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Caliper Accessories

Includes high-quality depth base attachments designed to measure the depth of grooves and bores. Feature finely grounded base surface and a locking clamp. Centre gage attachments to measure the centreline distances also available

Center Attachment For 4 6 8 Inch Calipers
Item: AD8MRY
Model: 050001
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Center Gage Attachment For 12 Inch Calipers
Item: AD8MRZ
Model: 050018
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Center Gages

Hardened steel gages used for finding the number of threads per inch through graduations of 14ths, 20ths, 24ths and 32nds of an inch

Center Gage

Center Gage

Item: AE3CDX
Model: 950-201
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Center Punches

Automatic centre punches featuring a steel tip suitable for punching starter holes to facilitate drilling

Center Punch Set With Pouch 3 And 4 Inch 5 Pc
Item: AA8YFL
Model: 985-138
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Depth Micrometers

Used to measure the depth of small holes and bores, and provide highly precise measurements. Available in different base lengths and rod diameters. Digital depth gages and micrometers also available

Vernier Depth Gage 0-300mm
Item: AA8AHJ
Model: 527-103
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Depth Micrometer 0-12 4 Inch Base 12 Rods
Item: AD6XPE
Model: 129-150
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Digital Depth Micrometer 0 To 12 In
Item: AD6XPF
Model: 329-351-30
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  • Depth Gage
  • Depth Gage

Depth Gage

Item (2)
Electronic Depth Micrometer 0 to 6 In
Item: AD7VMP
Model: 317-351-30
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0-150/.01Mm Depth Micrometer B-100
Item: AH9JRD
Model: 129-116
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Dial Calipers

Stainless-steel dial calipers designed to measure internal and outside diameters, depth and steps. Feature high shock protection and come with a lock screw for dial bezel and holding the sliding jaw position

  • Dial Calipers
  • Dial Calipers
  • Dial Calipers
  • Dial Calipers+18

Dial Calipers

Item (21)

Dial Indicators

Includes AGD 1 and AGD 2 dial indicators designed to measure the general deviation of any component from the expected standard. Feature a glare-free flat crystal face tightly attached to a bezel to prohibit the penetration of fluids. Available in different dial sizes and graduations

  • Dial Test
  • Dial Test
  • Dial Test
  • Dial Test+6

Dial Test

Item (9)
Dial Indicator 543 Digimatic 1 In/25.4mm
Item: AC6VAC
Model: 543-552A
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Indicator/base Set 2pc
Item: AD8MYT
Model: 64PKA075
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Dial Indicator

Dial Indicator

Item (2)
Dial Indicator 0 - 0.393 In 0-100
Item: AG3NZA
Model: 2046SB-80
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Dial Test Indicator Horizontal 0 to 0.060 Inch
Item: AH3XNB
Model: 513-442-16T
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Dial Test Indicator Vertical 0 to 0.030 Inch
Item: AH3XNC
Model: 513-452-10E
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Dial Test Indicator Vertical 0 to 0.040 Inch
Item: AH3XND
Model: 513-518
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Dial Test Indicator
Item: AH9JRV
Model: 513-514T
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Digital Calipers

Measure the inside and outside areas of an object using upper and lower jaws, and display results on an LCD. Feature zero set controls to keep tools calibrated, and inch / mm control buttons to measure in metric or inches

  • Digital Caliper
  • Digital Caliper
  • Digital Caliper
  • Digital Caliper+5

Digital Caliper

Item (8)
Electronic Digital Caliper 0 To 8 In
Item: AD6XQF
Model: 700-123-10
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Digital Caliper 0 - 300mm 67 Ip
Item: AG3PLK
Model: 500-152-30
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Digital Caliper 0.01mm 67 Ip
Item: AG3PLL
Model: 550-311-10
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Digital Caliper 0.01mm 0 - 8 In 67 Ip
Item: AG3PLM
Model: 551-301-10
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Digimatic Caliper 12 Inch Width/Outside Diameter and Inner Diameter Carbide
Item: AH9JRU
Model: 500-168
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Digital Scale Units

Provide precise horizontal / vertical linear measurement and positioning for workpieces and machine tables. Feature an LCD to display measurements that can be captured to computer via an SPC port


About the Brand

Mitutoyo is a leading manufacturer of precision measuring instruments such as micrometers, calipers, indicators, gauges, durometers, tachometers, protractors, scribers and probes. The high-precision AGD 1 / AGD 2 Mitutoyo dial indicators are designed to measure small linear distances and object sizes. They feature a glare-free crystal face tightly attached to an adjustable or knurled bezel, and plain or jewelled bearings; and are available in graduations ranging from 0.00005 to 0.001 inches. The high-performance inside micrometers by Mitutoyo accurately measure inside diameters of nuts, pipes and tubes. They feature carbide measuring faces, IP65 water protection and a function-lock. Certain models come equipped with an SPC output port to gather measurement data in a computer or any other system for statistical analysis. You can also find an extensive line of Mitutoyo calipers including vernier, dial and digital calipers on Raptor Supplies, in addition to all the products listed above.