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MCR Safety has been manufacturing protective gear since 1974. The brand is a subsidiary of Shelby Group International and is headquartered in Collierville, Tennessee, United States. MCR Safety manufactures gear for the food processing, metal fabrication, oil & gas, mining, medical and electrical industries. Read More




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Bib Apron, Yellow, Universal Size
Item: CF2PLU
Model: 93130MK
€286.60 /unit
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Chemical Resistant Gloves

Nitrile / butyl gloves featuring diamond grip and straight / rolled cuff intended to provide maximum abrasion resistance and chemical protection

Chemical Resistant Gloves, Size 2XL, 13 Inch L, Green
Item: CD2FFP
Model: 5311
€19.32 /unit
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Chemical Resistant Gloves, Size XL, 14 Inch L, Black
Item: CD2YTG
Model: CP14XL
€102.60 /unit
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Chemical Resistant Gloves, Size XL, 13 InchL, Green
Item: CD3FLP
Model: 5320
€20.82 /unit
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Chemical Resistant Glove, 2Xl Size, Nitrile, 1 Pair
Item: CH6KFQ
Model: 5321
€7.72 /unit
Chemical Resistant Glove, L Size, Pvc, Pack Of 12
Item: CH6KPC
Model: 6412
€144.32 /unit
Chemical Resistant Glove, M Size, Butyl, 1 Pair
Item: CH6NTC
Model: CP25M
€207.34 /unit
Chemical Resistant Glove, Xl Size, Butyl, 1 Pair
Item: CH6NTD
Model: CP25XL
€207.34 /unit

Coated Gloves

HPT / polyurethane / bi polymer / neoprene-coated gloves capable of handling vertical force of up to 500 g. Widely used in laboratories for providing protection against chemicals

Coated Glove, L Glove Size, White, 1 Pair
Item: CH6NFK
Model: 92773L
€17.24 /unit
Coated Glove, M Glove Size, White, 1 Pair
Item: CH6NFL
Model: 92773M
€17.24 /unit
Coated Glove, Xs Size, Ambidextrous, White
Item: CH6NFP
Model: 9345XSD
€34.58 /unit
Coated Glove, M Glove Size, White, 1 Pair
Item: CH6NFZ
Model: 9665M
€4.40 /unit
Coated Glove, S Size
Item: CH6NGA
Model: 9665S
€4.40 /unit
Coated Glove, Xl Glove Size, White, 1 Pair
Item: CH6NGB
Model: 9665XL
€4.40 /unit
Coated Glove, 2Xl Size
Item: CH6NGC
Model: 9672XXL
€31.30 /unit
Coated Glove, Xl Glove Size, Black/High-Visibility Yellow, 1 Pair
Item: CH6NGD
Model: 96731HVXL
€6.26 /unit
Coated Glove, M Size
Item: CH6NGE
Model: 9676M
€32.36 /unit
Coated Glove, S Glove Size, Black/Yellow, 1 Pair
Item: CH6NGF
Model: 9693S
€16.78 /unit
Coated Glove, Xl Glove Size, Black/Yellow, 1 Pair
Item: CH6NGG
Model: 9693XL
€16.78 /unit
Coated Glove, Xs Glove Size, Black/Yellow, 1 Pair
Item: CH6NGH
Model: 9693XS
€16.46 /unit

Faceshield Assemblies

Includes CSA-certified heat-resistant faceshield assemblies designed to protect face against debris and harmful chemical splashes. Offered in a kit containing a single / double matrix headgear and a clear acetate faceshield

Faceshield Replacement Visors

Acetate visors used as replacement for broken or damaged faceshields. Suitable for protecting eyes and face against hazardous liquid splashes and other harmful components

  • Faceshield Visor
  • Faceshield Visor

Faceshield Visor

Item (2)

Leather Palm Gloves

Kevlar / polyester / cotton gloves featuring pigskin / goatskin / cowhide leather palm for heat and abrasion resistance. Ideal for welding, lumber handling and forestry applications

Mechanics Gloves

Mechanics Glove, L

Mechanics Glove, L

Item: CH6NBD
Model: 904L
€47.52 /unit
Mechanics Glove, M Size
Item: CH6NBE
Model: 904M
€45.18 /unit
Mechanics Glove, S Size
Item: CH6NBF
Model: 904S
€41.48 /unit
Mechanics Glove, L

Mechanics Glove, L

Item: CH6NDM
Model: 918L
€101.84 /unit
Mechanics Glove, M

Mechanics Glove, M

Item: CH6NDN
Model: 918M
€109.20 /unit

About Mcr Safety

MCR Safety catalogue includes vending gear gloves, high visibility safety vests, utility clips, disposable glove dispensers, face shields, headgears, protective eyewear, face masks & respirators. MCR Safety gloves range comprises various CE EN 166:2002 marked leather (goatskin / pigskin / cowhide), multi-tasking, cut-protection, cotton, string-knit and disposable gloves. The brand's Ninja ice gloves are suitable for cold storage, commercial fishing and frozen food packaging jobs. They feature an acrylic Terry liner for insulation and black HPT-coated palm & fingertips for durability & safety. MCR Safety also manufactures anti-fog & scratch-resistant glasses for protection against workplace hazards, such as chemical splashes, projectiles, fumes and UV / infrared radiation. Choose from a broad range of MCR Safety gloves and other brand products on Raptor Supplies.

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Cross-Reference Alternatives

MCR Safety part numbers often cross-reference to various Ansell products. So, if you're looking for an MCR Safety glove pair that is either obsolete or out of stock, chances are we have the equivalent item available.

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These gloves and protective gears are small in size and require compact packaging. They are suitable for courier shipment & air freight.

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Mcr Safety Competitive Advantages

HyperMax Liners

MCR Safety HyperMax liners are components of gloves, providing cold weather and abrasion resistance. They also provide high cut resistance against sharp objects and dangerous tools / equipment. These liners are tear-resistant for durability.

Dyneema Diamond Technology

MCR Safety gloves have Dyneema diamond technology for radiating heat away from the glove and hands. This technology also minimises the glove thickness while retaining the cut resistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which gloves do MCR Safety offer?

The brand offers gloves made from cowhide, pigskin, deerskin, goatskin, water buffalo and elkskin. These types offer different properties like thermal insulation, high abrasion resistance, high tensile strength & dexterity, flexibility, comfort, heat resistance, durability and pliability.

How do straight, keystone and wing thumb style gloves differ?

Straight thumb design gloves are ideal for non-precision applications where the thumb lies straight with the index finger when not in use. Keystone thumb design is sewn in as a separate piece. Its extra stitching provides the maximum range of motion, dexterity & comfort during operation. The wing thumb design is sewn out to the side. This design is free from seems, thus making it highly durable and long-wearing. This design also allows the thumb to move freely without resistance.