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Cable Height Meters

Cable Height Meter 6 Lines 7 To 35 Feet
Item: AC9KEC
Model: CHM2000
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Cable 6 Lines
Item (2)

Clamp On Earth Resistance Testers

Clamp On Earth Resistance Tester 1500 Ohm
Item: AE9VKP
Model: DET14C
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Earth Ground Resistance Tester Acc.

Grounding System Current Clamp
Item: AC2UTG
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Earth Ground Resistance Testers

Earth Ground Tester 128 Hz 100vac
Item: AC2UTF
Model: DET3TC
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Insulation Breakdown Testers

Megohmmeter Accessories


Insulation Tester 15kv Line Or Battery
Item: AF9NRM
Model: MIT1525
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Battery Operated Megohmmeter 5000VDC
Item: AH6YUE
Model: BM5200
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Ac And Hand Cranked Megohmmeter 1000vdc
Item: AD2NRD
Model: MJ359
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Milli/Micro Ohm Meter Accessories

Soft Carrying Case
Item: AA8XTC
Model: 6380-138
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Milli/Micro Ohm Meters

Micro Ohm Meter, IP65 Rated Enclosure, 0 - 2500 Ohms
Item: AE2EJH
Model: DLRO10HD
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Phasing and Motor Rotation Meters

Phase Motor Rotation Tester Up-600vac
Item: AD2NRB
Model: 560060
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Time Domain Reflectometers

Time Domain Reflectometer 20V IP54
Item: AH2WWK
Model: CFL535G
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Cable Fault Locater
Item: AB7XKV
Model: CFL510G
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Time-Domain Reflectometer, Backlit, 5 V, Trace HOLD
Item: AB8VKX
Model: TDR500/3
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Tool and Appliance Tester Accessories

Tool and Appliance Testers

Transformer Turns Ratio Tester

Transformer Turns Ratio Tester
Item: AC9KEB
Model: TTR20-1
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Underground Utility Locators

Split Box Pipe/cable Locator
Item: AC9RJL
Model: 656902
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Voltage and Continuity Testers

Battery-operated Proving Unit Up To 690v
Item: AD6PBY
Model: MPU690
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Voltage Detectors

Voltage Detector 100 To 600vac 7 Inch Length
Item: AF2XJJ
Model: VF2
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