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Safety Filter

Chemical Resistant Gloves

Made from heavy-duty PVC to provide protection from acids, bases and various solvents. Widely used in oil & petrol refining and food processing industries

Chemical Resistant Glove Pvc Size L Pr
Item: AE7CEW
Model: 6410SC
€11.33 /unit
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Coated Gloves

ANSI- / ISEA-certified gloves used to provide effective resistance from chemicals, abrasions and punctures. Feature a nitrile / latex / polyurethane / PVC / bi polymer coating and widely used in automobile assembly and quality control applications

PVC Coated Gloves, Black
Item (4)
Coated Gloves S Gray/white Pr
Item: AD2MWY
Model: 9695S
€10.39 /unit
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HPT Coated Gloves, Black
Item (3)
Coated Gloves Nitrile Foamed Xs Pr
Item: AF7BAL
Model: 9672DT5XS
€57.15 /unit
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Coated Gloves 2xl Red/black Pr
Item: AG6TLL
Model: N96970XXL
€22.71 /unit
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Cold-Condition Gloves

Insulated gloves with acrylic / cotton / polyester or PVC as backing material for protecting hands in cold conditions and keeping them warm and dry. Ideal for snow clearing, cold storage, construction and forestry applications

Cold Protection Gloves L Hi Visibility Orange Pr
Item: AE7CEX
Model: 6714FF
€18.84 /unit
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Cut-Resistant Gloves

ANSI- / ISEA-certified gloves featuring a fabric- or PVC-coated back for providing protection from cuts, tears and abrasions while handling sharp-edged tools in various maintenance and repair applications

Cut-Resistant Sleeves

Made from FDA-approved materials and have a seamless knit liner to provide resistance from abrasions and cuts. Variants with a thumb slot also available

  • Sleeve
  • Sleeve


Item (2)
  • Sleeve with Thumbslot
  • Sleeve with Thumbslot

Sleeve with Thumbslot

Item (2)

Heat Resistant Gloves

Insulated cotton gloves that can withstand temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. Effective in providing protection from burns and resistance to cuts and abrasions

  • Heat Resistant Gloves L
  • Heat Resistant Gloves L
Item (2)

Knit Gloves

Have seamless knit design for extra comfort and warmth. Made of FDA-approved materials for use in food processing applications

Hw Sting Knit Gloves Cotton/poly S Pr
Item: AC6UNX
Model: 9507SM
€16.82 /unit
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Hw Sting Knit Gloves Cotton/poly L Pr
Item: AC6UNY
Model: 9507LM
€16.82 /unit
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Leather Palm Gloves

Feature cowhide / deerskin / goatskin / pigskin / synthetic leather palm for protection against heat and abrasion. Used in construction, assembly, fabrication, maintenance and metal working applications


About Memphis Glove

Memphis Gloves, an MCR Safety brand, offers a wide range of ANSI-compliant gloves, glasses and garments for the safety of various professional workers in mining, oil & gas and metal fabrication industries. The Memphis Safety Gloves catalogue includes a variety of coated, cold-protection, chemical-resistant, cut-resistant, heat-resistant, welding and leather-palm gloves. These gloves are made from durable and tough leather, cotton blends, rubber and synthetic fabrics. Memphis welding gloves feature heavy-side leather lining to provide protection against heat, flame and spark in hazardous working conditions and are offered in different sizes. The heat-resistant gloves from Memphis offer excellent insulation and are designed to work in temperatures up to 300 degrees Fahrenheit. They provide protection from burns and are also resistant to abrasions and sharp edges.