergency Light
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Exit Sign and Light Combinations

1- / 2-face exit signs illuminated by incandescent / LED lamps for use in hospitals, universities and other commercial places. Available in red and green letter colours

Exit Sign/Emergency Light 120/277V Plastic
Item: AH4PWR
Model: 35GW99
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Exit Sign/Emergency Light 120/277V White
Item: AH4PWT
Model: 35GX01
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Used to illuminate building exteriors, sports fields, parks and industrial yards. Feature die cast aluminium construction with bronze finish for excellent electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. Can be mounted on ceilings, walls, poles or the ground

  • Floodlight
  • Floodlight
  • Floodlight


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Fluorescent Fixture Accessories

Includes chain hanging kits and replacement lenses. Used for replacing yellowed / cracked lenses on vapor-tight fixtures for restoring light clarity. Selected models feature polycarbonate lenses for protection from harmful UV radiations

Chain Hanger L 36 Inch 30lb - Pack Of 2
Item: AB6YKU
Model: 22RP10
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Halogen Lamps and Bulbs

Serve lighting needs such as exit lights, showcases, appliances, scales and switchboards. Deliver luminous intensity ranging from 1300 to 33000 lumens. Capable of withstanding colour temperatures up to 3050 Kelvin

Halogen Light Bulb T3 1000w
Item: AD9JWX
Model: 4TAA7
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Hand Lamps

Hand Lamp Magnetic Swivel Base 100w
Item: AE4WMU
Model: 5NKR2
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Job Site Light 60w 25 Feet Cord
Item: AE4WMX
Model: 5NKR5
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Hand Lamp General Purpose 15w
Item: AE4WNA
Model: 5NKR8
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Light Cord Reel 5 A
Item: AF2PUE
Model: 6X755
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Cord Reel Light 7 A
Item: AF2PUF
Model: 6X756
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Rechargeable Hand Lamp LED 3W Black Purple
Item: AH9MUK
Model: 40KG17
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LED Rechargeable Hand Lamp, 7.2 Lamp Watts, Cordless Cord Length, Black/Gray
Item: CD2HMM
Model: 52YK81
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LED Rechargeable Hand Lamp, 3 Lamp Watts, Cordless Cord Length, Black/Gray
Item: CD2LLX
Model: 52YK80
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Cord Reel Light 7 A
Item: AA8TNJ
Model: 1A135
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Light Reel Sjt Cord
Item: AB3YHR
Model: 1W943
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Cordless Hand Lamp 64 Srfc Metric Led 120v
Item: AB6UVW
Model: 22FJ03
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Hand Lamp Cord Reel Incandescent 75w 50ft Cord
Item: AC4CGC
Model: 2YKT2
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Handheld Flashlights

Handheld Flashlight, Industrial Led, 250 Lumens, Black, Aluminum
Item: AX3MHP
Model: 49XX76
Industrial LED Handheld Flashlight, Aluminum, Maximum Lumens Output 270, Black
Item: CD2LFF
Model: 49XX83
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About the Brand

LumaPro, a brand of W.W. Grainger, is a leading provider of high-quality lighting solutions for both commercial and industrial applications. The LumaPro Product catalog includes bulbs, LEDs, HIDs, worklights, flash lights, capacitors, CFL ballasts, motion sensors and fluorescent lamps. The company also offers single- and double-faced exit signs for use in hospitals, universities or recreational facilities. These lamps are compatible with a wide range of batteries, such as lithium iron phosphate, lead calcium and nickel cadmium. LumaPro electronic / magnetic CFL ballasts are designed to control the current flowing from power supplies to lights and can start at temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit. These come equipped with 1 / 2 / 3 lamps with power ratings between 10 and 104 W. Choose from a wide range of these products and related accessories on Raptor Supplies, an authorised LumaPro distributor.