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Safety Filter

Automated Gas Detector Test Systems

Designed to record and monitor gas levels. Ideal for detecting oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen sulphide & sulphur dioxide. Come with test stands, barbs, air filters, power supplies, spare parts, Ethernet cables and screen protectors

Beam and Steel Anchors

Sliding Beam Anchor Temperature 4-13-1/2 Inch Length
Item: AB8JWX
Model: 10144431
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Anchorage Connector Zinc Plated Steel
Item: AD2EFE
Model: 506632
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Bump Caps

Bump Cap Natural Tan Phenolic
Item: AG4XME
Model: 82018
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Bump Cap Yellow Polyethylene
Item: AG4XMF
Model: 10057443
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Bump Cap Red Phenolic
Item: AG4XMK
Model: 454620
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Bump Cap Green Phenolic
Item: AG4XML
Model: 454621
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Bump Cap Blue Phenolic
Item: AG4XMM
Model: 454623
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Calibration Adapters

For use with MSA model numbers 10107602, 10107603, 10110443, 10110445, 10110444, 10110446, 10110488 and 10110489 to fit gas detection instruments and calibration kits. Used to maintain sensor and detection equipment. Ideal with CO, H2S & O2 gases

Calibration Cap Kit
Item: AF7CUQ
Model: 10089321
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Calibration Kits and Stations

Designed to maintain gas detection sensors and instruments. Ideal for temperatures ranging from -20 to 50 deg C. Come with demand regulators, tubing, adapter fittings and fitted cases

Calibration Kit 0.25lpm
Item: AF2EMB
Model: 10050984
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Calibration Kit 0.25Lpm
Item: AJ2JTQ
Model: 10050985
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  • Carabiner
  • Carabiner
  • Carabiner
  • Carabiner
Item (4)
Carabiner Steel 9-1/2 Inch Length Auto-lock
Item: AB7TCU
Model: 10089209
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Chin Straps

Vanguard 3-point Chinstrap
Item: AE4GDC
Model: 804629
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Concrete Anchors

Concrete Anchorage Connector Permanent
Item: AF9ETL
Model: 10144945
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Confined Space Entry Accessories

Storage Bag Use With Mfr No Fp675-009
Item: AD2GLP
Model: SRB675009
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Confined Space Entry Winches

Confined Space Winch 50 Feet Gallon Steel
Item: AF9ETK
Model: 10147301
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Devalving Tools

Cylinder devalving tools for bleeding out gases from MSA calibration gas cylinders and getting them ready for recycling or proper disposal

Devalving Tool
Item: AE7YJY
Model: 711228
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Ear Muffs

Electronic Ear Muffs and Ear Plugs

Escape Hoods and Respirators

Emergency Escape Hood Pvc Universal
Item: AA9JPY
Model: 10064644
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Emergency Escape Mouth Bit Respirator
Item: AD8QAH
Model: 455299
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Faceshield Accessories

Debris Control V-gard Frame Rubber Black
Item: AA4PDR
Model: 10116539
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Faceshield Assemblies

Faceshield Goggle Assembly Clear Visor
Item: AH8UEM
Model: 10150069
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Faceshield Replacement Visors

Fall Protection Kits


About the Brand

MSA Safety (Mine Safety Appliance) provides a variety of safety products to ensure worker protection in hazardous conditions. Its product line includes various head protection, fall protection, eye protection, face protection and hearing protection products. The MSA Safety catalogue includes safety helmets, harnesses, respirators, gas detectors, replacement sensors, cartridges and filters, carabiners, ear muffs, gas masks, protective goggles and de-valving tools. These safety products are used in fire and rescue services as well as in construction and chemical industries. The MSA Safety Helmet product range includes various hard hats, air hoods, air helmets and bump caps in different colours, hat sizes and shell materials.