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Abrasive WheelsView all

  • Convolute Non-Woven Wheels

    Used for creating a desired surface finish where very little stock removal is required. Feature a non-woven synthetic fibre mesh construction impregnated with aluminium oxide / silicon carbide abrasives and bound by resins

  • Cylinder and Plate Mounted Grinding Wheels

    Cylinder toolroom wheels and plate-mounted grinding discs designed for vertical-spindle surface grinders and double-disc grinders to machine hard or heat-sensitive high-speed tool steels

  • Depressed Center Wheels

    Includes a variety of Type 27 Norton Wheels designed to handle right-angle grinding applications on steel, aluminium and cast-iron surfaces. Available in different abrasive materials and grit sizes

  • Diamond and CBN Grinding Wheels

    Ideal for grinding reinforcement bars or protruding bolts. Feature free-cutting diamond abrasives with fine grits to ensure a precise operation, and a resin bond for maximum grain retention

  • Flaring Cup Grinding Wheels

    Ideal for smoothing weld beams, cleaning castings or preparing surfaces for plating in foundries, welding stations, fabrication facilities and steel mills. Capable of delivering wheel rotational speed of up to 9070 rpm

  • Mounted Flap Wheels

    Grind, contour and polish intricate shapes in metal fabrication and welding applications. The continuous series of individual flaps provide a uniform finish. Use a retainer nut to securely lock the wheel onto the machine. Available in a rotating speed range of 8000 - 30000 rpm

  • Recessed Grinding Wheels

    Achieve precise finishes and tight geometry tolerances when used in conjunction with grinding machines. Equipped with recesses to accommodate mounting flanges with an overall diameter ranging between 12 & 14 inches. Come in Type-5 one-sided & Type-7 two-sided variants

  • Straight Grinding Wheels-Type 1

    Non-reinforced / reinforced wheels with fibreglass discs or / and steel rings suitable for precision and rough grinding applications. Feature abrasive grains offering a high ratio of material removal to wheel use. Available in fine, medium, coarse and extra-coarse grained variants

  • Unitized Non-Woven Wheels

    Facilitate precise edge deburring and finishing jobs on small or intricate workpieces. Feature aluminium oxide / silicon carbide construction for an optimal cut rate and a controlled density range for additional durability

  • Unmounted Flap Wheels

    Used for thread cleaning and deburring applications. Feature a threaded arbor hole to attach the wheel to the tool and grinding cones & plugs with a durable resin bond for efficient grinding of titanium, super alloy, 300 & 400 Series stainless steel and carbon steel

Sanding Discs and BeltsView all

  • Adhesive (PSA) Sanding Discs

    Pressure-sensitive adhesive discs designed without a centre-hole to offer full-face usage. Feature cloth / paper backing pads for reduced edge wear and can be used on portable / stationary grinders and sanders

  • Arbor and Mandrel Mount Sanding Discs

    Can be mount on angle grinders or sanding machines using an arbor or a mandrel for applications ranging from heavy stock removal to surface blending jobs. Available in aluminium oxide, ceramic, silicon carbide and zirconia alumina abrasive materials

  • Flap Discs

    Includes a wide range of Type 27 and Type 29 flap discs designed for right-angle grinder applications. Available in different abrasive and backing materials

  • Hook-and-Loop Sanding Discs

    Suitable for dry sanding and fine finishing services on wood, plastic, fibreglass, composite, primer and sealers. Integrated with Cyclonic technology that extracts 60 per cent more dust. Available in diameters ranging from 5 to 7 inches

  • Locking Sanding Discs

    Includes a variety TR, TS and Type 3 Norton sanding discs designed to perform dry sanding operations. Available in different colours, disc diameters and abrasive materials

  • Sanding Belts

    Includes a variety of coated and non-woven sanding belts with aluminium oxide, ceramic aluminium oxide and zirconia alumina as abrasive material options

  • Sanding Disc Rolls

    Compatible with paint, primer, softwood, metal, plastic, hard & soft composite and fibreglass surfaces. Contain no pigments or dyes, thereby eliminating any chances of colour transfer to workpieces. Selected models come with 5 to 6 vacuum holes

Abrasive Sharpening StonesView all

  • Abrasive Sharpening Files

    Aluminium oxide, Arkansas stone and silicon-carbide abrasive files used for sharpening cutlery, curved knives, gouges and deep-grooved tools. Selected models featuring pointed edges also available

  • Combination Grit Sharpening Stones

    Includes benchstones, specialty sharpening stones, utility stones and waterstones used for sharpening laboratory blades, surgical instruments & die tools. Available in grit sizes ranging from 150 to 8000

  • Diamond Surface Sharpening Stones

    Stackable diamond benchstones comprising a flat-diamond surface plated on a nickel-coated steel bar to deliver a fast and even tool edge sharpening. Available in 220 and 325 grit sizes

  • Dressing Sticks

    Used to true or dress grinding wheels made from stainless steel, hard / soft carbon steel and tool steel. Available in grit sizes ranging from 20 to 400

