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Miller Electric Mfg LLC is headquartered in Appleton, Wisconsin, and wholly owned by Illinois Tool Works (NYSE: ITW). Miller Electric is an arc welding and cutting equipment manufacturing company providing welding safety in manufacturing, fabrication, construction, aviation, motorsport, education, agriculture and marine applications. Read More




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Arc Welders and Plasma Cutter Consumables and AccessoriesView all

  • Arc Welder Accessories

    Miller Electric high performance, 300A stick welding accessory kits are designed for use with Trailblazer Series welders or generators. They come with a copper cable having a rubber jacket. Running gear kits, remote controls and stick welding leads are also available.

  • MIG Accessories

    Miller Electric steel conduit liners are used with M-Series 360-degree rotatable gooseneck MIG welding guns. Consumable kits, inlet guides, drive rolls and anti-wear guides are also available.

  • MIG Gun Consumables

    Miller Electric MIG gun consumables include PTFE nozzle insulators designed for use with Roughneck MIG welding guns. They feature aluminium jacketed gooseneck and are 360 degree wrench rotatable. Welding nozzle adapters, nozzles & contact tips, O-rings and gas diffusers are also available.

  • MIG Guns

    Miller Electric MIG guns are suitable for the manufacturing, metalworking and automotive industries. They provide clean welds as compared to traditional stick welding.

  • MIG Welder Accessories

    Miller Electric high performance wire feeders provide remote voltage control, programmable interface for preflow / postflow, start and crater settings, and digital weld voltage display. Spool gun adapters, gas hoses & welding spool guns are also available.

  • Plasma Cutting Accessories

    Miller Electric plasma cutting accessories include handheld torch replacements designed for use with Spectrum 625 plasma cutters, and drag shields for use with ICE-40C / ICE-40T plasma torches. Adapter cords, consumable kits, cutting guides, deflectors, O-rings, protective covers and roller guides are also available.

  • Spot Welder Accessories

    Miller Electric spot welder accessories include air / water cooled tips and air cooled tongs used for low amperage welding of mild, stainless and galvanised materials. They are suitable for applications in the aerospace industry.

  • TIG Torches

    Miller Electric air / water cooled TIG torch kits are designed for welding non ferrous metals like copper & aluminum, as well as thin sections of stainless steel. They come equipped with a 12 ft long foot control, 6 pin food pedal, gas hose, regulator, 25 mm dinse, TIG torch and torch accessory kit.

  • TIG Welding Accessories

    Miller Electric TIG welding accessories comprise a wide range of 14 pin receivers, fingertip controls, foot pedals, running gears with dual cylinder rack, wireless TIG foot controls, TIG starter kits, water hoses, wireless remote adapter cords, battery boxes, belt clips & glide pads.

  • Tungsten Electrodes

    Miller Electric tungsten electrodes are suitable for welding low alloy & non corroding steel, as well as magnesium, titanium, aluminum, nickel & copper alloys. They are compatible with both DC and AC power supply and require a transformer or an inverter based, constant current power source. They are offered in diameters of 0.04 & 0.16 inches.

  • Water Coolant Systems

    Equipped with a polyethylene-molded coolant tank, fan shroud and filler spout to prevent overheating of welding machines. Feature a compact horizontal design for convenient stacking and a brass positive-displacement rotary vane pump for consistent pressure and coolant flow

  • Welder Generator Accessories

    LP gas cylinder racks designed for use with running gears and protective cages to accommodate 33- and 43-pound tanks horizontally. Separate battery chargers, four wheel trailers, engine tune up kits, protective covers, running gears and protective welder covers also available

  • Welding Gun Adapters

    Contact tip adapters ideal for use with M-Series 360-degree rotatable gooseneck MIG welding guns. Feature brass construction for high malleability and help prevent sticking, galling and thread stripping

  • Wire Feeders

    Best suited for offshore, shipbuilding, construction and pipe welding applications. Feature an automatic run-in control facility for significant improvement in arc starts and a tool-less rotatable drive assembly facilitate the operator to rotate the drive housing easily

Arc Welders and Plasma CuttersView all

  • MIG Welders

    These 1 and 3 phase MIG welders are suitable for metal fabrication and multi pass welding. They use a continuous feed electrode and have a low fume rate. They are available in 50 and 60Hz variants.

  • Multiprocess Welders

    Miller Electric multiprocess welders are 50 / 60Hz, portable welders capable of performing AC / DC TIG, MIG, stick and flux cored welding. They feature a multi-voltage plug, a colour LCD screen with Auto-Set Elite, and Quick Select drive roll.

  • Plasma Cutters

    Can cut up to 7/8-inch standard steel / stainless steel and 5/8-inch aluminium. Available in different cable lengths, overall heights and input voltage ratings

  • Stick Welders

    Miller Electric CSA certified stick welders are used to weld joints and alloys, as well as create a bond on rusty or dirty metals. They feature Lift-Arc technology capable of providing TIG arc starting at low frequencies, and are compatible with wireless remote controls

  • TIG Welders

    Miller Electric TIG welders are used to make critical & accurate welds while joining metals like aluminium, mild steel and stainless steel. These TIG welders incorporate AC balance control, a cooling system and dual-digital display meters. They also feature Lift-Arc technology and HF starts for welding using a DC power supply.

