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Bin Cabinets

Cabinet, 16 Bins, 3 Shelf
Item: AE4DBJ
Model: DD1122
€2,208.00 /unit
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Cabinet, 136 Bins
Item: AE4DBL
Model: DD1124
€3,668.99 /unit
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Bin Dividers

Tilt Bin Dividers, Yellow, 18 Pack
Item: AC8PTV
Model: NF3445BWYB-18
€46.89 /unit
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Box Lockers

  • Box Locker
  • Box Locker
  • Box Locker
  • Box Locker+28
Item (31)

Bulk Storage Racks

Cabinet Accessories

Locker Accessories

Locker Number Plate
Item: CE8ACL
Model: NF5829
€8.04 /unit
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Locker Front Base, Size 6 x 15 Inch, Putty, 3 Pack
Item: AE4FPH
Model: PP5801-3
€64.67 /unit
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Modular Drawer Cabinet Accessories

Wooden Top
Item: CE9BPH
Model: NF251WHD30
€504.84 /unit
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Starter Drawer
Item: CE9FLN
Model: KHJ115016
€4,300.00 /unit
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Modular Drawer Cabinets

Rack Accessories

Shelf, Capacity 300 Lbs, Size 36 x 12 Inch, Steel, 8 Pack
Item: CE8ACX
Model: DD3720
€333.36 /unit
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Extra Arm, Length 12 Inch, Capacity 450 Lbs, 6 Pack
Item: CE8ACY
Model: DD3725
€149.04 /unit
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Separator Peg, Height 4 Inch, 25 Pack
Item: CE8ACZ
Model: NF3730
€207.00 /unit
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Record Archive Storage


  • Shelving Unit
  • Shelving Unit
  • Shelving Unit
  • Shelving Unit+177
Item (180)
  • Extra Shelf
  • Extra Shelf
  • Extra Shelf
Item (19)

Storage Cabinets

Wardrobe Lockers

About Lyon

Lyon is a leading manufacturer of metal storage products for over 117 years. Lyon storage product range includes lockers, bulk storage racks, cabinets and other industrial shelving systems. The company offers a complete line of all-welded and corrosion-resistant Lyon cabinets, such as storage cabinets, modular drawer cabinets and bin cabinets, in different sizes and storage options for efficient storage and optimal space utilisation. Lyon cabinet drawer dividers are used to increase storage space by dividing the drawer into smaller compartments. Raptor Supplies provides an extensive range of Lyon workspace products to suit various industrial storage requirements.