  • Rubbing Bricks

    Used for rubbing floors, cleaning and scouring castings, rubbing down concrete and removing mold marks. Selected models feature a diagonal flute design, resulting in sharp edges, to offer a clean sharing action. Available in coarse & extra coarse variants for heavy-duty applications

  • Sharpening Stone and File Sets

    Used to sharp, debur, chamfer and fit delicate metal parts. Feature bonded abrasives composed of aluminium oxide & carbon carbide / synthetic material to cater to all sharpening needs and provide faster cutting

  • Single Grit Sharpening Stones

    Designed for sharpening scissors, scythes, knives, razors, chisels and plane blades. Come in fine, ultra-fine, medium, coarse and extra-coarse grained variants for faster stock removal rates and edge shaping with minimal loading

Abrasive AccessoriesView all

  • Abrasive Mandrels

    Designed to remove parting lines, imperfections and burrs from hard-to-reach internal diameters, edges or contoured components. Feature a spiral construction to offer a chatter-free cutting action with a maximum speed of 15000 rpm

  • Disc Backup Pads

    Foam / plastic / rubber backup pads designed for use with quick-change and fibre sanding discs. Can be mounted on mandrels or spindles of orbital sanders and mini grinders. Capable of providing up to 30000 rpm speed

  • Sanding Disc Hand Pad Holders

    Provide a concrete foundation for accommodating the sandpaper and a curved contour shape to comfortably fit the hand. Also, integrated with coated abrasives and surface conditioning discs or sheets

  • Sanding Sheet Hand Pad Holders and Blocks

    Used with sandpaper to provide a stable foundation to smoothen surfaces and remove loose paint / grit / dirt during painting or refinishing applications. Feature a curved contour for a comfortable grip and an in-built air chamber to keep the workplace clean & dust free

Sanding Hand Pads and SpongesView all

  • Sanding Hand Pad and Sponge Sets

    Facilitate fine finishing services on ceramic tiles to get a smooth edge before grouting. Combine the durability and aggressiveness of diamonds with a high-strength, flexible backing for maximum support

  • Sanding Hand Pad Rolls

    Integrated with a special-foamed backing for maximum grip while sanding round edges, contours and curves, as well as finishing top coats and primers. Come color coded, by grit size, for easy identification

  • Sanding Hand Pads

    Designed to clean up jagged edges and remove dust or rust; suited for use with concrete, stone, ceramic or glass surfaces. Feature a color-coded configuration for easily identifying the grit sizes

  • Sanding Sponges

    Made of abrasive-coated foam for stripping, sanding & finishing applications, as well as minor defect removal & surface key creation. Flexible design allows use on curved, contoured and flat surfaces. Available in coarse, extra coarse, medium, fine, super fine, micro fine & ultra fine variants

Abrasive Bands and RollsView all

  • Abrasive Rolls

    Includes cloth-handy, non-woven and paper-handy rolls ideal for light-duty deburring, blending, sanding and finishing operations. Available in aluminium oxide and silicon carbide abrasive materials with grit sizes up to 1200

  • Spiral Bands

    Aid the user to get into curved, contoured or hard to reach places when smoothing out finish on metal / wood / stainless steel. Coated with aluminium oxide to effectively deburr and polish. Available in grit ratings up to 150

SandpaperView all

  • Sandpaper Sheet Kits

    Contains multiple sheets with abrasives ranging from coarse (for removing material) to fine (for buffing & polishing). Integrated with aluminium oxide abrasives to deburr, polish, buff & finish wood, metal, fibreglass, drywall and plastic surfaces

  • Sandpaper Sheets

Abrasive Mounted PointsView all

  • Mounted Point Kits

    Includes a variety of sizes & shapes of bonded abrasive points for use on die or in-line straight shaft grinders. Packed in a corrugated box to retain all the points in one container for easy retrieval at jobsites

  • Mounted Points

    Assure rapid stock removal & prolonged life; ideal for both small shop and high volume foundry operations. Available in aluminium oxide, ceramic, cubic boron nitride, diamond, silicon carbide and zirconia alumina abrasive materials

About the Brand

Norton, a brand of Saint Gobain, manufactures quality abrasive and non-abrasive solutions for grinding, cutting, polishing, finishing and bending operations. The Norton Abrasives catalogue comprises sandpaper sheets and strips; dressing products; flap wheels and mops; hand pads; sanding discs, rolls and belts; polishing pads and different types of grinding, cut-off and surface conditioning wheels.
Norton sander belts are commonly used to shape and finish wooden and metallic surfaces during grinding and deburring operations. They are offered as coated and non-woven sanding belts with a variety of abrasive materials (including aluminium oxide, zirconia alumina and ceramic) to from. The durable and versatile Norton flap disc is a popular grinding and finishing tool designed for heavy stock removal and surface blending. Choose from a wide range of these flap discs and other Norton Abrasives products, such as depressed centre wheels, disc backup pads and mounted flap wheels, on Raptor Supplies.

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