  • Welder Generators

    Miller Electric welder generators feature a combustion engine to offer power for stick, TIG (tungsten inert gas) and MIG (metal inert gas) welding applications. They are known as engine-driven welders, as they do not need to be plugged into a power supply and can be carried on a truck or trailer.

Fume Extractors and AccessoriesView all

  • Fume Extractor Accessories

    Includes fume extractor arms designed for use with fume extractors to capture weld fumes in small or confined spaces. Can be easily mounted to a wall, pedestal or column. Collection hoses, funnel nozzles, replacement filters and slotted nozzles also available

  • Fume Extractors

    Portable fume extractors featuring a 1 / 5 hp motor capable of generating a maximum airflow of 900 cfm. Available in 115 and 460 V input voltage variants

Gas Welding EquipmentView all

  • Gas Welding Tips

    Includes drag and extended plasma cutting tips designed for use with ICE-12C Series plasma torches. Electrodes for use with ICE-25 and -27 Series plasma torches also available

About Miller Electric

Miller Electric is a leading manufacturer of high-quality arc welding and cutting equipment that comply with ISO 9001 standards for applications in the construction, aviation, agriculture, manufacturing, fabrication and marine industries. Miller Electric's line of products includes fume extractors, MIG guns, MIG welders, multiprocess welders, plasma cutters, PAPRs, wire feeders, safety glasses, spot welders, welding gun adapters and related accessories.
Plasma cutters from Miller Electric can easily cut steel and aluminium sheets having thicknesses up to 7/8 and 5/8 inches, respectively. They are ideal for cutting and gouging applications. OSHA compliant Miller Electric fume extractors are suitable for removing or filtering cyanide and hydrocarbon based particles produced during soldering, laser cutting or welding jobs. These extractors are powered by a 1 or 5 hp motor and have a maximum airflow of 900 cfm. Miller Electric also offers a wide range of welding apparel and safety gear, such as flame resistant cape sleeves, half-mask respirators, welding goggles and safety glasses, to improve personnel safety and reduce workplace hazards.

Things To Consider

Why Us?

Raptor Supplies, a trusted Miller Electric distributor, offers its complete range of products, such as welders, wire feeders, plasma cutters, fume extraction tools & gas powered equipment. We can recommend suitable Miller Electric MIG / TIG / stick / engine driven welders to accommodate your diverse welding needs. Engine driven welders feature gasoline / diesel / propane fueled engines coupled with an electrical generator to produce power for stick, TIG, MIG and flux cored welding.


These Miller Electric welders have a small footprint and require compact packaging. Hence, these welders can be delivered in a short period of time. These Miller Electric units are usually dispatched through courier shipment or air freight.

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Miller Electric Competitive Advantages

Insight Welding Intelligence: The Total Welding Data Solution

Miller Electric offers Insight Core, an easy-to-use welding information system that delivers visibility into your operation. This helps increase productivity, deliver high quality welds & control costs. This easy to install system measures welding productivity by allowing users to see each welder's arc-on time to set baselines, plan improvements and measure goals. Miller Electric Insight Core features a dashboard that shows trends and develops reports by comparing data. It also identifies welding costs and makes improvements to reduce expenses.

Auto-Line Technology

Miller Electric units are equipped with Auto-Line power management to deliver consistent, powerful arcs using single or three phase electrical service, or even inconsistent power with dips and spikes.


Miller Electric QuickTech technology is designed to provide easy setup and process changing in Multimatic multiprocess welders. This technology automatically determines polarity, and allows both MIG gun and TIG torch to stay connected at the same time. Miller Electric QuickTech technology allows the system to automatically switch to the right process - users just have to hit the trigger or foot control. It can also automatically recall settings from the last process used.

ZoneFlow Fume Extraction Technology

Miller Electric ZoneFlow Technology eliminates the need to constantly adjust the arm to keep it close to the source for effective fume capture. Unlike traditional systems that require the hood to be placed within 18 inches of the arc, Miller Electric ZoneFlow technology systems can capture weld fumes up to 5 feet away from the arc. Operators can reduce interactions with the arc, boost productivity and improve compliance by maintaining an effective fume capture zone. This technology helps maintain clean surroundings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What other companies are owned by Miller Electric?

Miller Electric owns a bunch of companies, like Hobart Corporation, Instron, ITW MIma Packaging Systems and Avery Weigh-Tronix.

Can a wire feeder be hooked to TIG machine and MIG weld?

Hooking a wire feeder to TIG machine and MIG weld is not recommended as TIG / stick units are constant current power sources and MIG units are constant voltage units.

What is the use of a work clamp lug in Miller Electric products?

The work clamp lug is a feature that offers solid work clamp attachment. It is an aluminium tab that is secured to the bottom side of a table top. The work clamp from the welder is attached to the tab.

How much current is required for a TIG welder?

TIG weld mild steel (which is 2 mm thick) requires 60A for a closed root butt joint, 55A for a lap joint / an outside corner and 75A for a fillet joint.

Are Millermatic 212 Auto-Set wire welders transformer or inverter based?

Millermatic 212 Auto-Set wire welders are transformer based units.

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